Last longer

Last longer begins when you learn to listen to your body. 

Telling your body what to do is division. It creates hierarchy.

Know what to do. To last longer for the man; the key is to stop manipulating your body. The way we are trained is to control and manipulate everything. To listen then try to do. This is the most difficult way to live. When you are in the moment every event in your life. There is no gap between who you are and the instructor.

Your body cannot listen to an intruder that manipulates it. Your body has tremendous wisdom. Time to listen to your body not someone from outside of it. listening to the body comes from the top chakra not from the base. When the spirit enters your head you get out of your brain you get out of your mind. At this point you see of consciousness takes over a you don’t have to think of what to do to be in incredible lover. I will show you how this is possible.

  • Last longerYou body is saying to you; “Listen to me, come inside of me for the wisdom you seek.”
  • This is what your body has been saying to you all of your life, learn how to tune into it.
  • What your body has been say is; “I want you to hear me”.
  • ” Really listen and feel what I am feeling”Your body says to you “When you’ve heard me I can then really share  myself with the person closest to me”. No matter how much pleasure you are given, if you cannot connect to your body fully, you cannot really be  satisfied. To ensure you Last longer first let me connect you to your body’s awareness. Find Joy and passion in life. That is the catalyst for pleasure.

You last longer when your pleasures are reflected in everything you do.

Everything in the universe is pleasure energy, including the air we breathe. Everything is alive. Our sexual energy is seeking to connect with all the feelings. Because wisdom is in every cell. Every cell in your body is a sex cell, therefore creation is within the wisdom of every part of the body. Creation continually seeks to connect to create new experiences and new expressions. So what is stopping you from being truly present and open to your own pleasures?

It is how we connect with this energy and transmuting it in the moment that this is how you last longer. You last longer because you are linking consciously.

If you are seeking to last longer-then somewhere in your life you are feeling the disconnect. Your body is trying to send you a message by taking you on a journey of exploration. The pitfalls and the search to Last longer in the bedroom.

The trap is set when you continue interpreting it trying to fix the problem. This keeps you within the confines of the known. When seeking of the obvious interpretation of what’s in front of you, you remain stuck in old patterns.

The Solution lies within the cause.

What causes any problem is resistance to allowing a different perspective in. That begins with identifying with new feelings. When identified, next step is, connecting with that feeling. When you connect with any new occurrence, it gives you the answers from within. Feelings are often masked by thoughts that accompany any event. In this case, it’s the act of sex and the pleasure you seek. Within these thoughts are the not so conscious memories, some from the past in this life time and some come from past lives.

These thoughts and memories are  identified within the session.

What your energy is saying is “I want to create a better life, let’s find a way to grow this energy into something tangible on this earth”.

If you are trying to last longer your life is telling you it needs a new way to express new feelings in a place were it feels encouraged to explore new things.

When you do that, then to last longer feeling is satisfied because it is in a place of creating the life you were born to live.

It’s what we do with this energy is the Key to failure or achieving success.

  • Your new Lingam massage video is here and it’s not what you think.
  • New recordings of client experiences are here.

Through exploration beyond your standard physical Senses. Secret is the merging of the male and female energies within your own body. That is the Tantra secret. The male and female energies within your own body are not reflection of physical male and female concepts. They are frequencies. These frequencies cannot be seen. They are felt far deeper than the physical you are used to. Much like the sun. When the sunshine caresses you, the sun itself is not touching you. It is the frequencies of it’s rays that are touching you.

When you stop the resistance you feel how easily you can merge with your own complete being. When you embrace your entire being from inside out and inside in, you connect with your partner.

Like the sunshine or a refreshing summer breeze.

When you feel the caress of the breeze and the caress of the sun, they do not overtake you. Yet the feeling can be almost overwhelming. This is the nature of subtle energies. Subtle energies nourish. The physical five senses are nourished by the subtle energies much like sunshine and refreshing breeze. Ad to that a refreshing drink and the wold is complete.

When we discover how to make love in a more simplistic way you Last longer without trying. You reach out to your partner as honestly as the breeze. To last longer you need to let go of the concept of lasting for hours. That is a tantric sales pitch. Be like Sting. Many tantric sites misquote Sting.

Sting himself states that his 7 hours of lovemaking includes movie and dinner. 

If you intend to have last longer for hours, life must be boring. It’s about the story you build around love that is the making love. To make loving last longer you need other elements and ingredients to feed this passion. Like most people he exaggerated his 8 hours of love making. Here he shares that this 8 hours included begging and dinner and movie. Next time a tantric sex therapist suggest they can make you last longer for hours just reflect on Sting’s story. He has been into Tantra for over 30 years and still with the same wife. This must add some credibility to truth about how to last longer. He actually told Bob Geldoff that he had sex for 8 hours. But he admits he was in a drunken stupor. How many men bragged about their prowess in altered state of consciousness. That bragging has little to do with real life experiences.

You can however make love all day with your attitude and your caring attention and actions.

When you love someone you should show them. If you don’t pay attention to them, someone else will. It would be a shame to lose the one you love because you held back daily affection. Sex in just 1% of demonstrating you love. What do you do with the other 99% of your time.

There you have it. It is in how well you pay attention to every aspect of life that helps you to last longer.

Last longer through Tantra Massage  Stop the resistance and feel how easily you can merge with your own pleasures

  • When you struggle in your day, when your day is boring this shows up in the bedroom.
  • You could be the most successful person in your field.
But if your are trying to last longer in the bedroom, that is a sign that your are stuck somewhere in your life.

Half full half empty

  • Feel the feeling of what I just said, your life source is sending you a message.\
  • That you are not connecting to growing in your life.
  • You are is stuck in familiarity of routine.  
  • Connect to new ways of flowing in daily life.
  • Connect to automatically riding your wave of ecstasy as Mark describes in the video above. 
  • Guaranteed not to have to hold back.
  • Not to think.
  • Just merge into your partner instead.
  • New details about understanding lasting longer and premature ejaculation are covered when you call.
When you finally feel this pulse inside of you this is when you last longer. That is a sign that the male & female is merging within you.  This is when you feel the embrace of your soul.
  • This can only happen if you have the desire to feel your uniqueness within you.
  • Your uniqueness is what excites your soul not the sameness. 
  • You feel complete when your soul is felt.

When you are in the flow with your soul, it is in the now of being connected that you are fully present.

Last longer through Elite Tantra Tantric Massage

  • To Last longer we need to resist the temptation to perform.
  • In particular, resist the holding back that separates and divides.
  • Here you learn to feel conscious transmutation of Tantra within you that makes your life more real.
  • Last longer by expanding your pleasures beyond your basic senses.
  • Awakening Within then becomes your guidance system as you link this new knowledge to every aspect of your life.
  • Pleasure is expressed from the heart first. When the link between the heart and the mind is missing, mind takes over. This is when you get into trouble with premature ejaculation or going too long. Be careful of  techniques that promise better loving. They are just that; they are mechanical means of manipulating the body. If you really want to make love, come into the heart.
  • We have lost ability to connect to nature of presence. Now we are insulted by sex therapists who want to manipulate you into a series of techniques. These techniques are a mind thing. They dull your senses. After a while you begin to feel empty. The only way to heal that is to bring in the connection to nature of who you really are and why you feel the way you do. What to do with that feeling. In that we need guidance to break free from mind control that created this issue. Please take time to listen to what people say in these video/audios. None of them had a technique. When the mind calms, time stops and instinct thrives. Your instinct when pure – will never let you down.
While tantric sites quote Sting as saying he has sex for 7 – 8 hours, Trudy his wife spills the truth.

Apparently Sting forgot he even said that until he read about it. Ever since then he has been trying to get the record straight. He says that the story then got extended to making love 24 hours. It is not humanly possible to do it all day. Naturally you can last longer if you remove yourself from life completely and lived in a cave. There  you still have to make time for food, interaction with nature and appreciation of beauty of the world we live in. Lasting 24 hours is a marketing tool. Try that more than once and you’d never want to repeat it. Life loves to explore new possibilities. To repeat 24  hrs of sex becomes just that. It is sex for sake of sex. Making love and lasting longer includes all daily activities appreciated and participated in joy.