Contact Etiquette

Contact Etiquette guides you through the best way to prepare yourself to contact me for greater benefit of all.

Our values and who we are;

  • Devoted to providing personalised solutions.
  • Safe environment where you really discover deeper meaning too your life.
  • Focused on what we know – not what is generalised.
  • Conscious of each persons individual place in this world.
  • Dedicated to providing quality.
  • Provide a fully holistic approach.
  • Committed to providing after care support.

Dedicated to continuous improvement.

Please prepare yourself by watching videos on the;

  • home page, Make sure you turn off all distractions as you watch and listen to them.
  • Reviews Page. 
  •  About me page. It’s essential you know me so you let me in to help you.

  •  It’s essential you read our Black Tantra page.
  • Instant or Neo tantra is what is offered mostly around tantra therapies.
  • With no purpose apart from having you conform to a system of scripted sex that places it into the realm of mix of Black Tantra.
  • Neo Tantra is entertainment, a quick fix with no regard for outcome apart from self gratification.

Self gratification divides by encoding techniques designed to control you under the guise of healing.

  • What we have is White Tantra. White Tantra liberates you.
  • Please respect our commitment to serve you on a deeper level of all aspects of healing.

Open 7 days 8 am – 9.30 pm. Eftpos and credit card accepted.

Contact Etiquette

  • If you don’t have time to watch now, come back later. 
  • When you do; turn every distraction off so that I can help you with whaContact Etiquettet’s important to you when you call me. 
  • While you watch the videos and read the pages of greatest relevance.
  • Take notes with real pencil or pen on real paper.
  • Do not do digital. Feel how different that feels on paper.

Notes you make will be foundation of our conversation when you call.

These notes are foundation of your appointment when you come to me, so we can make a significant difference to your life as from today.

Why I do it this way.

In my videos you have opportunity to get to know how I can support you finding your level of bliss, joy and your belonging in life. When you are ready to let go of misery – Contact us.

Understand wisdom of your body through wisdom healing. Join me in conversation with participants here.