Living massage

Living Massage connects hormonal system to Physical wellness. This is critical in keeping your emotions, hormones, skin and all your internal organs healthy.

The purpose of Living Massage is to access your first level of self exploration. This begins by connecting you with your living inner world. Your own body is it’s own environment that needs to be balanced to enable it to hear clear communication.

  • The session begins by connecting your life with your Kundalini that is your life force. 

When life force energy is stuck; some suffer chronic fatigue.

  • Melancholy leads to frustration with life. Feelings of disconnect lead to intellectual lethargy.
  • Loss of desire for touch create distance between lovers.
  • Family friends & Business can often suffer. 
  • Communications become strained. 
  • Disease has easy access when our body mind emotions are stressed. 

Living Massage has been scientifically proven to save lives in a very specific experiment.

Living massage is that tender connection that vibrates when you discover that stillness within you. This needs clear guidance. On your own, you’ll default to normal thinking. This will bury your progress. This video explains some of the process. A lady describes how we worked with her.

  • Access the energy that calms your senses to access awakening of your hormones.
  • These are Essential elements for emotional stability and overall self satisfaction. 
  • Often the couple may even feel like they are sleeping with the enemy.
  • Any solution would be a God send.
  • It becomes clear that there is no such thing as a pill or cream or technique that can fix the rift between yourself and your partner.

Viagra for men just makes the penis hard, it does not provide sensitivity within the relationship. Often it’s the inability to connect spiritually that influences the sexual organs.

  • Almost any condition can be greatly improved when inner connection is established.
  • So with every technique there needs to be the essence of a living massage.
  • Technique alone needs energy because technique has no soul.
  • Men need to read the pages for women to understand themselves.
  • Women need to read men page.

If that is not enough then what is?

Living massageYour connection within your own body is the first requirement for the spirit and your soul to desire to spend the time with you. If our spirit and soul cannot connect with our bod,  we cannot expect our significant other to desire us. Life becomes an act. Empty.

We begin with Life. Immediately, we are required to conform to standards outside of our natural requirements.

Feelings of abandonment begin to set in. We begin to lose touch with our being when your cells are not exercised. By connecting your body mind spirit soul and all our internal organs through; Movement, Breath. Meditation, Touch. This is about self development as you become aware of your life purpose. We have been conditioned to just fit into a mould. Conditioning is not feeling. Conditioning is programming to be robotic in behavior.

Living massage works by awakening loving abilities.

Your resistant blocks are massaged out so the life-force which is the Kundalini can flow rather than being trapped in the genital area. This Kundalini energy expands beyond your body. Your body feels flow within that caresses away every concern. Bringing together what has kept you separate. You are within the merging. You  are the merging. You and your spirit are one. You are one with all when you are connected to all of you.

Tantra is like a beautiful musical instrument or a vehicle, that needs tuning no matter how fine it is, so it is the same with the body, the more refined the more the body benefits from Katie’s Tantric Living Massage and Kahuna massage, as a consequence of life we get out of tune with our bodies and relationships.