Services Tantra Courtesan Living

Services Tantra Courtesan Living is result of study of beauty of life. Tantra Courtesan fully embodies music, dance, movement.

Most attractive Services Tantra Courtesan Livingcharacteristic of Tantra Courtesan her elegance of movement as natural response in any situation. They were equal to high profile geisha in Japan. Geisha was talented, she turned everything into the most exquisite work of art. Whether it be song, pouring tea, dance. Their face was a work of art. Yes some street hookers tried to imitate them, but to anyone with any knowledge of fine art – it was obvious. These days the art of discernment has almost disappeared.  Billions of people are struggling just to be noticed.

For this reason Tantra Services Tantra courtesan living training is more valuable than ever.

Tantric Courtesans were most influential in the land. They were some of the most wealthy outrageous women of their time. They had more power than the wife of a noble man. A true Courtesan is alive and vibrant in every aspect. A courtesan is humble yet fierce. Disciplined and free to be compassionate. Gentle yet powerful. A courtesan is timeless class. She knows her self worth. She is classy. She is a woman who does not put up with things. She has only what she chooses to enjoy and value in her life. They were business women. (Example; Kim Kardashian.) Their business was not about selling their bodies. Their business was whatever they were great at. They were free to express themselves fully. They were not reliant on a man for their livelihood. This made them attractive to every man. Men showered her with gifts and devoted their time to them. Often the wife and everyone in the circle would know the relationship she was involved in. All of high society admired her for the beauty of life she lived. Naturally, like anything authentic, there were cheap copycats. Street women claimed they were  courtesans.

They could not see the depth of Skilled courtesan because you have to posses a personal definable quality  in yourself too be able to recognise it in another. These days all that is left are women claiming to be courtesan while providing just sexual entertainment.

They are the lower class.

High class Tantra courtesan Living is akin to some of our most talented entertainers or business women. Or athletes who attract wealthy partners and friends. In Tantra Courtesan Living we put what you feel and need into everyday living. By incorporating pure female energy that is not sexualised into your life. Every move is sensual. Every experience is joyful. Only then is it felt as self empowerment. If you really want to know how a real courtesan lives and behaves enter here into new reality.

Our Services Tantra Courtesan Living identifies your uniqueness so you love every area of your life.

Here you receive training and support on the power model. We love to dig deep into remarkable adventures of thousands of years past. Before the woman lost her status. Before she became reduced to just a sex object. Real men seek this world wide. Rarely do they find one who knows this depth of knowledge. She is magnetic. Whatever she does she does extremely well. Ideally Tantra Courtesan (when you meet a genuine one has knowledge that is so deep, that it takes your breath to meet with your own soul). 

She has deep understanding of relationships that count including business relationships. She is not superficial. Her sensuality is powerful in it’s suitableness. She is totally present in her every move. This energy is the female energy in every living being. This service is for you when the basic standards no longer satisfy. 

“We learn through experience supported by clear instructions. These experiences assist you in identifying your personal definable Feeling of the pulse within you”. How you use that pulse like any other skill or level is defined by your values. Your level of awareness determines the choices you make. Decide whether you prefer to remain in your comfort zone or grow beyond what you have considered to be normal.

Services Tantra Courtesan Living explores the pleasures we have forgotten that continue to keep us disconnected. Personalised awakening connects you to your life purpose.

Major themes affecting your behaviour.

Your sexual energy is life force energy that you must protect and grow. It is also the link to your soul when you ground this energy. So it flows. You do not develop it. It is already there. You need to become aware of it.

The Influence.

Your ability to connect, influences every aspect of your life in business. business relationships. bedroom activities. connection to unique pleasures available within our bodies.  adventures explorations and many other treats and pleasures we have forgotten that continue to keep us disconnected. Services Tantra Courtesan Living adventures of the senses  brings focus to expanding awareness. This establishes CONNECTION & Confidence with your Core Center.

In our time together I am your guide to  your inspirations. We begin by defining your strengths and areas of weakness. This grounds you and serves as escape from the constant demands of the intellect. When your connection to yourself is deepened,  it becomes clear to you where you have lost-your perspective and your momentum. You recognise where your center is not where should be. 

Often we begin to believe what is popular. We really need to think on out of the box ways.

Services Tantra Courtesan Living training is about the Awakening Spirit Within YOU!

These are skills you can develop within yourself. Union is awareness of your inner strength. Union is your connection to your foundation that is your core of your inner power.

The Deception of most Services Tantra Courtesan Living.

Relying on Our biological instincts is the greatest myth perpetuated by manipulative society the seeks to keep us from our power. When we focus mostly on pleasure activities; this keeps us attached to base chakra. Base Chakra is associated with just survival instincts. Activating new feelings awakens new desires empowering feelings actions this modifies our behaviour.

Services Tantra Courtesan Living is designed to fill that emptiness.

Affection is foundation of nurturing. Details and content  personalised, adapted to individual. 

The modern Courtesan is able to connect with you on many levels – physical, emotional, intellectual, many areas of your business and health and relationship and spiritual. People are fascinated with the spiritual. Unfortunately they often place it outside of reality and the physical world.
True Spirituality begins with exploration of your body and your bodies’ awareness, unless you can truly connect with your body, everything else remains a mystery on many levels.
Mystery, or magic are an inability to see what is behind the scenes.
A true Courtesan is more of a modern day Geisha, a well-educated, independent woman,
When a man engaged in the services of a Geisha, his wife was in total support of the arrangement  That arrangement was a status symbol for the family.

Please note this is not a sex service

Services Tantra Courtesan first connection,

We begin by incorporating my courtesan skills in lifestyle makeover where required. Personal development or personal trainer.

Services Tantra Courtesan as your emotional support mentor, or health retreat escape.
A modern day Geisha-Courtesan, in addition to being a talented is a skilled and socially adept provider of sensuality, companionship. Please do not confuse these statements with High Class Escorts. Their primary purpose is providing sex. A Courtesan is sacred healer. A true muse, particularly when highly compensated and respected,

It is second nature for her to receive the best treatment because this is what she deserves.
As a human being she is both beautiful inside and out, and is extremely vigilant in taking care of herself. She knows that her body is the temple surrounded by her soul. It is second nature for her to receive the best treatment because this is what she deserves. Sex is not always what men are seeking when they pay for companionship either.

A significant number of ‘intimate companions’ never have sexual intercourse with their clients.

They go out publicly together. Travel or enjoy events. Have stimulating worthy conversations. Meditate. They may participate in martial arts or yoga.

As societies awareness dims, the need for health and fitness grows.

Having someone truly dedicated to your wellbeing is the kind of companion we seek. To just take time out to be human. Laugh, and appreciate beauty.
She is, a rather moral woman, who sets her boundaries and cannot be ‘purchased’. In fact she would often have fewer lovers than an average woman. She is highly selective of the company she keeps. Any woman who agrees to do ‘extra’ things is not a Courtesan. Services Tantra Courtesan would not normally do that which she knows will hurt others. She would not go against her friends or principles for mere money. One who does, does not possess the class of courtesan.

A modern day geisha courtesan is a woman of integrity, intelligence and honesty. She is a true businesswoman. Services Tantra Courtesan is not into small talk. She is truly in the moment providing great value in the world of frivolity.
Small talk is scientifically proven to be dangerous to your health and ultimately a relationship breaker. Services Tantra Courtesan understands the way her business works. She is a woman of responsibility, and likes to do the ‘right thing’ where possible. She prefers to be thought of in the best possible light by all who know her.

This describes the ideal woman. A partner most men dream of..
Majority of social encounters and Tantric massage in my experience, is on a surface level while claiming to provide deeper feelings. Some tantra goddesses are somewhat better than a regular sex worker. She has a few more techniques. Generic Tantric Goddess provider often finding herself in a slightly better situation to her previous position. She would have had no sense of worth in that position. If she did – she would not choose to sell her body.

BUT- if she had the background of being treated with the greatest respect and appreciation for her skills in that case  it is a step down. I hope this sheds light on the profound difference here.
The internet is filed with scantily clad Tantric Goddess sites offering their bodies from the first appointment; this is not my understanding of Tantric massage
So when you call me please address me differently. I am highly selective. I wish to provide a high level of service and connection
Courtesan training is available for the right woman, both privately or in a group. It is journey of empowerment. A true courtesan never retires. At any age a woman can behave like a courtesan. Services Tantra Courtesan become more valuable as the woman matures. She is keeper of deep wisdom.
For men a similar course is offered to gain insight into how to treat a courtesan. Any woman who values being valued qualifies for Services Tantra Courtesan.

Modern woman has more lovers in her lifetime than  Services Tantra courtesan living. 

Authentic courtesan  did not sell herself by the hour. She is not to be confused with prostitution.  Men were nnot paying her for sex. They were paying for the pleasure of her company. She made the choice of becoming her lover. Sex was not the primary requirement. However the lower class geishas or courtesans were just pleasure women. This is what we are seeing primarily marketed as courtesan services. The word courtesan has lost it’s status since people began using that word to describe temple style services. Realistically  people are losing meaning of words. Since we name buildings mantra and burgers kahuna.