Tantric Goddess and God Training

Tantric Goddess and God Training, establishing healthy emotions and establishing healthy emotional environment. 

Here we train the deepest level of Tantric Goddess and Gods. Applications are considered seriously. You need to have higher aspirations than just providing sexual or sensual services.Tantric Goddess and God TrainingA true goddess has many skills that make her appealing and useful to humanity. Providing sensual services is definitely not one of them. Ones who do are lost in samsara (the world if illusion and pain)

Let’s go to the origin of the Gods and Goddesses in India. The carvings depict what they do.

Just as we have representations of businesses and services in a business precinct, the temples represented  the option is a human being can have. you can have your hair down you buy groceries. You have beauty treatments, massage or can go in to an adult shop and buy adult sex toys. This is really what tantra represents. It is a way of life. Here we develop the good qualities and focus on Goddesses within every organ in your body. Goddess of love and devotion. She is a beauty first mother goddess of space and infinity and timelessness. She is a protector and helps overcome obstacles. In this link you’ll find a true self powered goddess who empowers you.

Through you Goddess and god training you will empower yourself. I will give you the tools.

You will study the goddess MAYA; she is the goddess of illusion. She keeps you so busy so you cannot see the spiritual truths. Goddess Narashimhika is eternal creative energy. She symbolises balance between good and evil. Saraswati is God of the sciences and wisdom. Shakti the creative femininity of the design. Goddess Ushas is a goddess that brings in a new day.

These are all goddesses of freedom.

Never again you will be subject to the control of any dogma.


And you will be able to influence your family and friends to turn their attention to true reverence of life. Some examples of modern Goddesses you’ll find here. We want to empower both men and women through power of advanced training.

Tantric Goddess and God Training.

This is why goddesses of temples were honoured. Because they were aware, skilled and talented and we are not talking about their sex techniques.

They were immaculately groomed at all times because they knew everything around them was God. For god to be pleased they had to be pleasing  in every gesture. They inspired people to greatnessThen something went wrong. Someone decided to exploit the system. This exploitation began with the most skilled in the land being terrorised into submission. In many countries this occurred. In India it was no different. They attacked the very source of power of the people leaving the entire country vulnerable.Together we identify you uniqueness that is your personal power. Power so tender that the world around you trembles with ecstasy.

 What is a real Hindu Goddess?

From the Goddess of love the Hindu goddess of divine strength and power. She has over one hundred aspects. She is grace and the link to all the gods through applying spiritual and physical knowledge to life.

Tantric Goddess and God Training here you take off the blindfold that kept you from your truth

She is destroyer of evil an essential bringer of knowledge. She is the combination of many gods. This means she sees clearly your weaknesses, problems and your strengths. She sees what even you cannot see within yourself. These are life obstacles that perpetuate problems. These are strengths that are overlooked. When there is no problem there are no obstacles. She is voice of encouragement through the journey in search of truth. Goddess of love is destroyer of illusion. She is the refuge for her mate and her home is created as a place of heaven. A people divided are easy to manipulate. We bring back the power into your sacred space where you sleep eat love. Re-awaken your connection to what fills you. What supports you. Bringing in the people you need to be there for you.

She stands guard at her home, keeping out intruders by bringing in defenders of her abode.

Know yourself deeper always. Training in the power of interdependence. Interdependence means you can rely on your partner and your closest friends and relatives to have your back no matter how hard things may getAnd challenges do arise. It’s how close you are to your inner circle that determines your success in getting through anything that life throws at you. This is the power of the goddess.

These are source of your regenerative power.

God does not get told, he/she discovers that in themselves in an instant. 

Simple and powerful process. To become Tantric God or Tantric Goddess requires commitment to excellence and profound dedication to revealing your true nature. There are 33 million Tantric Gods in Hindu religion.

Inadequate preparation to tantric practices has always been considered harmful since we are dealing with very powerful energies. 

Tantric Goddess and God Training.

Misunderstanding of Tantric Goddess and God Training put people under a spell just like alcohol or drugs do. Our hormonal systems need to be nourished and recognised for the balance they are designed to bring to your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

Energy you cultivate determines attitudes you develop.

You can not let the energy to take you over indiscriminately. That is opposite of self empowerment.

True meaning of Tantric Goddess and God training is to become aware that every single organ within your body is a God or a Goddess.

Realistically, without any one of the organs failing of not operating at optimum levels will put your life at risk. But if your sexual organ is not working at it’s optimum, that does not affect the workings of your body. Your body organs need to network using communication energy. Your energy has consciousness. Your goddess and god training begins powerful programming for you to allow your organs to be masters of their own territory. If they don’t your energy will run outlike a horse out of control and take you down.

Preparation of transcending beyond base state is essential foundation of Tantric Goddess and God Training.

Here our Tantric Goddess and God Training is designed to expand your knowledge of the significance of every organ being empowered. And how and when to use these energies as one. Because sexual pleasure is intimately. It is connected to life choices you continue to make daily. Understanding how the choices you made in the past affect you now. If you don’t you’ll keep old patterns in place. Sexual pleasure reflects your ability to connect with the environment you find yourself in. The choices that brought us here need to be looked at so you are no longer going through life blindfolded.

Acknowledgement of how you see your own world is the foundation to awakening Tantric God and Goddess.

When undertaking of who and what we really are is at the core of our Tantric Goddess and God Training. Realistic motivation must be at the heart of the search for the self. In this process we meet each other at the purest level to become one with the truth of who you are.  We have the power to change our attitude and your actions by connecting with the knowledge of universal energy. Learn how gather the fractured energy and direct it to the spiritual connection to understanding your capacity of discovering who you are. The training takes you beyond ordinary vision you have of yourself and of your partner. This process opens the doorway to seeing the way to connecting to the beauty to all things and all beings as God.

Seeking the truth that others cannot see is the empowerment that can be applied in everyday life.

What are you aiming for in Tantric Goddess and God Training.

What is the motivation behind seeking Tantric goddess and God Training.

There is often a reason behind the search, yet often we may not be aware of the emotion behind the search. Often it comes from experiencing sexual abuse, mental or emotional abuse. We as westerners most have come from a very dysfunctional family situation. So we want to avoid getting stuck in sex techniques that are generically offered as a doorway to healing.

Re-traumatising the victim.

“I’ve experienced rape myself and a few difficult relationships.” How I got over that is by raising my status as a human not degrading it in the name of therapy that gives my genitals a spiritual name (from Hindu religion) promising to liberate me.

To truly heal your sexuality. – You need heal your wound.

You do not continue to invade it.

Begin first by creating the right space of safety from repeated penetration.

Sexual abuse is no different it leaves a psychic wound as well as an energetic wound. This is where healing must begin to be addressed. Now you are beginning to understand that what it does do though is mess with your brain where you are making choices that you believe are yours. Truth is that you bought false knowledge. You bought a lie. Again you’l find my clients talk about the fact that genital manipulation was not used. he energy was more physical in healing the body than any touch could be.

The person becomes right brain dominant that renders them compliant to the demands of the master where they are enslaved but believe they are making a true choice.

They actually believe they are happy in a sad environment because everyone around the world has bought the lie including some of the most learned therapist.

I won’t keep truth from you because you also have a soul that seeks to be empowered not to be ignored. You shall study the dark and the white side of Tantra so you know what to protect yourself from. We will not participate in dark tantra. We recognise the temptation of dark side of life because that’s where most people gravitate. Innocence is wisdom it is not ignorance of truth. Be careful. This is White Goddess Training not the red or the dark Goddess Training that has been the most successful adult industry con in history. Lately almost every suburb in most cities now has a Tantric Goddess sex worker, so it is not a wise choice as an extra tool to defining the difference as competition is huge.

Prices of tantric sex services are very competitive. These so called Tantric service providers are struggling and competing on price. They are just adult service providers nothing more. But promising spiritual liberation.

The general public are waking up to the lie because thanks to the internet you can be your own researcher.

Just by asking different questions you’ll find different answers. These answers may not be convenient escapes marketed out there but they will lead you to your truth.

Course content.

HERE we take these studies deeper than ever taken before.

Selection of students is stringent, you’ll need to go through a rigorous process to qualify.

It is our intention to train informed deeply dedicated students who seek to live their soul purpose.

A true Goddess is Self Empowered. She knows her strengths and her weaknesses making her a complete person who knows who she is as body and soul power.

Training in enhancing personal growth and fulfilment.

Tantric Goddess & God empowerment training recognises  that all people have their unique challenges that they need to overcome before they can  explore life of pleasure. Tantric Goddess and Tantric God both clearly see strengths and weaknesses in their friends, family and partner. They are gracious and supportive. Tantric Goddess & God are at all times elegant confident in who he/she is and in the value they bring to their immediate environment and the universe.

Tantric Goddess and God Training brings out her strengths.

Self empowerment can only be accomplished around people with deep values. These cannot be achieved alone, we all need people around us to support our dream and remain on purpose. To feel full-filled we also need to fit into this lifetime.

Essentially basic foundations of empowerment are;

  • Physical Empowerment.
  • Elegant movement (how you present yourself to yourself & how the world sees you).
  • Self esteem.
  • Financial Empowerment through secrets to riches.
  • Emotional Empowerment.
  • Mental Empowerment.
  • Inner knowing Empowerment.
  • Spiritual Empowerment.
  • Right action Empowerment.
  • Creating the personal environment we were born to live within.

In Tantric Goddess and God Training you shall be available for each other to bring into creation the true God you are.

Art of allowing to become a vibrational match to what you desire while being mindful of self respect and self esteem. Tantric Goddess and God Training is about embracing as opposed to separating.

In doing so we are expanding, connecting every element of life.

Second and the most important component of true Tantra is the transformation & transmutation. It is your ability to bringing this energy into every area of life. As the Sufi poet Rumi writes: “When I know you I know myself when I know myself I know you”. Tantra, through the process of transformation provides us access to deepest of who we are within our partners. It is our true nature, our divine nature.

Tantric Goddess and God Training explained discovery

Tantric Goddess and God Training explained.

This training is designed for men, women & couples. We are multi-dimensional  discover how to reach that higher level of ecstasy. Living in bliss, pleasure relaxation.

Learn how to use this energy in life with this most powerful synergy.

Connecting with all our senses gives us access to the secret of creation that sits within our sexual energies. When our senses are acute and able to discern the minutest detail in our life and those around us we are the master in our life within this lifetime.

Tantric Goddess and God Training

Our body needs to know itself before it attempts to know another.

In relationships; often couples  begin to take intimacy for granted because often it become repetitive. Tantric Goddess and God Training affects every area of your life. Become a Goddess in every area of your life, that extends beyond the bedroom.

In the hands of the master you’ll “Develop trust in yourself that you a guided by someone who has been there before you”…
  • Preparation to becoming a Tantric Goddess or Tantric God is your journey within, Self empowering that expands your consciousness in everyday life. 
  • Being a Tantric Goddess is a position of trust.
  • People’s relationships are in your hands.
  • Your nervous system during training is calmed balanced to receive this most powerful energy.
  • Your Kundalini needs to trust you.
  • Kundalini is the deepest source of joy of interaction. 

Support opportunities available or volunteer training as your next level of God and Goddess Training.