How this works

How this works – We begin by Identifying where you are struggling, and what you can do about it.

To understand how this works is only possible through experience. Anything new is easier to understand when you hear what other people felt. To know something more than what you know is possible.

In the world of clever marketing the word tantra can mean anything these days.

So far most people of the quick fix world have used it to suggest that it is an anything goes therapy. if you really want to know how this works – then take a moment to recognise not all people have good intentions in tantra healing. They are not tested for their intention. All they have done is taken a course and began to market themselves as tantric sex therapist. Many come from adult industry. We want you to know how this works – our body of work speaks for itself. We present real people who had their concept of tantra changed by going beyond just their sensual side.

Clearly what you are already doing is not working for you.

If it was, you would remain with a mentor who makes a significant impact on your thinking. This is why you are searching here.

Expect the Unexpected. Expect the unexpected not to make sense. Slow down and take this content in. When it doesn’t sound like everything else on the internet, then you know it is more likely to be useful.

Anything new cannot make sense at first. For this reason a seasoned mentor is absolutely essential. A mentor who has a credible mentor is essential. To Help you to understand what is happening in this video (this video ‘my client talks about the

How this worksfeelings in her body during her session’). What if you discovered that the only thing missing in your life is you. When we get busy buying other people’s ideas to make them our own there is no shift in your personal consciousness.  What you really need is expert guidance to connect to the messages from your cellular encoding. The key to your best life is encoded within your cells. These codes come to life when we bring new energy to the cells. When connection is established to the cellular encoding; a frequency is activated.

This frequency is your own inner pulse.This pulse sends out a signal to the earth pulse. Our earth is a living breathing being. What you get here is merging with the linga of the earth with linga of your being.

Want to know more? In our resources page you have the opportunity to make informed decisions.

First we identify the difference between black tantra and white tantra. Any reference to lingam being the phallus is black tantra. You also must know some people advertise white tantra when they are actually offering black tantra. This is used as search term to attract people to the site. It’s vital you know what you are potentially getting yourself into. Or what you have engaged in with tantra goddesses. Any tantra sex goddess service is purely red or black tantra. That is the unconscious spirit degrading itself even further.

How this works is by connecting you to natural rhythm of earth frequencies (Schumann Resonances) that resonate with healthy aspect of you.

You have your specific frequencies that relate to a specific earth frequency. When you tap into that; that frequency brings you into universal pulse. That is the healing my clients speak about in these videos. This is a special frequency that everyone has that is unique to them.

Why you do not hear about it is that it takes years for a professional to understand how this works. Like a pilot or a surgeon, it takes years of training that almost no one in the tantric field really wants to learn. As you have seen – most practitioner trainings are just a few days long and at the most one or two weeks. No one in any field can possibly know how anything works let alone how this works specifically differently in every human being.

In this video a woman describes her meeting with herself and the feelings that came with the realisation. You could feel this too.

A human is able to experience 6 thousand emotions. Most people just live within confines of 4 or maybe 5 with a maximum of 12. This is such a narrow range of emotions to live within. How this works is that we bring all you together. When you continue to remain within the four basic emotions; there can be little or no progress. In fact typically how this works is that you go backwards. Because you continue shutting out the other feelings and experiences.

  1. Happy
  2. Sad
  3. Afraid
  4. Angry

Out of 6 thousand potential emotions to explore, that is rather pitiful. For most people there are some variations of 4 emotions.

But they remain within that framework. These emotions generally just settle back to the known. how this works is you allow new feelings to come through. For this reason we request you listen to the videos so  you begin to have an idea of how this works. It’s the ability to access these new emotions that are possible here. This takes a great deal of experience, care and guidance from your therapist. This ensures you do not default to your old feelings that perpetuate old patterns. Every event in your life is embedded in your cells.

These affect every emotion and action. In this first video – part of a play list – takes you to actual case studies. When you hear case studies you begin to get an insight as to how this works from a new perspective. What is the point of going for ancient therapies if we just allow 1% or how this works. That 1% is what is promoted as tantra. All they know is sex. That is not how this works. You cannot reduce everything to just sexual feelings. People have become so disengaged that they can be sold a therapy based purely on sex. And be convinced that tantra is all about sex. When all of you feels great, then loving is easy without sex therapists intervention. How this works is we bring you closer to your inner intelligence so you don’t rely on limited services every again. You would spot limitations in a second.

To help you understand your own life begin with this video. Here I explain to a client the meaning your body brings to you.

These videos below tell the story of the session to listen to the conversation with the client.

As you continue to play the videos, they begin to become a real possibility for you to experience these feelings. Stress and distorted influences affect your ability to allow different perspective into your life. When we hear people speak about their personal experiences this has the capacity to wake up your unique personal possibilities.

Apply your beginners mind.

Until now, life has been continued mega crash and burn. This exhausts your spirit and fractures your soul connection. Earth breathing is the key. Once you connect to your frequency; you are guided to understand how to apply this pure knowledge. You begin to know how this works in every aspect of your life. We work with physical and emotional vibrations. Foundation of profound stillness comes before the volcano or the tsunami. Without it there is no direction in the concept of the ever present embodiment of the whole. Reaching simple and profound awareness beyond self absorbed pleasures that see you interacting incorporating collaborating with anyone. You experience how this works so they can be part of your ideal life. Beyond the confines of individuality. Because when you’re going it alone it’s like being on life support a partially dead human being.

Without the limitations of rituals that are carved in stone.

This level of consciousness is not for everyone but only for those who are driven to dig deep into who they are and want to be complete human being.  We begin by connecting emotions body and stability and vitality. How this works is; when we find that when one way is closed we find another way and another way and one other way. Without the limitations of rituals that are carved in stone. Letting go of the busy mind and emotions that fill up space. how this works is – you are prepared to be a complete human being. Connecting to all of you. Not leaving any one part of you isis how this works .

When you walk into the room all of you enters. You don’t park any emotion, or feeling, or a thought or a past grudge and then collect it on your way out. You do not bring any superficial stuff  with you. You are complete human being. You will want to live a life beyond duality. I will get there by being there to developing appropriate habits behaviours and patterns that reveal themselves to you. These old habit patterns arrest the qualities of mental takeovers that most human beings are suffering from.

Carrying the burdens takes tremendous effort and energy.

This drains your energy. Perpetuates exhaustion and make us ill by create rifts between relationships. When you seek to bring forth consciousness continuum where you can be your own mind, soul, spirit. You can feel how this works as you begin fully interacting with your embodiment of all creation. Remember “where focus goes energy flows”. The video above describes controlling and how this works when you let go of control. Allowing and demystifying consciousness and connection is foundation of how this works.

Be open to solution and resolution.

What this means is that what you identify as an issue could just be a symptom. How this works here is; empower you by working with you. In other words mentor you to becoming aware of other aspects of you and the intelligence of your own body. Latest science – epigenetics – confirms this. Together we follow the energy, identify with energies you never felt before so the root issue begins to present itself. Remember to listen to how my clients describe the feeling for this to make sense to you. Essentially what come to learn in your session is theosophy and spirituality in actual expression throughout your body.

Often when you seeking therapy you get too specific. Therefore limiting to what is known on limited level of awareness. That often hides the true self that is hurting. When you hurt that much, you are shut of from your source. Your first reaction could be to get rid of that discomfort. This can distort the mind and distort everything within the body.

Many relationships are in a very bad place but you don’t talk about it because you do not know what is possible for you.

Wherever you relationship is with yourself, if single or with your partner if in relationship, this is the time to get my support.

There is so much pain in relationships; people are seeking solutions. Many people are suffering from fatigue and feelings of disconnect, so this approach helps awaken your fullness of feelings.

The secret lies in connecting you to the earth energy. Until you can feel connected to earth energy you don’t really feel complete. The connection to earth energy connects your soul body to your human body. When you become aware of your soul body you are then aware of everyone else’s soul body and whether their soul body is fractured or wavering. This is a very powerful moment when you feel that. This feeling is the never ending orgasm. Therefore we begin by Integration and understanding of subtle energies and physical energies. At this moment you feel connected to your essence energy. Separation from earth, the very source of your survival is the suffering. How this works is that in order to begin to heal the separation you are guided to re-connection of the very source of your survival. We begin with honesty. We take time to establish trust in how this works. You feel you are heard. When you feel you are heard, you trust your inner voice that has always been there. Your inner voice is the only one you should ever learn to trust about how this works. Over time it has been suppressed by others then by you, because you were taught not to trust yourself but to rely on authority of others. When you feel the embrace of the earth element; because from the earth everything comes directly into our body and mind, then you can hear your inner authority that does not lord over you but stands by you.

How this works is we identify the quality of your connection to your to earth element and how that affects all your relationships.

This place of peace, success, happiness, collaborative relationships come together simultaneously. You begin to know  how this works when you connect to the very source of your power that on this planet. How this works is the connection to earth elements and your spirit or soul presence here on earth.

How this works is by connecting you to natural rhythm.

You are a product of nature. You breathe it, eat it, touch it, smell it. Yet you continue to do that all unconsciously. Nature is pure, it has no judgement. People these days live in self judgement; this distorts your connection to your meaning of life. How this works is; you are taken through a Sacred Ceremony to include in your daily life setting foundation for your day. Connection to earth brings us to understanding of ourselves. Nature has no judgement. When there is no judgement, resistance lets go. Brain lets go. Nervous system relaxes. Natural flow is oneness with nature. You begin to practice daily how to live in solution rather than reaction.

How this works in your reality.

How this Works is by freeing the mind into surrender inner cellar intelligence.


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Tantra is like a beautiful musical instrument or a vehicle, that needs tuning no matter how fine it is, so it is the same with the body, the more refined the more the body benefits from Katie’s Tantric Living Massage and Kahuna massage – as a consequence of life we get out of tune with our bodies and relationships.