Contact Etiquette

Contact Etiquette.

  • Due to SHOCKING nature of inquiries and saturation of tantric sex service providers –  I really need you to watch the video below – do not call me for the sex recruitment tantra marketed as sacred sexuality.
  • The world IS caught up in superficial pleasures OF FAKE TANTRIC SEX SCHOOLS WORLDWIDE.

  • At the end of your tantra session – consider what you are going home to?
  • Do you really want to repeat same old relationship challenges?
  • Or would you value a new way of relating.
    • I ask you to begin with honesty.
    • If you don’t know what that means – I can help. There was a time when I myself struggled to define what I wanted as I was deeply confused with the mess my personal life was in.
    • Help me help you. Talk to me as someone who has been there and gone beyond and into amazing personal insight.
  • Wisdom comes with self knowing.


Contact Etiquette

  • Unless there is care and attention there is nothing but superficial garbage.
  • WContact Etiquettehat is here is a simple way of connection that has been perfected over 20 years.
  • Not taken as set of techniques from sex schools that over time become boring nothingness.
  • That is all they are. 
  • Ensure you listen to the video below a number of times – then other testimonials.

  • Not by delusion but true wisdom.

Be sure to read my links if you really want Healing.

If you thought that all Tantra is generic temporary pleasure of Tantric sex techniques this will latest blog will affect you at the deepest level of your being. Affect you at the level of every lifetime.

This video you can find supportive tools that take you deep and how fast White Tantra can change your well-being.

First begin by reading Black Tantra so you  can define the difference. Until you read that – there is no way you  know How I can Help You.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your self empowered life.

  • Whether you are a sex addict,
  • someone with sexual function issues or
  • deep relationship issues
  • Some issues my be stemming from
  • deep trauma such as
  • sexual abuse or 
  • other controlling factors that continue to mess with your ability to life a deeply satisfying and fulfilling life.
  • If you want to experience a valued and purposeful session that makes your life count, please follow the link here below to my other site…