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Contact Etiquette guides you through the best way to prepare yourself to contact me for greater benefit of all.

True Tantra always takes you to a new place. for this reason I ask you to ensure that you listen to the videos on the homepageabout me and Reviews Page. I really want to serve you better. Most people believe there is only one type of tantra.

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Contact Etiquette

Lets not get hoked on the word tantra; a word in itself means nothing. It’s about how you use your wisdom.

When the world is a mess one needs to seek reliable references. As they say model success. Deeper exploration of Tantra temples and Tantra teachings shows you how, literally. Displays what not to do and what to do thorough carvings. We can all do that; When I look at the temples in India demonstrating Tantra. I circled the entire temple and explored the very top of the Temples. The top is displayed in code. I encourage you to do the same. Google or just follow this link for true Hindu rites. Tantra Temples in India were built to show people what they do daily and how to change that for a more prosperous and fulfilling life. Don’t be average, be sure to research by asking different questions. Be a sceptic of ordinariness.

In the first video below; a man and a woman describe their experience.

These are just snippets of what they have to say. Full versions are within rContact Etiquette absolutely no text inquirieselevant pages.

If you don’t have time to watch now, come back later. When you do; turn every distraction off so that I can help you with what’s important to you when you call me. While you watch the videos and read the pages of greatest relevance, take notes with real pencil or pen on real paper. Do not do digital. Feel how different that feels on paper.

Notes you make will be foundation of our conversation when you call.

These notes are foundation of your appointment when you come to me, so we can make a significant difference to your life as from today.

Why I do it this way.

In my videos you have opportunity to get to know how I can support you finding your level of bliss and joy.

Contact Etiquette

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your self empowered life.