Elite Tantra Origin

Elite Tantra Origin and how it was revealed to me. Elite Tantra Origin came to me at two years of age.

The root the word Tantra is Tan. This means to expand. This Elite Tantra Originmeans expanding your reality.

There are a growing number of fake tantric sites. You need to know the difference. The ones that offer accreditation are the fake sites. Yes you read it right. Accreditation for massaging private parts is fake tantra. Even black tantra takes years to accomplish. These are powerful energies you are playing with. You need to understand the culture of these people. Elite tantra origin is dependent of the deepest and most liberating truth. There are layers of consciousness that Elite Tantra Origin brings to you who wants to unravel the layers so you see  who you really are.

Sexual abuse by spiritual teachers was rampant and still is.This link takes you to a woman determined to change even the spiritual perception of being born as a female is a low rebirth. India was not always like this. It was many thousands of years ago incredibly advanced in technology. Now we have reduced our thoughts of India to gurus who teach meditation and sex. India is now famous for and sex trafficking and abuse of women. In Elite Tantra Origin  we are not focussing on the seedy side of India. The temples in India are a primitive form of internet. 

It’s our interpretation that determines whether memories be destructive or constructive in our life. 

Here we bring you the brilliant vibrant intelligent and highly advanced past that even most knowledgeable indian is not aware of theses days. Fortunately there are a few dedicated scholars who have retained this knowledge. This knowledge is also within the cells of every single human on the planet. In Elite Tantra Origin we bring you the seers the masters who were connected to original truth. They were great Astronomers. And according to ancient history in 6th century BC there were textbooks on plastic surgery. They had science for the immune system and human metabolism. They invented rockets back in 1780’s.

Ancient India has the science of life and we at Elite Tantra Origin  bring you this wisdom.

“Sex therapy is unnecessary for people who are whole.” Enlightened human does not engage in sexual activity for money. All sex therapy is done by people who are deeply damage and have no concepts of this most powerful energy.

“We take you on a path that makes you whole again.”

Ayurveda bring holistic approach to health. (these days Ayurveda is split into parts and sold as modules. Rarely to you have comprehensive Ayurveda. They now tend to specialise.) People are not getting smarter. They are being dumbed down. According to ancient writings Indian healing systems go back to 2,500 B.C. I expect that goes further than that. But we can only go  by physical evidence. In my limited study of Ayurvedic sciences we used precious metal for curing many diseases. The manufacturing process was very precise and specific for every condition. Safety, consistency and uniformity was considered crucial. In no way were they a culture of anything goes.

Cataract surgery was performed by ancient physician in 6th century BC.

I honestly do not believe they were that stupid as to worship a phallus for spiritual enlightenment. Or have that as the answer to sexual difficulties. We have to stop insulting the intelligence of Indian people. Their people much like ours have become more degraded as suppression took it’s toll. But don’t limit your interpretation to happy prepubescent girls being primed for sexul services to the oppressive few.

What I learned was that knowing what is embedded in memory is far more empowering than trying to push that memory away.  Pushing memories away takes tremendous amount of constant effort that is relentless. Pushing memories away drains your life force. My sister was just around six months of age. My aunt was around seven. I can describe the room precisely as it was. The orientation of the cot. There were two cots, mine had the side dropped down so I could get out myself. The other was my sisters cot, she was just beginning to crawl.

I’ll be making a video story on that shortly. As my life took on automatic as most people did, I got lost in the ordinary. When I was able I began to seek spiritual teachers to try to make sence of life.

Degradation of women began in the patriarchal era that is still prevalent now.

When the woman was widowed – she was removed from the house. The streets became her refuge. When the husband tired of the woman and replaced her with a fresher model, her own family considered that to be disgrace to their lineage. They too rejected her. Woman had no option but to beg and or to sell her body in order to survive. This is how prostitution was born. In their wisdom, the women hung around temples with their begging bowl as they still do in India. Or they would sell their bodies to the gurus and their disciples. They would attach themselves to the temples for protection. Read the book Karma Cola. This is an extraordinary book. What I have discovered about India today is well represented in this book. Don’t just take my word for it. Read it for yourself. Shortly I’ll be putting together a videos with excerpts of this remarkable book.

  • Truth I knew from deep within me did not reflect in life around me.
  • That was confusing.
  • My spiritual teacher was a Kashmiri Tantra teacher.

Thanks to my experiences I knew that what was offered in training was a far cry from what is marketed as Tantra today.

  • Elite Tantra Origin sets the foundation for mutual appreciation.
  • As I continued to explore my spiritual nature, the great division amongst people became painfully obvious.
  • I wanted to help people to recognise themselves as powerful beings in a physical body and how to live in a way that fills your soul.

Don’t just be spiritual.

  1. Live on earth like you belong in it.
  2. You are only here for a short time.
  3. Participate in life on earth and everything it offers.
  4. Mind soul spirit and body have come together in this lifetime to merge with the earth energies.
  5. Reconnecting with earth energies helps you remember your soul.

Elite Tantra Origin roots foundation for me, began early in her life in China.

Elite Tantra Origin  I heard stories about the temple – that people who entered the temple crippled came out healed.

I was around people who told remarkable stories about the mysterious temples. People entered one particular temple, crippled. Some arrived on crutches others in wheelchairs and some were carried in on a stretcher.

They walked out healed in a very short period of time.

Stories about the magic of a particular Tantric temple carved into the side of a steep mountain made  me very curious. Influencing me deeply as a toddler. I continued searching for proof of these stories and found that was true Tantra that used pleasure to activate the cell memory.

By incorporating elite tantra origin depths of knowledge into my sessions with my clients I continue to uncover Tantra experiences when brought about with absolute attention is available here to everyone.

Life then has substance. There is comfort that all your knowledge is inside of  you.

During your session you open up to you to this level for the first  time in this lifetime.

None of service providers under the label of tantra are aware that genuine Tantra exists.

If they know they would be providing it.

Elite Tantra Origin takes you on a journey of unexplained miracles.

Most people seeking Tantra have never heard of the depths that genuine Tantra can take you in every aspect of your life.

      • Wheel chairs, crutches and other aids that were discarded by people who retreated to the temple in search of physical restoration
      • They arrived in wheel chairs, on crutches and on stretchers. 
      • After a period of time walked out of the temple healed and no longer requiring artificial support.

Elite Tantra Origin influences.

  • My early childhood was catalyst for my thirst for genElite Tantra Originuine Tantric knowledge. 
  • True Tantra is a Restorative massage.
  • Sensual as well as deeply healing, without passion for life, your body does not desire to heal.
  • Monks meditate to state of bliss that is beyond any sexual feeling you could imagine.

“As you can imagine my search and research of Tantra would clearly come from deeper understanding.”

 Elite tantra Origin and Experiences.

My early experiences ensured that I knew what was generically offered as Tantra was modified to the point that it is no longer Tantra. One cannot dismiss the truth when exposed to it. In reality just as you can paint a wall that needs painting without taking the time to clean seal sand, you can get away with it for a while.Very quickly the cracks, marks, bumps etc., begin to appear. But a professional painter happens to see it – immediately. The flaws that can be hidden ‘for a time’ from untrained eye are glaringly obvious to an expert.  This is quickly followed by flaking and peeling of the paint.

Elite Tantra Origin is determined by depth of knowledge.

“Intellectual Knowledge buries joy.” Intellectual knowledge does the exact opposite of where empowerment Tantra can take you. “Connection to feelings enhance ecstasy. In her observation, she found average persons understanding of pleasure is that it is a series of techniques leading to sexual union. When those clients eventually come to her; they discover the tantra services they had heard about or had participated in. These were nothing more than some history (extracted from spiritual teachings modified for clever marketing) with an attempt at providing some standardised techniques.

Elite Tantra Origin Adapting to change

  • These techniques do not allow for flexibility of adapting to changing circumstances and personal needs. 

My Tantra training began between the ages of two & threeStories make us inquisitive. Clearly I was born into a family that would ensure my own path. My own family was abusive, arrogant and acted as if they knew everything. I suspect that your family acted as if they knew the world and how it all works according to society standards. It was obvious to me that they knew no more than the average person. This awakening of my awareness I credit to my family. Their lack of awareness made me seek my own path and question any ordinariness.  For some of us – they are the driving force behind our persistent search for the truth. We all have own Tantra experiences unique to us. Then when you make love your lover shall have his/her own pleasure experience that you can relate to. Be there to allow the freedom of her/his many pleasures simply because you know yours. When you know your gifts, you are no longer expecting the same result over and over again. Elite Tantra Origin changes our view of the world & how our body responds to stress.

The new age tantric sex services have distorted our minds into accepting some stranger eager to massage our genitals.

Elite Tantra Origin is deeply concerned that the vulnerable are being targeted with promises of transformation. Deep research of ancient India is the only way to convince yourself that India is as not trivial and superficial. They were masters of life.

Elite Tantra Origin expands consciousness that fulfil your dreams.


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