Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy begins with you. Whether you in an intimate relationship or just friendships.

The reality is that most people are you afraid of relationships. Body issues or sexual concerns plague even the most loving relationships. now you searching for solutions. first step is to identify the problem.and this is where most people get stuck again begin to live within the problem because accepted. That is the first step and then what you do. because the solution is in doing different things new things differently in life. And that’s important because when you see your life differently you also make love differently.

Uncover how Sexual Energy works fully in your daily life.

  • Through sex therapy; we access this remarkable love and regenerative force that is inside you.
  • Learn to harness  your sensual feelings safely and appropriately.

Learn to take your sexual energy off park. Know how to unitise your sexual energy in every aspect of your life.

  • This ensures you get full benefit from this powerful storehouse of energy.
  • Discover how and why it has been perverted and diverted in order to control you.

Great Relationships by nature can be challenging. What often happens people remain in that challenge by continually focusing on the problem. This is a false way of going about it. When you continue to focus on problem that problem remains your destination. Have you ever wondered why the more you try to solve a problem relationship – the further you drift apart?

Our Sex Therapy program is designed to identify your strengths. Solutions heal any relationship that wants to grow and stay together.

Sex TherapyGreat qualities of relationships whether they be intimate, friendship or business relationship are;

  1. supportive.
  2. bonding.
  3. engaging.
  4. growing.
  5. progressive.
  6. nurturing.
  7. inquiring,
  8. curious..
  9. serious.
  10. fun.
  11. fulfilling,
  12. interesting.
  13. expansive.
  • Begin a relationship that is deep, meaningful and fulfilling.
  • A relationship that is alive with new possibilities is a relationship that works.

We approach sex therapy by nourishing it. Train you to connect to new kind of spontaneity that awakens the fires of pleasure of living fulfilling all encompassing life.

New elements introduced during therapy break through this invisible wall that has been keeping you separated from physical pleasurable interactions. A relationship that lasts through every challenge that comes your way and that of your partner or future partner is one based on deep intimacy in every area of your life. 

Sex Therapy can awaken you to your physical and emotional mastery.

  • Awaken your inner knowing, healing, spiritual self-development and physical mastery.
  • Restrictions perpetual resistance through conditioning are released, connection to your life and dreams unrealised begins to be established.
  • This type of sex therapy through specific process is designed to connect you to your spiritual center.

It’s vital that we keep the sexual fires burning and never find excuses to fall into just friendship. Relationship suffers when a man needs to go outside the marriage or committed relationship to have his sexual needs met. 

How do you heal your sexual intimacy with your partner when she is not into it.

  • You are not just a bag of bones in flesh. ‘But it feels that way at the moment doesn’t it?
  • If you felt complete, you would not be seeking this service.
  • You are soul and spirit connecting to all of nature.
  • When you are disconnected from spirit soul nature then love cannot be felt.
  • I help you feel that connection and provide you with the tools to support you in growing your connection to build a strong powerful relationship with your center.
  • From your center you then enjoy every aspect of life on a new dimension including loving your partner.
  • What you have heard about tantra prior to landing here is versions of black tantra. Here you get real healing through white tantra. When you are healed, you naturally know how to connect with your partner. You will be so creative in your love that life will fulfil you in every way.

Sex Therapy begins from within you.

  • When we feel disconnected from our partner, we feel alone.
  • The first step is overcoming isolation from within you.

I’ll help you identify self-destructive subconscious wasteful focus.

  • We clearly identify the problem then work on solutions. 
  • Now we can live the life that works right here right now.
  • It is important to realise we all make mistakes.
  • First thing you learn is to appreciate your mistakes as part of your self exploration and self development.
  • Our mistakes often torment us to the point where we restrict ourselves from exploring more of our lives out of fear of making more mistakes.
  • Begin by healing our inner emptiness that lead to the disconnect.

By Clearly Identify Intimacy Difficulties through Sex Therapy you recognise how that has been driving your impulses throughout every area of your life.

Access flexibility in your attitude this is the fundamental issue in people experiencing problems in sexual relationship.

This is a very common issue that couples often ignore till it appears to be too late.

You can turn your relationship around at any time.

The key is to begin with purpose and deep passion to live the life you identify with.

  • Fear of being different creates difficulties in connecting and accepting yourself. 
  • When you realise mistakes are often just self judgements about your exploring outside the what you and your friends considered normal for you.
  • It makes no sense in being afraid of exploring your potential new experiences and feelings that nourish.

It is never too late to work on your relationship and include Sex Therapy as your support.

  • Sex therapy needs to be approached with emotional issues. It is the mental and the emotional side of you that challenges a relationship. While many seek solutions for the sex issue as a couple, often the problem is more on the personal individual level.
    • Disruption in sexual relations often leads to feelings of inadequacy and rejection.

This can be devastating to the relationship that seemed to be good and even great.

Lack of sex result in difficulties within the framework of the relationship. Loss of sexual desire is common when one or both the man and the woman have saturated the initial feelings or reasons why they formed a bond and need to move on to the next level of their current relationship. Growing your relationship is my expertise.

  • The divide can be more connected to overall stress, injuries other family issues or tiredness, illness, disappointment,  loss of income, new business or career ideas.
  • New additions to the family whether it be a child, a pet, change in work schedule etc., can affect our attraction to each other.

All these events have a impact on the relationship requiring new communication skills to unlock different levels of intimacy to carry you through and beyond the current challenges. 

  • This is the time the relationship either bonds or separates. 
  • Mostly it is a time to feel closer as we begin a new chapter in our lives.

How we approach Sex Therapy sets the foundation of healing. We identify blocks to intimacy within your relationship and life choices.

  • At times there is a specific sexual dysfunction. Regardless of physical issues intimacy can be achieved by connecting with the soul energy of the body. That becomes the bridge for healing.
  • Family relations issues and extended family relationships can often separate the couple when this is the time to work to come closer as couple.
  • This places unnecessary pressure on a emotional relationships that naturally affect the sexual relationship.
  • As a sex therapist, Katie will help you identify the blocks to intimacy within your relationship within you as an individual first then as a couple.
  • Because every relationship begins from within you.
Sex Therapy can assist in turning around Painful sex for Women.

vaginismus or dyspareunia. These are extremely common sexual problems that women find it difficulty in finding support and solutions.

  • When they talk about it to friends or even a therapist , this often places strain on relationships that neither you or your partner understand.
  • Read more about women and sexual issues & solutions here.

Painful Sex for Men and women & Sex Therapy solutions.

  • We hear a great deal about painful sex for women.
  • What people do not realise is that more men are suffering from painful sex as an everyday sexual experience.
  • This  for them has become the normal form of release that does not satisfy. more

Erectile Dysfunction & Sex Therapy.

Majority of men experience erectile problems at some stage in life.

Sex Therapy  Identify Intimacy Difficulties

  • It is a very common issue that even the men themselves are not aware of how prevalent it is.
  • This is not something that you can reveal to your mates or your partner.
  • Couples become more separated and eventually just live without sex or move on to someone else. In doing so they are just taking the problem with them.
  • Often they are even too embarrassed to seek help because they do not know where to begin.
  • Very little substance is available in generalised advice.
  • This is an area that needs a deeper more personalised approach. more 

Most commonly, erectile difficulties are caused by inability to connect with the next level of pleasures.

  • When physical or medical issues are not the problem, it is more that as a man you a seeking deeper satisfaction yet not knowing the feeling that comes with it. more
  • Sexual energy directed, followed  and merged, is the foundation of; creativity, relationships, business success, as well as love & health.
Sex Therapy Benefits.
  • When pleasure is a daily expression in your life – life has real meaning.
  • As a result of that we are grounded.
  • Unfortunately this is the last thing that society acknowledges.
  • Often we are left wondering how much is truly available to us and what is deepest level of sexual expression.

Sex Therapy The Tantra way approaches sexual energy completely more .