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Tantra is like a street or suburb. It were to represent  a wide variety of people attitudes professions and abilities within those professions. And naturally  the one that is most advertised is the one that seems to be more prominent in that suburb or the city and its famous for.

Tantra is the spirit of each profession not just sex.

For instance Amsterdam there you’ll find prostitutes of all sexual orientations. They are required to register themselves.

In hungry the capital city Budapest is famous for a strip clubs. In Sydney it’s King’s Cross. The rest of the city of Sydney is not filled with sex services. Targeted marketing of  tantra has cemented it as purely a hands on sex serice. Because the self proclaimed tantric teachers have travelled there and taught them a different technique to attract the client. There you have it

That is the type of tantra that is used as sex tantra. Remember’ the rest of the city and the rest of the country is not representative of that hub. Even though the country and the city is famous with many streets of human selling their bodies and their range of services. That is just a small percentage of the population. It would be unfair to label every  resident as a sex worker.

The same is to be said of Tantra. It is the most powerful road to living your most powerful life.

Sex sells  that’s a fact.

Remember it also hurts – when you miss-use it. What feels good at the time can have devastating effect

The problem is it is only down the track like an illicit drug  that you realise that you have been the misusing it. It is an addiction. You don’t realise the addiction is damaging it until someone else tells you  or physical issues bring you down. So what you consider looking at this from the same point of view. Some have chosen to represent themselves from the point of view of providing sexual services. Because as far as tantra is concerned everybody has a spirit. It is the quality of the spirit we are talking about here. But obviously you to qualify for that. And of course the fast track system was created by some gurus called Neo tantra or instant tantra. It is the training is it is so easy to market is to promote because sex sells.

I will not want to manipulate and force my clients to act like a robot. This has you question a system created with techniques that everybody else does in other so-called schools led by sexperts who themselves are sex addicts.

so when you’re looking at my site be aware this is not one of those approaches. As I said just like any city street or suburb this patches of people getting together with different attitudes towards the environment they live in. And the behaviour they will tolerate or encourage.

True Tantra always takes you to a new place. for this reason I ask you to ensure that you Contact and etiquette read the homepage. The female Tantrika page, and the benefits page. Understanding goddesses and their functions which there are many. These pages have things you have never heard of before so please read them from that perspective. The entire process is different.

  • We have to say this because now there are thousands of tantra sex technique services out there. And they all claim to be different. But they all come from the Tantric sex cult. That’s fine for them that this is not what we choose to do here. As you listen to the client videos you were here and saying things that you never thought were possible. We work with the depth or relationship that your soul seeks to be part of with you in this lifetime. So you can enjoy being present in every aspect of your life.

There are many representations of sacred relationships. The links above will lead you to the  Pages to discover many kinds of gods and goddesses that are available in the tantra field.

Because you come from the Tantric Sex marketing sphere; you will be a little lost at sea representations that my clients  share with you within the videos. remember sex workers need to advertise and they been doing in the most effective way. They managed to reach the average person; and convince them that need sex help and that they are the ones to do it for you.

We are not just selling sex. We are providing a network of relationships links that will help you recognise the quality of life you want to live and enjoy.

This video shares the depths of Tantra if you want to really explore quality of your relationship with the world around you.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your self empowered life.

within this video listen in on what that took place for this man. That will give you a bit of an idea the depth of understanding of the body that we access.


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