Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapist

Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapist guide – and how to make right decision. 

When searching for a Tantra massage therapist and finally choosing Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapista Tantric massage therapist is our experience that people find that very confusing. Here we bring in the wisdom of higher consciousness. Since 2009 Tantra has turned into just sex tantra that claims to heal everything. Now people are seeing it as just entertainment, swing parties etc. True Tantra message  has been blocked by new age marketing. This has completely obscured the deep magic that tantra brings.

The vibration black tantra that you see as sex tantra works with, has no relationship to Divine Creative Pulsation. Divine pulse does not exclude sex. it does protect you from making choices that take you from your pure honest nature.  Divine Creative Pulsation is your connection to earth frequency that completely liberates you from exploitation and connects you to your inner wisdom. 

Most peopleChoosing a Tantra Massage Therapist are actually seeking healing to their entire life. When inner healing is achieved; that in-itself improves their sexual relationships.

Healing is a expressed in a new way of living. White Tantra unravels your inner being. You’ll Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapistfind that in my clients experiences not just a well written sales pitch of benefits of sex therapy. Sex tantra is black tantra where you rely on a teacher to instruct you on sex techniques. Learning black tantra is like taking in wild animal trapping it domesticating it then it is completely reliant on it’s master for its every need. Animal in it’s natural environment knows nature and enjoys freedom of interacting with nature for it’s life on earth. White tantra brings you back to natural rhythm that permeates throughout the universe. It is the resonance the earth has that animals migrate by. You have the same capacity. Since 1980’s a new culture of anything goes in tantra was created. This neo-tantra promises bliss and soulmates in an instant has flooded the western world. Like a caged animal you have now been domesticated. This reliance on gurus that creates sex workers and porn stars for relationship advice claiming personal development. Vulnerable  people end up being absorbed into the culture.

Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapist how to guide. 

Start with quality relationship check list of your life right now. Here is a story of a deeply respected spiritual teacher. Read this link and do your own research if you feel inclined. Now at least you know why you should be cautions when Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapist. These therapist themselves have been conditioned to comply to ridiculous demands. Brainwashed Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapistthey accept that behavior as spiritual, because the guru says so.

Next; make certain they are not accredited by any of the current tantric schools. Accreditation of the dark art of tantra is everywhere.

Read this link thoroughly to understand where these schools get their ideas and what there intention is. Everyone is making the mistake of trusting accreditation and spiritual bull. These lies have been covered up by sweet talk. When you are Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapist, remember that you are vulnerable.

Only at vulnerable times do people begin Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapist. Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapist is like gambling. A gambler chooses what bells and flashing light tell him/her to choose. They have lost their mind to a machine that is designed to lure them back in. In Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapist keep the idea of a gambler or drug addict in mind. When Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapist remember, you would not have begun your search if you were not already under the influence of the fake story.

There is real tantra tantra heals. Like anything that is created to liberate the human is immediately counterfeited by factions who want to keep you vulnerable and conforming to their ways alone.

You need to know first hand that you have been mentally manipulated for years. When Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapist first know that you can and are capable of thinking Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapistfor yourself. You just need to have a person who has found their own mind to be there with you. You too will begin to question as you begin to heal. You’ll begin together with your mentor transform your life. You will not have to do it alone.  When you first begin your journey of Choosing a Tantra Massage you are looking to belong. When you honestly take a look at deepest intention, like most people you want to be part of a movement that means something. You want the person you are seeing to stand for something. It is appealing Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapist initially to believe they are standing up for their rights to have sex. Therapists have also been turned against themselves. When you find the honesty spot which they claim to be the pleasure spot, you’ll find it’s reactive rather than responsive. That is the first clue. when Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapist look out for the pleasure spot promise. It it’s there, run as fast as you can. Revisit my links. See how much effort it takes for me to get this message across, because you have been so manipulated that believing authority (accredited tantra therapist) is always right and cares for your wellbeing.

First two videos on this page give you an insight into nature of relationship you can form with your own body. Listen to live conversations with my client as I help him connect. 

Most people are ready for new level of healing; when they choose to be honest share depths of their human suffering.

They are ready to be honest about how previous or current relationships impact their ability to live in joy. Self empowerment is the secret whether you are alone on in relationship. Common factor is aloneness particularly within a relationships. This strange feeling of not being heard and inability really ask from life more than you have right now. What you’ll get is that ability to connect to center in any situation. This itself is sexy and powerful. We begin with that as your foundation.


A healthy relationship with your own body naturally extends to fulfilling and ecstatic sexual relationship. Many relationships biggest issue is in communication. Then sex is great.  There is a sense of inner conflict when you decide on only one aspect of pleasure to define your life.

As I applied them in therapy – my clients began to make definable progress.

Life in our body does not want to be fixed. It wants to explore more. This is when healing occurs. This video talks about that.


How do you know what to look out for in Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapist.

Why did the client choose this therapist. Are they just talking about the therapist or are they talking what they physically experienced. What sense did they make of it. How would they apply what they experienced to their own life. Where they would apply what they felt and understood. If it is just bedroom activity, then it does not link to any part of your life. How this would affect their life in a positive way. Does what they learn belong only in the bedroom or does this energy have other applications, if so how and where.

When you are ready to open yourself up to your deeper levels of consciousness then Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapist who works with your spirit soul energy is first step to success.

To truly align life purpose with love of life is understanding how to use this most powerful universal energy.  We begin with where you are and where you want to be. Then you feel in alignment with who you are and expand on it to be truth you created to appreciate in your physical life. Feel the love for Your Love of Life you are creating. Explore the adventure this creation offers you. Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapist is perhaps the most important skill you need to develop. So how do you go about choosing a Tantra massage therapist when you do not really know what Tantra really is? When you look in the mirror and you like what you see, then what you see will change. Make peace with where are and blossom from that place.

This link explains how to choose better.

We begin with clear intention this ensures you make an informed decision in Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapist.

Decisions that have a significant impact on our lives. Working with pure positive energy with Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapistpurpose of strengthening your relationships. Your Linga is in-fact the infinite pulse that delivers these feelings of inner ecstasy through your own inner awareness.

When you want to expand your knowledge and improve your relationship with yourself then you would choose a person (this could include your current partner) who applies the depth of Tantra knowledge to all of their life. When your vibrational frequency changes, people around you often change as well. They change their behaviour because you had the courage to change your behaviour that reflects the life your choose to live.

Benefits of Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapist that’s right for you.

Our expectations mature into ecstasy of living the full spectrum of human potential. Tantra is about the deepest connection possible with your body, & living the best of your life. Connection to you prepares you to truly feel your connection to your partner.

Personal satisfaction of Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapist who can turn on the light.

Your body is prepared unlocked in cooperation with your entire being. Before we move on we need full cooperation of the body mind spirit thoughts and emotions. This enables you to connect with limitless cooperation. 

Interdependence is the whole of our being cooperating with the universal law.

Sensuality is pure positive energy and it’s power is in Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapist that does not manipulate it. Most (if not all tantra comes from the lowest cast in India where it is actually illegal. But is still practised.) Don’t take my word for it. Click on this linkOur tantra here takes you to the very core of relationship issues. We do not do what they do in the temples. In temples they are taught to satisfy the priests. Apart from being slave labour in the temple they are subjected to sexual exploitation. My experience is that a different perspective is what takes you beyond your current expectations. I did my research for you, and the right within the photos you click on it, is a link to another site to verify what I’m saying. choosing the Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapisttantra massage therapists can be challenging.

Like any power it seeks to be directed. Pure energy does not judge how it is used or who is using it. It is just that. It’s pure energy. The secret is the meaning you give that energy. The meaning you give this pure energy is the power of the Tantric Energy. Energy is like the earth; anybody can walk on the earth, anyone can create anything out of what the earth has to offer.

Consequences of misusing your energies are profound. If you misuse them, whether you are aware of them or not, affects on your life will be negative. For example, drinking sugary drinks taste good and even feels good at the moment, yet the effects on body, mind and emotion are damaging. This is a simple example. Or smoking, for a smoker that feels good (I know I used to smoke and how good that felt and how addictive that was. I found it difficult to give up – but I did – because I made that important). We all know negative effects of smoking yet for a smoker it feels good. I hope this helps you understand what is going on with this sex work.

Our world is currently in the last stages of Kali Yuga which is referred to as the “age of vice”. This is time of discord or the Dark Age because people are so far from their personal God essence. At this time your most critical tool is how you go about Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapist who has not lost their way. This time is when all levels of morality are tested and human relations are in disharmony where many children grew up in environment of disharmony. This has left them feeling empty and vulnerable as they look to Choosing a Tantra Massage Therapist. Here’s a link to Wikipedia pages that can help you understand why so much is focused on genitals and sex. We are transitioning into Satya Yuga which is the purest ideal and it is said that is said to last 432,000  years. It is predicted to end in 2,070, so we are at the tail end of the dark ages. We are in the last stages of transition.