Vibrate your entire body

Vibrate your entire body while being mindful of who’s beat your are vibrating to.

Human beings are the only living organism that is not pulsating with his own consciousness. Everything in the universe is vibrations. We take the time to feel the emptiness. This is when we begin to vibrate your entire body of awareness. In chemistry and physics they tell you that everything you feel is actually vibrational frequency. What they do not tell you is that at varying levels of consciousness you can feel these vibrations within your body.

Sound is also received as vibration. Every word you say has it’s own frequency. Every thought is also a vibrational frequency that can keep you awake all night. Or have you feeling stressed all day. Frequencies can repel disease or attract disease. They can heal. Or be used to break up kidney stones. This is the power of vibration. Remember the heart monitor. This works on vibrational frequencies.

Therefore every move you make during the day when away from your family; you bring that frequency home. You vibrate your entire body  in response to the people you associate with. Your body has it’s own survival mechanism for these situations. But you are not designed to live in that vibration. Schumann resonances when you tune into your range of frequencies that match that unique rhythm; this balances your system.

There are many levels of consciousness competing for your attention. By connecting to many levels of consciousness of deeper identity. That takes you beyond your inner ego and outer ego. We know that everything is energy. You could be caught up in energy of tornado. Or Feel that you vibrate your entire body with the vibration of the ocean. That vibration with the ocean can be you tumbling uncontrollably as you are struggling in the turbulence. Or – when you are riding the wave that brings you to the edge of the ocean.

Quality of your discernment determines what element you connect to Vibrate your entire body.

That’s a strange statement; because you believe you have at the highest level of discernment. One who is searching for solutions to a dissatisfying fractured lifeMany vibrations exists in every aspect of our environment collectively they are referred to as Schumann resonances. When you begin to expand your awareness you begin to notice how nature interacts and the vibration within the interaction. When you connect to your body and all it’s extractions of it’s internal functions you become aware of your perception. When you connect with more aspects of you, you grow more brain cells. There you begin to become aware of how you vibrate your entire body uniquely in every situation. Every moment you vibrate your entire body. However, because you’re often repeating each day as you did the the day before you are unaware of the opportunities available to you. With so many distractions going on; realising qualities of vibrations are not even considered.

  • Your vibration does not appear to change because there is not much contrast in your thoughts or actions. Each moment these same thoughts, and feelings stop other aspects or yourself being felt . While your thoughts and expectations continue to remain the same the vibration cannot be activated.

    Vibrate your entire body - flower essence of life

    As Above so Below

In relationships the people we know are just living in just one aspect of their personality. When you become aware of the differences then you vibrate your entire body to the next level of consciousness that create new channels. When you are clear on your destination, you interpret according to your awareness of your own aspects of personality you focus upon.

As you become aware of many other aspects of your personalities then you begin to vibrate your entire body differently.

It is that awareness of the contrast that brings you to your new levels of consciousness that continue to expand linking your to new possibilities in life. You begin to feel you are connected through the one vitality that is you. Growing out to new  and exciting realities while springing from the same source of the core of you.

Nothing exists on this planet that is not filled with consciousness.

As you begin vibrate your entire body your awareness begins to expand into your new levels of consciousness. 

You vibrate your entire body when you explore new possibilities of multidimensional awareness. You become aware that everything around you as consciousness. How you affect your life and how your thoughts define your reality.