Privacy is critical for you as you call me to enjoy deepest level of Tantra Touch, as it is for me in order to provide you with the best of service.

Discreet; because the pursuit of pleasure is often judged

Tantra Love by Elite Tantra Massage – is the most fundamental need of every living being.

Discreet; because the pursuit of pleasure is often judged, until it is experienced in the right hands or truly hungered for from the heart.

You can be assured of absolute discretion for your peace of mind.

Privacy & your Personal and Personalized Service

Therefore leaving your message when I am not available to answer your call would be valuacontact Katie1ble to
both parties providing privacy to both you and I. In your Voice Message you can indicate the best times for me to call you back, a number of options would be appreciated due to my commitments.

Privacy attitude and ethics;

  • You can be assured that I’ll call you back as soon as I am available.
  • I could be at a beginning of an appointment, driving, having a private moment for myself or any other living breathing reason.

I ask you to call me with your best attitude. Only those with the right disposition shall have the pleasure of my service.

  • I am well aware of the poor level of services and attitudes made clear by callers, due to the fake Tantra and fake Courtesan services.
  • Clearly there are many who have never ventured well below the minimum level of services and lifestyle , attend a few quick introductory trainings, then take with them what they chose; manipulating the word Tantra for immediate financial gain. Many callers shared that they would have had a better experience with a regular adult service provider. Here you can experience the promise of Authentic inner exploration.

Privacy and Discretion are essential for me as well as to you myclient.

Privacy – Have you read about me and my Tantric experiences?

and those of my clients.