Benefits of Tantra massage

Benefits of Tantra massage and how they CAN be reached. We begin by assisting you in recognising where you are dis-connected  & dis-engaged from our own body.

Before you look at the list Benefits of Tantra massage first we must be certain you understand that not all tantra is designed to keep you safe. In this world a label does not make everyone the same. There are many sex addicts who have take up the tantric sex therapy training. They are not there for you at all. They are damaged humans who have been exploited by tantric promise of never ending bliss. Any source that mentions this man should be given a wide berth. Your family and your life can spiral out of control if you have your kundalini turned on before your body is ready.

Here are our Benefits of Tantra massage.

  • Link to your power source.
  • Emotional Healing.
  • Improve relaxation.
  • Manage  Impulses.Benefits of Tantra massage
  • Experience joy and ecstasy.
  • Doorway to stress relief.
  • Connect to Self-Awareness.
  • Understand your links to spiritual realms.
  • Relax your body.
  • Deal with past sexual trauma.
  • Recognise your sexual flow is extension of how your life is working.
  • Become aware that connection to your pleasures depend on quality of your thought patterns.
  • Help with intimacy issues.
  • Help with sexual addiction.
  • Help with Loss of desire for sex.
  • Reconnect to joy of life.
  • Help with separation anxiety.
  • Connect to your spirit body.

Life has more to offer. I want to introduce you to range of feelings you can experience and express. I know you are suffering in your life. People  looking for tantra service are searching for meaning in life. Without meaning people live in suffering.

Living in State of Awareness and Benefits of Tantra massage. How state of awareness looks in real life.

This video is a fraction of Tantra for couples session. Husband and wife struggling to have their marriage work. They love each other and like many couples are hurting deeply.

If you are honest with yourself you’ll let me know truth of your life. You are being dragged along by life. Following unconsciously to the next best thing according to the advertiser.

Whatever you are unconscious of, you will suffer from. If you are unaware of what is happening in your body. You will suffer. If you are unaware what is going on deep within your relationship. You will suffer. If you are unaware of your deep emotions; you will suffer. 

Listening to what people say here will provide you with an opportunity to open both your brains. The creative brain is the intuitive brain. 

Removing restrictions that separate us results in merging of all the senses. I have also studied reverse speech that influenced how I research and approach understanding Benefits of Tantra massage.

First we take care of body. Body maintenance is essential because it is our antenna. Body is your receiver of all information that is presented to you. When you learn to decode the messages our mind body emotions and soul are receiving. This begins  your journey of discernment and self empowerment.

Become aware of your current rituals. Identify ritual that empowers and rituals that dis-empower. Establish your foundation for deeper benefits of Tantra Massage.

This becomes very obvious when you learn to hear the true message that is spoken behind the words you are hearing. 

This is an enate ability in all of us. that’s been lost through being controlled and manipulated.

There is however a programme available. Test what you believe you are hearing. Our friendships, personal and  business relationships access new deeper feelings of inner fulfilment. When stress and tension begin to release. Then critical thinking is available and we are less manipulated by reactive emotions. Reprogram the negative and ignorant attitude.

Explore hidden mysteries that are always active within you and require your activation. If you don’t, you become a tool for outside forces. These forces are manipulating your energy for their own gratification.

Taking your Time to wake up to you.

  • Discover secret codes and how to apply them in your life.
  • Identify where you are awe struck with the Tantra promise.
  • Understand sacred architecture.
  • Know the meanings embedded within it.
  • Uncover your personal common sense approach.
  • Unlocking the past so you can move into the here and now.
  • Here and now is your foundation to your future.
  • Understand safe Soul Travel.

Further benefits of Tantra Massage.

Purpose replaces stress and tension. Benefits of Tantra Massage affecting physical body.

Begin to Eliminate stored wastes from the body through connection to nature. This begins feelings of Improved vitality and energy levels.

  • Enhanced mental clarity.
  • Turn around stress habits.
  • Sensitivity to new feelings increases.
  • Balances central nervous system.
  • Deepens relaxation.
  • Energises.
  • Releases tension.
  • Clearing physical blockages.
  • Feelings of orgasmic energies expanding.
  • Ensure energy works for you rather than just using it up.
  • Balancing energies.

Benefits of tantra massage for Women Explore the releasing of bound up tension. Be involved in understanding your body. 

Only when all of you is communicating with every element simultaneously can you feel free from tension. All  your internal systems are habitually in self defence. This has been shutting down communication. You have been listening through the screen of  projecting your own thoughts onto everything that has ever been said. All communication is filtered through your conditioning and expectations that were written by someone else.

The most telling of Benefits of tantra massage that is not the fake tantra is that we  can begin to listen from the depths of our being. Listening without any preconceived ideas of what to expect. The Art of listening comes from deeper understanding of who we are. This takes us beyond words. 

Benefits of tantra massage contribute to greater connection to sense of self.

When we are aligned in totality, the stress and strain of communication ceases. We are able to really listen without overcoming. Most of us are overcoming and conquering. When you are conquering you use tremendous amounts of energy as a defence system. When you are out to conquer, the culprit or opponent wants to strike back to defend it’s position. Therefore we end up in an never ending cycle of putting up wall of defence to keep the predator out.

In self defence there is no listener. There is only judgement and self defeating authority. Ony by really listening can you hear what your body is telling you about how you are treating it. Your body is not judging you. Your body just wants to be healthy and happy without our mental interference. Our physical heart knows itself far better than we do. We are constantly putting it under  emotional and physical strain. Despite that it continues to cooperate  with the body. But eventually it becomes too much of a burden and for some that may end up in heart attack or heart break.

The benefits of Tantra massage are the letting go of control that has been imposed on us by authority . We have stopped Listening to ourselves and started letting authorities to do the listening for us. Letting go of the turmoil and conflict that complying with authority is one of the most significant benefits of Tantra massage.

Listening without effort are most significant  benefits of Tantra massage. We must keep in mind we are only referring to white tantra only. The other generates division, reaction, control and conflict.

Listening to ourselves is a complete connection that opens us to hearing what is really being said to us. When our mind is free, our body and emotions are free. Listening and hearing takes on a totally different texture and beauty.

Most significant benefits of Tantra massage is the discovery of your own truth without any element of resistance because we build walls of protection that stand alone with no effort from you. We do not tear down the wall, we allow your intelligence build this wall that is natural part of self protection essential for everyone. There is no past to reflect on there is only expansion into emptiness of joy and definable progress.

Ever noticed that when you are enjoying what you are doing, you have no concept of time.

Sex cults have  convinced everyone that  the only  time  that time stops is during  sex. That  is a blatant lie. When you recognise true love has nothing to do with  sex. Sex  becomes  a  beautiful expression of you. Then there is  true love.  If  someone tells you  that  they have to teach you  how to have sex,  you  know they are false teachers.

This experience will transform the way you  have  been conditioned to  think about  the  benefits of  tantra  massage. People are hurting  from limitations enforced  by them  by conditioned thinking  that everything else  has  authority over you.

To  identify benefits  of tantra massage we  must expose the weak and  the dominant  tantric sex  providers who have infiltrated just about every  home and  life  on  this  planet.  We need to know how  vulnerable we are  to  conforming to  yet another  system that  has been  set up to control your every  move. The very last  sacred place is now been  forced  to conform to another system. Our  sexual lives. This  sacred place of  bonding  is  now subjected  to cult thinking.

Don’t let  a  cult  teach you what  to  do.  You  can let go beyond the conditioned  mind. I’ll show  you  how  and  make  that  you daily  commitment. I want you to  know  the benefits of tantra massage  beyond  authority that is  controlling  your  thinking  through  most powerful energy  in your  body.