Content Writer

Content Writer for this website Wanted. What is required; copy writing, article writing, social media & SEO to suit Katie’s unique understanding of Authentic non-sex Tantra. 

  • We are the only site that presents Tantra on this level. the only one in the world who brings TantraContent writer on this level .Our content writer must be able to pay attention to the message we are sending the world.
  • Our content writer would love researching and defining the differences that ensure our ready can clearly see the the difference. We are not seeking a following of yes people. Our intention is to bring opportunities to our readers that will change the quality of their life.
  • Our content writer is required to life the neww truth, not just robotically write about it. This means that your awareness will change dramatically.
  • Have a listen to what clients have to say about their experiences.
  • The outcome is consistent with every client who seeks to improve their life. 
  • Ones who are seeking the commercialised dark Tantra that restricts the spirit are discouraged from contacting us.
  • One or even two people cannot do all of the above, so please select your expertise, read elite tantra site thoroughly…………..
  • If you would love to help bring this message to the world, then we’d love to hear from you.
  • Please watch this video then based on the content of this site please contact us.
  • So you love the idea of Tantra, but find that most that is out there is more of an extension of what majority of the population already do.Content Writer letter writing
  • The only difference seems to be addition of so called Tantric Temples and women who call themselves goddesses who have created a ritual that the adult service industry has always used.  
  • These pages are critical for you to read thereby ensuring you’ve done your research through this site and are  contacting me based on my content not on the generic information you’ve read elsewhere. Read Web designer page &  Tantric Coaching page.

    When you feel you would benefit; particularly as you are supported in your areas of health, joy, satisfaction, lifestyle success, and your well being.

    True writing can only come from personal experiences if it is to be an effective representation of such deep services. 

    • Content Writerno lone rangers please.
    • This is co-designing in every aspect of this project.
    • This Tantra is about cooperation and collaboration. Definitely not sex service as almost all other self proclaimed tantra schools.

    You’ve read this site, clearly it does not represent any other Tantric Massage in Australia.

  • That’s right, everything in  site is unlike any other Tantric massage service we read about, particularly considering  Our background.

    • Katie needs ensure that our services stand apart from world perception.

    We are a lifestyle support service in relationship’s health and business skills as well as  all areas of content of living.

    • Most of all through touch.
    • We are seeking talented people in the Content Writer and/or webdesign.

    She would love your abilities to enhance her presence to those seeking true Tantra that prepares the total being involved in self evolution.

    • So contact her for your first Tantric appointment, with that as a foundation we may proceed.
    • When you have had a taste of what this service is about she shall discuss your professional working arrangement. That involves your continued interest in this level of satisfaction and lifestyle.
    • Conditions apply.

    Content Writer  required to assist us in our writings about the key to personal power through Elite Tantra.

    Website content copy writing is the key to assisting the client in understanding the difference and appreciating the pleasures and fulfilment of living fully and completely connected to ourpurpose. This level of care and attention to how we live is our  choice at every moment.

  • The choices we make create the life we ultimately enjoy or dislike.

    Content Writer

    • Tantra resonates 24/7 discover the feeling of it flowing through your body,
    • This feeds your creativity.
    • Your cells are alive like when your were as a child.
    • As a child you were full of energy and desire to explore the world of wonder.

    For mutual long term mutual benefit. Approval is subject to your abilities to represent our business uniquely, truthfully, consistently, please call for details.

    Everything is ready to go all that is needed is some great people to make it happen, people who wish to open their vision to greater possibilities.

    • For deep appreciation for complete picture and great ability to communicate  the concept all you need is the desire to work together.

    Deepest nature of Tantra is collaboration coordination co-operation. You’ll be living the highest level of  Tantra by participating in this project as Content Writer;

    • This is what happens on any great project that ordinary people have never experienced.
    • Clearly one cannot represent anyone effectively unless they begin to explore the environment.
    • Call to experience the magic that is not in this website yet intended to be on the one we create. As a Content Writer with other members of our dedicated team.

    Website design and Content Writer

    We shall be using different software. This shall increase your experience in working together with complementary energies that develop into reality.

    In advance Training you become aware that to progress in life you must go the opposite way to where the average person is going.“The key to connecting to your intimate being is in the art of transition. It seems anything we do we have a tendency to dump or shelve what we know and begin again.

  • Transition is the ultimate experience and self empowerment, it is also deeply satisfying and nurturing.

  • When the  quick fix is over we are again left wanting. In immersing ourselves in transition and the vulnerability the seat of ultimate power. Our entire world is affected in the most positive way.” This would be advanced Tantra Living.

    Please call for your first appointment that can lead to your participation in this sacred yet present world of success in our collaborative project.