Download the power of knowing who you are. When you decide to live your life on your term.

  • This absolutely changes how our body responds to stress; how it connects with true directional energy permitting it to fill you completely.
  • You can transmute it during the day, so it is not a distraction.
  • Then when making love. feel the refreshing energising satisfying healing energy immersing yourself into you,
  • EXPERIENCE your time with you without fear or judgement.
  • Fear & judgement prevent us from feeling and expressing who you are completely. 
  • Fear of being judged keeps you from growing.
  • When you step through fear – people who judge you  will become less attractive.
  • This action takes you to new possibilities. Then you choose the download that is not going to installs into the folder you’ve created for the new life you choose to engage in.
  • Download free PDF  Slave Species of God.

Tantric GTantric Goddess and God Trainingoddess and God Training awakens your potential that is encoded within you. This is our level of commitment to you.

They knew that everything around them was god. Everything and everyone around them had the power to enhance their life and the life of other temple dwellers. This is something that common man or woman was not aware of because they did not seek to live beyond survival mode. Survival mode is food shelter sex. That is even lesser than animal survival. Animals have shelter (their lair or nest) food, play, their pack and their keen sense of awareness and knowledge of nature. Human in survival mode have no connection to nature. Their interpretation was minimal, they interpreted beauty, sensuality and skill as just sex. Because that’s the only pleasure they could attain from their limited  understanding about life. In their ignorance they became food fodder for tantric priests & lamas.

Limited uneducated tantric goddess is this one.

Black Tantra

Lets face it people never check the origin of anything being marketed for pleasure because mostly they do not expect the dark side. Now you have a true source here direct from India. It’s claim of spirituality helps them get around prostitution laws in some countries. It also is a way into alternative literature. Know how vulnerable to authority. Do your research. When a person who is using you says to you “no honey I am not using you”. Would you believe them when their actions are of them using you  up? Apply same principals of discernment in regards to tantric sex workers who say it’s doorway to self realisation..

The power of inquiry and expansion builds your character.

Download and install you TOTAL TANTRA EXPERIENCE without fear or judgement.

Spirit of science has been developing for centuries. Evolving and devolving, like a swinging pendulum. Recently, it seems we’ve come full circle in many areas stepping back in time to some of the most bizarre rituals and beliefs. Out of boredom people are stepping back in time to download rituals.

My personal life right from birth was challenging. My beginning in life has been the driving force in my search of meaning of spirituality. What I decided was to download and examine representation of life before installing it into my reality. My observations and clarity confused me. It seemed that I could see what others could not see. I questioned the world and every belief system. This opened a world of other peoples remarkable experiences and how they dealt with the world around them. They made their own path under some of the most questionable circumstances. 

Friedrich Nietzsche Audiobook “How one Becomes What One Is” opens your mind to download new possibilities.

Here I want to share a book by Friedrich Nietzsche. Download Human to Human PDF here. In his works he seeks to awaken in you not to mistake yourself for someone else. To inquire into self deception and the unnecessary suffering. To move beyond self preservation. To become aware of defensive forces you continue to deceive yourself by.  Paying attention to how often you say no. Nothing grows when you perpetually say no to the life around you. You squander your strength. When you open your hand you receive. He showed us how to become who you are capable of being. 

Develop capacity of thinking for yourself instead of just saying yes or no to what the general world presents. Develop critical thinking so you can fully live the life average people will deny you from living.

Understanding meditation and power of meditation.

Meditation is often considered to be a brain activity. Reality is that meditation success depends on ho much you get out of your head. Meditation success depends on how much you  get out of the mind. Often the mind is controlling the show. The mind is the known. The point of meditation is to get out of the mind. The mind interferes with our ability to focus. It is so busy processing that it ignores everything else that it does not know. This affects your awareness. When you meditate effectively ; you can download new information. You can download new concepts without even thinking about them.

Ability to download information you did not even know you have access is one of the super powers humans possess.

 We were born to uncover our superpowers. The super power is being able to access what an ordinary human does not bother about. Don’t worry. If you feel you have been just an average human uptil now, all is not lost. All you need to do is to change direction. Explore and begin to appreciate new  dimensions. Make friends in different of interests. You never know, you may discover something about yourself.

Like in a house, the more curtains and blinds you open, the better view you have of your back and front yard. You can see the sky. You can see what nature brings. Open the windows and doors to download the sounds of nature. Sounds of nature heal better than most medicine.

Download new attitude to this planet you live within. You are not living on planet earth. You are living within planet earth. Breathe that in and feel the feeling.