Female Tantrica

Female Tantrica understands the hidden messages of the Tantric Temples in India.

The meaning of the word Tantrica is a practitioner of Tantra. Pure and Simple. Here we bring Female Tantrica secrets. The purpose to Female Tantrica’s reincarnation is to lead the people to the truth.Female Tantrica

They decipher the hidden messages encoded in and on the Temples. They encouraged the people to explore all of the messages in the temple.The temples were designed for developing awareness. Look at the temple from another angle. New line of vision represents another way of living,

Female Tantrica dissolves illusions of being controlled. 

She practices self inquiry. This generates the fire that burns through illusion. There are no words for happiness of knowing who she is. She recognises stillness as source of supreme energy. She is not reactionary. She meets with pure joy in silence. She goes through removal of veil of ignorance.

Female Tantrica

It’s an essential ancient practice that affects different areas of the brain. Silence is powerful energy. Stillness is supreme energy. Female tantrica develops higher thinking encompassing insight, imagination and intuition.

Female tantrica had deep knowledge of divine power her links to her past lives. She brings this knowledge into this lifetime.

The original Female Tantrica, like everything in life has been degraded and reduced to just a sex service. They may do some rituals but the expectation is that it ends up in sexual union. This female tantrica is of the wisdom that bypasses the control system. The control system creates illusions. This separates each individual from his/her wisdom. Systems create dependence on the system. Female Tantric who has access to universal wisdom has the capacity to link you to your wisdom. This requires a commitment from the student who participates with full personal responsibility.

Female Tantrica

It is the life of sacredness beyond yoga, beyond meditation. Female Tantrica is free from illusion. Only love is divine. When you live in harmony with your soul, divinity is experienced. 

Your inner blocks that stand in your way of awareness and consciousness are touched in a very particular way. Now bring your consciousness to that part of you. This relaxes the grip on duality.Pure healing energy and love flows freely. Female Tantrica has the power to bring sacredness into every aspect of her life. What that means is – no matter what you are involved in at any moment. That moment is touched and experienced with honour for that moment.

Female Tantrica lives in non-duality. She is continuously aware and present. Free from illusion.

When your are fully engaged in that moment, ecstasy of living is triggered. This is the meaning of sacredness. Whether it be sowing seeds into the ground, caring for the plants. Harvesting. Preparing food. Eating it or listening to your friend. Every action is sacred spirit connection.

The connection to the essence of the being, whether it be plant, animal, air, water, earth or human. It’s the merging that is the ecstasy beyond any physical orgasm ever experienced by a human. Have a listen to the man in the above video. Female Tanrica epitomises soul and spirit of Yoga. Tantra influenced all of India spiritual practices. It is in-fact advanced spirituality where everything and everyone matters.

The Role of Female Tantrica is to connect your inner being to communication and connection to the planet you live on and are an extension of.

Female Tantrica is a Self Realised Woman. Female Tantrica grows  and expands your awarenessFemale Tantricathrough her life experiences. This growth and awareness brings her to supernatural powers. When the sex energy is separated into bedroom activity, it is no longer Female Tantric Energy. When natures energies within your body are connected simultaneously. This is your ecstasy. Building developing communication within your own body for ultimate transmutation.

Transmutation begins with the female tantrica element within every living organism. In both male and females the female tantrica needs to be lived. It is your creative force. This is foundation of being a human being. Feelings of disconnect from within is a sign that the female tantrica within you is being neglected. Within this human element is the ability to connect to your foundation. To know nature as your first family.

Tantrism is the only ancient philosophy to survive all influences.

You want to ensure that your Female Tantrica is aware of dangers as much as she absolutely certain of the benefits of the pleasures of life. The sexiest feeling is feeling of safety. Especially when participating in the unknown. When you recognise where you are and know where you are going that is the dream. Feeling safe is knowing how to get there. Then you’ll arrive in time to receive that dream. 

Clarity and purpose is the most fulfilling element all humans seek without even realising that this is the purpose of this incarnation. 

Feeling safety and being excited about the capacity to get to the destination is exhilarating. When you feel safe. You a no longer in reaction. You are in absolute state of expansion. When you do new things, you feel new feelings. You are merging, interacting, you are all of you. You are the embraced and you are the embracer. 

Female Tantrica cannot reveal herself to the closed mind that interprets messages literally. 

Concepts of human separation may be traced to the concept of the duality of the Male and Female principles of our separation from nature. As we rely on nature for our very existence. Become aware joy and bliss. They are always there. But we bury joy and bliss under weight of dissatisfaction. It is our connection to nature that feeds and breathes us. Advanced students of Tantra seek to transmute orgasm to reach higher forms of ecstasy. Every Desire is a  call for fulfilment. Desires when met bring understanding and satisfaction. Desire unfulfilled expresses lack. Desire continues to seek completion. Forever wanting satisfaction but never reaching it. Like groping in the darkness in a strange home. When we turn on the light, we then see the options available to us. We recognise obstacles and direct path to what we want.  We have as much choice to the degree of options we are aware of. Sex to supremacy was a belief of some cults. Many cults based of sex attracted millions of followers who give their power away. If sex is going to liberate you. Master cannot be a follower. You must become a master.

Female Tantrica raises your frequencies to higher vibrations. This satisfies your inquiring mind.

Higher frequencies free your mind. They give you peace and balance. the mind recognises that every aspect of the body has it’s wisdom. The mind lets go of manipulating its misplaced wisdom. Then your mind can function with greater clarity.

  • Establish connection to this secret art of life of beauty.Of lFemale Tantricaove, sensuality and passion.
  • Embrace every aspect of your life. Including your bedroom activity and your partner. This shows up as passion for living every aspect of our lives.
  • Sensuality of living totally in freedom. To love every minute of our life is the goal of Female Tantrica.

Remove the bondage of chasing superficial pleasures. This drains you.

Female Tantrica is as essential for women as it is for men. It is a way of love of freedom of being.

The first role of self realised Female Tantrica is to dissolve all judgement. Dissolve judgement about desire. Satisfying desire begins with union towards the exterior. Now direct our focus to union of the self. The energy is focused inward. Then from your center, just like a candle that lights a room. You expand your energy through your entire body. Female Tantrica foundation to your power of full-body awareness. Awareness of extent of vibrational energy that meets with the cosmic wisdom. Come out of the darkness. Develop full body awareness. Satisfaction. Relationship success. Emotional health. Physical health. Often eliminates frustration.