Why Learn Massage

Why Learn Massage.

Your cells respond to every event. Whenever you touch anyone or someone touches you, they leave a little of them on you. Likewise they collect a little of who you are as well.

You will learn the impact of every move and every intent. This will be your fundamental preparation for the rest of your life. In life we touch more than we realise. You touch your bed when to get in it. In a way you massage your bed as you move. Why learn to massage becomes even more evident when your realise how often you caress or dismiss food family and even your own body. As you have a shower tonight or in the morning you will realise why learn to massage. Because you are caressing your body in a way that heals and cares or just getting the job out of the way. When we put a label on any activity; it becomes just a technique. It’s vital when learning massage you are not intending to massage.

It’s important that your intention is to connect. Intention to massage removes awareness. Intention to connect turns any touch into bliss. Intention to connect turns massage into healing. A laboratory research facility of caged rabbits assistant handled rabbits fed on high fat diet. The rabbits that were handled remained healthy While the rabbits in higher cages suffered, they were not handled. Proof that touch is essential to our health.

According to scientific research massage can save your life.Why Learn Massage

In Hawaii and many other islands and many indigenous cultures before they ware discovered by the Civilised Man at least one of the family members knew how to massage.

That person was respected and consulted whenever there was a healing needed. That person paid attention to family members and their extended family and friends.

Whenever there was a beginning of an imbalance, that person was brought in for treatment to restore harmony within that person. In restoring harmony in that person harmony was restored within the family and the community. 

Everyone in the village knew how to massage, dance sing play musical instrument, observe and interact with nature and each other.Your connection within your own body is the first requirement for the spirit and your soul to desire to spend the time with you.

Video is in making of scientific evidence of Why Learn Massage.Why Learn Massage

From birth babies were massaged for hours, every day. Family members massaged each other. These people had a head start. From birth all the way through to maturity they are massaged, as they grew up they loved to return the favour. This maintained their connection to communication with nature as an extension of themselves.

The only way to become a great lover is to learn to touch differently. More importantly – learn how to receive touch. We have been conditioned to give. The secret to giving well is in the ability to receive. Cultivating the ability to receive is the secret to giving. A great lover first knows how to receive, it is never to late to learn there is no judgement here just pure support.

Here a remarkable level of non resistance is felt as acceptance; experience the new levels of receiving pulsating pleasure through your body.  Why learn to massage

Is it any wonder; the Ships found happy healthy people who loved touch, dance and sing all throughout their lives. 

Every member of the village could dance and sing, the vibration of pleasure resonated throughout their bodies constantly. In addition to that they received specialised ritual body-therapies they referred to as rites of passage from the village healers as initiation. A rite of passage is why learn to massage is essential. There were secrets revealed at various stages of their own personal development. When you begin to understand the relevance of touch is when you know why you learn to massage. Learning the art of receiving is why you learn to massage. Art of integrating of qualities of your DNA is at the core of why learning to massage is essential.

Why Learn Massage training’s are held regularly, often in very small groups or couples ( for very personalised attention), call to secure your next event.

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