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Contact Etiquette - Welcome to you who are seeking to be supported in living your best life for the rest of your life.

I’m here to truly serve you at the highest level of your soul purpose. To prepare you for our conversation, the most important pages of this site are listed below. 

  • Turn off all distractions while you read this site because this does not come from generic western interpretation tantric sex.
  • Here are your pages.
  • Once you have read them and watched the videos then
  • Contact me on + 61 466 813 925 absolutely no text inquiries.

First be sure to read Tantric Resources so you know what level of TaContact Etiquettentra is provided here and read the rest of this page for perhaps the most important decision you’ll make this year. What you are about to do shall affect you not only now but the rest of your life and lifetimes to come.

  • Begin by attention to the etiquette outlined here.
  • Follow the recommended links below so we have an appropriate start.
  • This is NOT A REHASH of the generic sex tantra anything goes silliness out there. I NOW MANY SAY THAT THEN DISAPPOINT YOU. Remember people lie all the time. 

  • Here we mean what we say.
  • Be respectful and follow the guidelines set out in this page. Text inquiries will be ignored.

  • Do not skim through the content, this is not the rehash of all other services. Do not offend yourself by calling from your opinion of what it is.
  • You may need to listen to clients a number of times to prepare you for your call.

  1. Tantric Resources is the most important start for deeper insight into Tantra that you have never heard of before by any tantric service provider.
  2. I promise you when you read that you’ll absolutely know why this is never shared; because they are unaware of their role in this lifetime. I need you to wake up a little at least before we speak.
  3. Reviews to listen to clients describing their experiences you never knew were possible. 
  4. About Katie
  5. Home page
  6. Truth and the meaning of the word Lingam really. Most people just repeat things they hear without checking for themselves. I did the research for you, so here is a link  a spiritual teacher explainswhat LINGAM is in every living essence.
  7. Tantra for Men & for Women
    1. Watch the videos within these pages and all the audio’s in the reviews page you’ll hear things you never thought to be possible.
  8. Ensure you are not interrupted as you read the critical pages within the links.
  •  If you’ve had services under the label of Tantra before or have read other sites. THERE IS NOT ONE SHRED OF SIMILARITY HERE. By reading recommended pages – you’ll be transported to a world you never knew existed.
  • Everything in life is reflected in the eye of the beholder.

Three very simple yet critical steps to prepare you for our conversation.


Ignorance is Tragedy. Most people who offer tantra sex believed just one source of training, and they were always fine with providing extras with their therapies. Then they found a way to call that spiritual. They took their clothes off and participated in group sex while talking chakras and kundalini. Then they created a beautiful story around it.

No No NO!

  • Do you really want to just go with the crowd that does not research or
  • Who convinced you that going to a person who massages your genitals can in any way improve your sex life?
  • Why would you trust your emotions to that person – Really! When we are vulnerable we act out of reaction because we are not in our center.
  • I want to begin by centering you with my videos first before you call me.
  • In our appointment I give you tools to center you in every aspect of your life including sex.
  • You know you become like the people you get around with.

  • So if you get around people who engage in providing sex for a living – you become just like them.
  • You cannot become anything else but what they teach.
  • The word Tantra was not created specifically for sex service providers. Tantra temples if you bother to look at them would have perhaps 7 – 10% of the temple. The rest of the temple depicts every other activity the humans ingage in including defending their territory, farming, bating cooking eating and conducting meetings. Dance and meditation are also part of Tantra, so to is accessing the best lifestyle you could have as you focus on all aspects of your life. Humans are so vulnerable to manipulation, so be careful who you listen to.
  • Best way to test is see what the average person believes and listens to and what Google Talks are made up of under the label of tantra, then make a wise decision. Google knows that most people do not do research, however it’s Google’s job to know people and how they would be judged if they did what the general public does. They provide all the information all you need to do is go deeper in your searches and you’ll find all you need to know. Remember this is you life and it is incredibly dependent upon the choices you make.