Kahuna Massage

Kahuna Massage the deeper levels of training is 10 to 15 years. Here we share depth of human spirit experiences.

Kahuna Massage

Ethical Behaviour is foundation of Kahuna. Caring attitude that affects your personal life and business life is foundation of our work. Kahuna is not confined to new age therapies. In the wrong hands this remarkable work has been watered down. We bring you the deep version.

Without a Strong Mentor you are Doomed to repeat the fluff that has replaced integrity of authenticity.

Kahuna Massage

Kahuna Massage has been watered down because the average person does not have the capacity to study deeply. We offer deep healing and mentorship to sincere seekers. Authentic Kahuna work with soul and spirit energies of every element of the planet. Only then does the body heal. There was always the lower understanding amongst all cultures. We wish to get clear on this. Just working with five senses and what you know is not Kahuna massage mastery. Our Souls are bored with the life you are leading. They are doing their own thing due to the division. We call the soul in.


For kahuna; remain on this page. A genuine Kahuna specialises in areas  of awareness of all links to life.   Genuine Kahuna can see what you cannot see.   Instant Kahuna training is everywhere. Much like instant tantra.  that is not kahuna by any stretch of the imagination. It’s unconscious people competing for position. They feel more Kahuna Massageimportant if they say they do ancient art of healing.   It seems everyone is addicted to instant results. Yes you can get instant results in anything. You need to know what that instant result will be. For example, you  can take ecstasy and get instant result in the disturbed mind. Or you can begin to eat the right foods, enjoy them and feel the magnificent changes. This too is instant. When you seek a Kahuna; look beyond the title.   To be a Kahuna master was 10 to 15 years training that included life and death test at the three year mark. If they lived they were Kahuna and continue for another 7 to ten years.   These days it’s a weekend course. Not that people have become smarter but because ‘courses’ cherrypick. They extract just one element and convince you that is all there is. Many new agers call me demanding a short course to give them the edge. This is not my view of Kahuna or tantra.

Anyone can claim a title. Look beyond the title to how they affect people.

Respect the person when they bring your attention to truth. Humans have become disengaged from truth. There are very few people bringing truth back. This video presents a range of client experiences. Here, whether it’s Kahuna or Tantra; the depth of wisdom remains as deep. There cannot be division. Read about your therapist fully here. We do not withhold truth for the sake of a label. Watch all of it if you desire real work for real people.   Depths of Kahuna massage based on Ancient Hawaiian principals that an average approach cannot see feel or touch. Kahuna is a science based on universal principles that link us to all creation including speech, mind emotion soul and spirit. What we project is reflected back to us.


Do not place a title as a means of assessing authentic Kahuna massage. Remember labels have been used to deceive for thousands of years.

Kahuna is keeper of secrets. Kahuna is a master who accesses these secrets for  the good of all living beings.

We bring to you only what has been verified by our clients backed by thorough research that Kahuna Massageuncovered what an average person would refer to as magic simply because they cannot see beyond the five senses.   Mostly, people’s words or labels do not match their actions. Here – whether we use Tantra or Kahuna massage; the result is the same. Our intention is beyond belief and conditioning. A techniques is just a vehicle to deliver the energy. In the videos listen to the results. Kahuna principals and Tantra principals are; Honouring ancient principles in every step you take. When you take care of everything; everything takes care of you. If you are looking for tantra; this video is TANTRA VIDEO.

First one a woman describing her experience. The second video is client sharing his experience. Then move on to Services page that helps you understand the process. It’s best that you call for clarification after you have seen this video and read the services page. The rest of the videos on this page relate to both Tantra and Kahuna. We help you understand the difference between the prepackaged forms of therapy and what we have to offer you. How this works is explored deeper as you bring yourself to living within your specific earth frequency. That is your pulse; your link to Schumann resonances.

In Kahuna teachings at the very core; every person has a group of souls and spirits as part of his/her team here on earth. Within these videos clients describe the spirit massaging them. They are a physical sensation. They can actually feel the arm being moved or many pairs of hands touching them. There is no one in the room except the client and the shaman healer. 

Depths of Kahuna Massage  and tantra have their root deep in spiritual nature of sacredness in India and Hawaii. This video represents what I do in either Tantra or Kahuna. You cannot expect a person to discard their ability for the sake of some generic technique.

For Kahuna Massage stay on this page and continue on this page.

This is a spirit in the soil of  Hawaii. Soil is the skin part of body part of earth.   Foundation of all kahuna and tantra is within spirits in nature. Why you don’t normally hear about that is; because an average person who studies either one of these tantra or kahuna goes to teachers who do not have the capacity to take them to thKahuna Massageat wisdom. A school relies on turnover of students, not the quality or integrity of students.

          • The spirit of the volcano is honoured as the creator of Hawaiian islands.
          • Depth of Huna belief system is is totally unrelated to the new age current kahuna interpretation.
          • Spirit is everywhere; spirit of the ocean, spirit of the Earth, spirit of breath.
          • these are not techniques that are levels of consciousness present all around us
          • Therefore whether it’s kahuna were tantra we are working with the spirits and the souls of everything around you.

Intense training video from one of my deeply respected teachers takes you on a journey through real Kahuna challenges.  Including bringing a man back from the dead after two days of his passing. The story is in the first video above.  That man failed this test so he died. That was true Kahuna training. Everything else is fake Kahuna.

The Kahuna master continued with his teaching with the two remaining students who passed the test.

Kahuna Teacher returned two days later with the remaining students and breathed the breath of life into the dead man. That man was then offered the opportunity to remain with the team because they spent three years together in training leading up to this test. But he was told he would never become a Kahuna because he failed that test. I’ll let the video speak for itself.

Whether I do Kahuna or Tantra the issues that I address are; 

            • Deeper soul connection.
          • Physical pain.
          • Emotional issues.
          • Disconnect.
          • Betrayal.
          • Vision.
          • Grounding.
          • Stress Management
          • Intimacy.
          • Life fulfilment leading to relationship satisfaction.

What you get in your Kahuna Massage.

I Support you in expanding your perceptions of reality through actual physical application in  all aspects of your life. Authentic Kahuna massage works deep, beyond your five sensesYou are given Clear direction. Understanding of connection comes only through actually living the teaching. In your appointment you are taken through the living process of connection to ensure you know the feeling. Your understanding the differences in feeling is your teacher.

Both Kahuna massage and Tantra have just one purpose. To free you from stress of indecision and stress of not knowing you. This then takes you on a path you design rather than the one that takes you away from yourself. When the misinformation is removed from your energy body. Then your mind is able to download new way of understanding the world of opportunity available to you.   Strengthening your psychological boundaries that if not corrected undermine your body, mind health.

            • Your physical body then feels complete and not separate.
          • All of your senses are able to focus on soul and body level of living including your loving and financial success.
          • Kahuna massage automatically aligns your Chakras to full function. this is done when your three bodies co-operate. Kahuna massage is the link to spiritual and etheric bodies.
          • Past lives and past relationships that have been interfering with your life where you suffered from the mind reliving past pain.
          • When energy centers lineup and you begin to live a life that continues to keep you balanced.
          • You then create the life of your choice regardless of your past history.
          • Powerful and soul awakening.

Hawaiians understood that illness was caused by breaking spiritual laws. Kahuna massage is designed to relax the person so they could get to that place of unity that heals time and space.



Kahuna Massage