Contact Etiquette

Contact Etiquette. 

The telephone number is within the welcome video (don’t just get the phoKnowledge hidden Soul Purpose & inner willpowerne number be sure to listen to all the video and believe it) ensuring you are prepared rather than a generic inquiry. Thank you for desiring tantra that is not just another interactive new age pornographic adult service masquerading as spiritual enlightenment. If you desire what my partner and I had, then I’d love to hear from you. Be sure to view content of the video within my page, here and unique experiences my clients describe here.  If you appreciate this level of knowledge that is the king of person I would love to work with.

 You don’t want to disregard your soul and spirit by not researching what true tantra is do you? Are you searching to live all of you for the rest of your life? This service is for people who want to find a way to Treat this lifetime and every moment with deep regard. Your life shall thank you.

If you’ve had services under the label of Tantra before or have read other sites – more than any other visitor you must follow the instructions within this video.Contact Etiquette

Seriously what is out there is just adult service and sex techniques;

Let’s not prostitute the goddess and the Sacred Tantric temples in India. With the internet there is no reason for people to continue to misrepresent any tradition. Begin by using different search words then you’ll get the truth about worldwide MISINTERPRETATION of tantra. You do not want to be seen as just following the masses do you?

The content of this site is a great beginning. Within this site are a wide range of respected spiritual teachers who speak about Tantra truths. Just follow the links in this page and within the video.

Visit the links as you scroll below and click on them. Blessings to all who seek and find truth while continuing to evolve.

By Appointment. Open 7 days 8.30 am – 9.30 pm. Cash, Eftpos, Credit Card facilities available.

Open 7 days 8.30 am - 9.30 pm. Cash, Eftpos, Credit Card facilities available.

The pages identified within the video are these below.

To ensure I receive calls on real Tantra that is not a series of techniques made up by certain schools that exploit humanity while keeping them ignorant and uneducated I ask you sincerely take the time to get to know my service. (I know they all say that yet people tell me the whole goal of tantra massage everywhere else is to get to the privates that they now call lingam & Yoni.


What’s in a name it does not change the nature of their service, they have been mislead and so have the public). I’ve studies with credible people world wide – video on that is currently in the making in the meantime follow my guidance within the video above.

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