Advanced Training

Advanced Training; In advanced training we can move on to Stage 2 of your personalized Tantra exploration.

Success in every area of your life begins by feeling more engaged with your own body. mind, and spirit.personal environment. This comes in a form of retreat.

Advanced Training

First three videos are at stage six. First video is part of residential advanced. Client speaks about his entire body dropped weight of stress. With that came the realisation of the quality of his past relationships that he fought so hard to hold on to. Realising how much of his energy was directed at wrong people. Any wonder he suffered from fatigue. It’s not rocket science when you see truth for what it really is.

In Advanced training we explore where man/woman rarely goes. Through new experiences and new expressions we gain wisdom that the masses find uninteresting. Because they are too busy struggling with normality that suppresses them.

Second video is of a woman who’s expressing her transformation. Have a listen. Everyone I see is a complete surprise.

This one is level 7.

Advanced training connects you to understanding the power and essence of interdependence for success in all aspects of your life.

All methods come together to cultivate good heart and begin to express that. Body speech and mind express absolute love towards everyone at all times. You begin to see and elicit pure perception and behave the same way – a way of caring towards everyone. This is practice of becoming a better person. What you do, say and think will show up as sexual transmutation in actuality in your life. As a consequence of how you act, speak, think and feel will show up in how you treat your own life. Otherwise you become very mechanical in your thoughts and actions.

Advanced Training is for rediscovering you within your own body to help you connect with every aspect of where you are in your life.

All sound that comes from your mouth and sound that resonates from within you is sacred mantra. Therefore each word you say is mantra therefore you create your reality by the sounds you make. Again my clients description helps you understand. All sounds are mantras. All thoughts uncover your true nature. We identify the thoughts and follow them through to the feelings you create in you and in people around you.

Advanced Training Programme Covers.

Living together in harmony where well defined needs in life are met. Personal development. Financial mastery (relationships mostly suffer due to lack of communication of the most basic things – when these are addressed then the pleasure force is released. Communication on all levels between partners affects the loving connections). How to use this new knowledge in your workplace. Exploring Symbols and how they affect your life. Discover or rediscover inner knowledge. Caring for your environment. Sexual desire awakening from ancient knowledge as right of passage. Within your advanced Tantra/Tantric Training Discover or rediscover inner knowledge.

Mastery of Sexual Energies equals mastery of life.

Essentially both men and women need to read about one another.

Problems arise when you believe you are separate. Knowing you have both male and female energies within begins by feeling this experience solves many issues. Man in order to know your body as a man you also need to study the female pages here.  For a woman to know your body better, you also need read the pages for the man. Advanced Training Riding THE WAVE OF ECSTASY.

Advanced Training for Woman.

For a woman discover your the inner vibrations and how to guide your partner to deeper understanding himself and for him to understand you. If your partner happens to be a woman, you are guided through initiation of connection.

Advanced Training for Men.

For Men, you too can access this inner pulse as it converges with your current partner or your future partners pulse. 

Once you have connected to you, you can begin to clearly identify people’s intentions around you.

Heal your relationship with your own body. Listen to Mark’s description of his inner pulse connection.

Feel connection to every part or your body.  Explore  what specific techniques can do for your joy of living.  For men, Caring for your prostate. Connecting with your partner.

    • 2 – 8 hour appointments at Mastery level. Surrender to inner peace and Bliss of Sustainable Healing.

Sexual Energy affects every area of your life yet we just place it into the genitals. Tantra teaches that it is all of life. As they say “DO NOT BE ONE OF THE SHEEP”. Everything about my life has been out of the ordinary therefore I can help you feel your uniqueness. Do you love the idea of living a life that is not one of the crowd? Releasing habit of being stressed is actually a process of letting go of fear.

Stage 3

Advanced Training beyond technique to pleasure in every aspect of your life. Takes you beyond technique. Personalized adaptation to what you have learned. Discover the feelings you have never even considered possible. Commitment of two hours and beyond 4 hours is preferred. True pleasure can only be reached without effort – here you immerse yourself in pleasure completely as it flows unrestrained free yet contained simply beautifully

Stage 4

  • Refresh recharge reintegrate your feelings.
  • Adapt the techniques to your personal needs.
  • Learn how to go beyond technique.

Technique is only of value when it does not feel like a technique.

When you discovered your deepest personal needs (those you did not know were there until your mind and body are freed). Then you can become aware of how to meet your partners needs or that of your potential partner.  Full day retreat can be arranged.

Advanced Training Stage 5.

When we reach stage five; Personalized 4-8 hour and longer appointment available. This often includes connection to earth energy. This may be on beach of near rivers. The mountains have powerful energies. Location is considered unique for every individual. Experience how to be as part of your everyday joys. This comes as 24 hour and 2 day retreat. Further options considered as we delve deeper into your life and your relationships.

Advanced Training Stage 6 – Beyond technique – personalised for you.

  • Integrate Tantra into your personal lives.
  • Tantra Living in Ecstasy 5 Star living.

Advanced Training Stage 7.

This level connects to to the Origin of Tantra and it’s Deepest Secrets.

Advanced Tantra begins and continues here

Just a few hundred of years ago just about everyone believed that the world was flat. We see Tantric massage services mostly are coming from the mind set of flat world of sacred Sexuality under label of tantra. When you have better tools at your disposal, you can do your own research outside of the commercialized entertainment level.  When you are searching for Tantric massage, this action in-itself demonstrates your  deep need to fill your feeling of emptiness. You have a deep desire to reconnect with that part of you that continues to remain unfulfilled and you know this is not about sexual satisfaction.

Disconnect, stress and depression is all about your deep loss of self. We aim to connect you with better options. Fear is often at the base of stress, disconnect and depression. We identify the areas of fear that are creating the distortions.