Emotional Dimensions of Soul elements

Emotional Dimensions of Soul elements that affect both physical and emotional body.

Opening up to greater understanding of elements of tantra it’s essential we re-conceptualise the world of Tantra itself. To understand Emotional Dimensions of Soul elements of Tantra we begin with self-understanding. Self-understanding is achieved by certain rituals and disciplines. These rituals begin to expose the deeper elements of your life that are running every emotion in every situation in your life.

Your view of the world and your response to the world is based on how connected or disengaged you are from self exploration.

Some people are relatively well balanced because their higher qualities are present such as compassion, generosity, patience, love.

  • These people have a tendency to healthy and happy, confident and they work in jobs that are supportive of their life choices. 
  • All this goes well for them until some tragedy occurs such a loss of a loved one or a car accident.
  • Sometimes it’s an accumulation of a number of events that suddenly make them lose their center.
  • This is when they begin to seek fill their Emotional Dimensions of Soul elements to fill that empty space within them.  Or they may have received a diagnosis that makes them question the whole point of living on this planet. This often leads them to make a decision to make every moment of the rest of their life count. Wisdom healing is result of combining soul with body and spirit.

They become aware of negative influences in their lives and choose to take definite action to redirect their life to greater purpose.

This is when we begin to work with Emotional Dimensions of Soul elements and determine which of the many elements involved are out of balance. How we can begin to fill Emotional Dimensions of Soul elements is through Soul retrieval and life-force enhancement by identifying with the spirit of the elements of our immediate environment. It’s essential that we find appropriate methods and tools to work with.

We begin by connecting with the energetic changes in your body that may be creating fatigue, overindulgence other disturbances that come with any situation that we are uncomfortable with. We begin to train ourselves to find our way back to the joy of life that has been interrupted by creating stability, courage and internal and external support.

We first identify which element to work with and where it links to our physical being.

First we need to ground you because your connection to the earth plane is being disrupted. As you connect to earth you ground yourself and this becomes your awareness of where you are in life. In shamanic terms earth is the balance within you.it is the center of everything. In tantra it is considered the core of everything. Earth is rich and fertile when all elements are in balance. When it is lacking any of the elements it is barren, harsh and lifeless.

You begin to realise how to bring that element in relation to your own life and start to adapt to create that balance within you.

Because if you are not grounded you are easily influenced by any other element. My intention is to have you stand in your personal space. Identify where you belong in this world. You own the place you choose to be within as you are supported by people and environment around you. Sometimes their is too much earth element in you. That too needs to balanced.

When we speak I’ll help you begin to identify your Emotional Dimensions of Soul elements that are influencing you body mind spirit soul emotion relationships.

No aspect of life is more important than our emotional state. This relates directlyEmotional Dimensions of Soul elements to the the quality of our life. The meaning our life brings to people we want to attract around us. Emotional Dimensions of Soul elements have a tendency to be neglected as we get busy copying and just surviving through the demands we ourselves have placed on our life.

We are subject to a range of complex emotions. This can create confusion.  For this reason the person just withdraws from exploring them. However when we take Emotional Dimensions of Soul elements as a whole. You need to be under the guidance of a mentor who knows that your Emotional Dimensions of Soul elements are one package.

The biggest challenge is that most sources want to compartmentalize everything. When you do that, the danger is that you’ll feel eve more fractured.

Analysis paralysis. This is the biggest social disease on the planet today.

It seems everyone has an opinion. Everyone is  hurting as result of these opinions. Erotic love is now the social standard. This can bring destructive anger and heartbreaking negative emotions. These therapies can trap you for decades, further eroding your defence systems that are already fragile. Reliance on authority to tell our fragile system what to do further disrupts natural flow. This isolates you from your natural body rhythms. Rather than freeing you from pain and anguish separate you from you authentic Emotional Dimensions of Soul elements.

Only when you understand the implications of disturbing and  Emotional Dimensions of Soul elements should you make any decisions that can potentially completely derail you stability.

Now people are exploring specific interests in in certain emotions. This further divides and isolates. It is important to remember at all times to be vigilant when someone offers to open your sex center or your chakras.  You body will permit their flow when the situation is safe and supportive full blossoming. Avoid focus on a specific emotion or physical element.  Emotional Dimensions of Soul elements are a complete package and should never be divided.

By activation any part of your body without considering the entire current personal human existence can permanently put you under mind control. If this has happened to you – you need find someone who has the capacity to bring your attention to it.

Your defence systems are there for a reason. Make certain you know what that reason is before you let down the wall. Best place to begin is to research your therapists life. Know why they are dedicated in supporting you. If they are influenced by erotic sculptures in India that is red flag. They are damaged individuals who found a sex guru that exploited them. Under the spell of sexual energy, everything can feel fantastic in the moment. Then the regret and the hiding ’causes more damage’ as your  Emotional Dimensions of Soul elements’. They remove themselves from the experience. The  Emotional Dimensions of Soul elements have no interest in participating in disarming you.

To heal your  Emotional Dimensions of Soul elements contact us.