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Contact Etiquette- Because we are all different.
Different feelings, different needs. Therefore no system or technique can possibly take the place of unique personalized experiences. Opening Royal passage  into awakening inner  tremor.

Elite Tantra massage activates your intimate experience with your own body.

People who make their appointment with Katie (following pre-consultation call) are seeking a higher quality of life and uncompromising Tantra.

When you are ready to have a serious conversation about your appointment.


 A Tantric coach should be a person we admire.To access your Therapy that heals relationships from inside out you must FORGET THE STUFF that is written IN OTHER SITES. We DO NOT ENCOURAGE that level of DEGRADING BEHAVIOUR that is consistent in just about every level of Tantric Training.  A Tantric coach should be a person we admire. A person we admire is the person who knows what we do not know. The person we respect would have tools that the general public is unaware of. Would love to support you with your quest – to do so we’ve put together list of main pages you’ll need to read thoroughly before calling us. the phone number is also listed below. 

Credit cards  EftposCashCall; 0403 932 247 - International call +61 403 932 247   OUT-CALLS AVAILABLE  Open 7 days 8.30 am – 9.30 pm 

Don’t just call without preparing yourself with what we have created for your below. I’ll know how much you’ve read, watched and listened to. Everything here is totally new that you shall have opportunity to experience.

These pages switch your brain to receive a  different Tantric experiences. 

Main pages to read before you call; a menu has been created specifically to identify most important pages; these are located just below the header image. Or follow links below

  1. Begin with  Home page Hear Steve - or read about Steve’s experience
  2. About Katie page  the video there prepares your body to receive the pulse followed by
  3. Reviews to listen to clients describe their experiences . then
  4. Elite Tantric Origin, shares with you how Elite Tantra began. And
  5. Dr Von Urban’s Sex Perfection about the electric sparks that we all have.
  6. You have been lied to about the meaning of the word Lingam really. Most people just repeat things they hear without checking for themselves. I did the research for you, so here is a link  a spiritual teacher explains what LINGAM is in every living essence.

Call; 0403 932 247 - International call +61 403 932 247   OUT-CALLS AVAILABLE  Open 7 days 8.30 am – 9.30 pm (Visa, MasterCard and Eftpos available) .

When you call, please ensure you set aslingam video must watch enter hereide a few minutes uninterrupted for us to speak, as this is the most critical part of Tantra Connection.

Expect More, Receive More, Feel More, Enjoy More… Personalized appointments exploring richness of diversity of Sacred Way of belonging. Transforming repetitive ritualized actions to Meaningful connection with deep sense of purpose. Listen to client recordings here.

To take the hard work out of deciding the most relevant pages the most relevant the 5 pages are listed on the right panel just below Contact Katie button, designed to prepare you for these feelings these experiences may be felt on your first appointment.

Uncover your genuine longing for deep body mind spirit connection that develops into genuine passion.

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