Contact Etiquette

Contact Etiquette the phone number is within this video.

Due to generic nature of inquiries and saturation of tantric sex service providers I’ve placed my phone number within this video. Ensure you listen to it a number of times – then other testimonials. Please read my links if you really want Healing. If you just want generic Tantric sex techniques please go elsewhere.

Here I introduce you to new ways of relating to yourself first. 

When you call we’ll discuss your needs and how I can support you in your quest for meaning and healing.

Most callers are genuinely stressed and distressed. They seek the healing promise of Tantra but find that all sites claim that sex and manipulation of sex organs or mutual touching  and new sex techniques are the answer to fulfilment.

Please know that there are deeper levels of Tantra healing – this you’ll hear my clients share with you. They all offered to be heard on this site to help people like you.

Because almost all tantra there these days claim to offer sacred sex but are just adult services, It’s vital you follow detailed instructions on this page. 

  • Begin with About Katie page where you get to link to outside sources that verify this statement.

Then you can do your own research.Contact and Etiquette

Tantra temples were built by tantric spiritual students around 1.700 years ago to show people the truth and this story begins on this page.

This can only happen  if you know what is available and definitely possible.

  1. If these videos resonate with you then we definitely make progress.
  2. I offer you an experience of higher frequencies than you ever thought possible for you.
  3. Many people talk about spirit but never truly meet it within themselves.
  4. Here people share with you their feelings as they felt their soul filling their body.

These three minute videos are an example of some of my clients experiences.

First person in this video experienced this in 2010. Undeniable proof of what is possible when you allow new possibilities to be real for you. Second person is from 2012 these are well before crazy tantra sex schools set themselves up as the ultimate authority. More recent ones can be heard here.

Once you have watched my videos you’ll have a better idea that tantra that touches every part of your life.

  • Please take your time with THESE VIDEOS NOT JUST FLICK THROUGH THEM.
  • Tantra for Men - Women – Couples.

Main pages to read are the links below.

  • Contact Etiquette prepares you for best practices. I’d love to hear from you, when you’ve listened to my conversations with my clients.