Contact Etiquette

Contact Etiquette- Because we are all different. Different feelings, different needs. Therefore no system or technique can possibly take the place of unique personalized experiences. 

Contact & Etiquette Preparation for our phone conversation prior to booking

The telephone number is within the welcome video above ensuring you are prepared rather than a generic inquiry. Thank you for desiring higher level of connection similar to the one my partner an I had, described here and unique as my clients describe here.


To ensure I receive calls on real Tantra that is not a series of techniques made up by cContactertain schools that exploit humanity keeping them ignorant and uneducated. I’ve studies with credible people world wide – video on that is currently in the making in the meantime follow my guidance within the video above.

 Open 7 days 8.30 am – 9.30 pm to select clientèle. Cash, Eftpos, Credit Card facilities available.

When you are ready to have a serious conversation about your appointment.

The video above has been created specifically to identify most important pages;  Or just follow links below

Main Pages to read are in the links below or menu below the header

Begin with  Steve takes you on a journey of his expression of connection

  • Hear Steve – or read about Steve’s experience

Contact About Katie

  • About Katie page  the video there prepares your body to receive the pulse followed by


My Training began with the indigenous cultures masters of connection to nature

 Open 7 days 8.30 am – 9.30 pm Cash, Eftpos, Credit Card.

When you call, please ensure you set aslingam video must watch enter hereide a few minutes uninterrupted for us to speak, as this is the most critical part of Tantra Connection.

Expect More, Receive More, Feel More, Enjoy More… Personalized appointments exploring richness of diversity of Sacred Way of belonging. Transforming repetitive ritualized actions to Meaningful connection with deep sense of purpose. 

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