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Contact Etiquette guides you through the best way to prepare yourself to go beyond the limitations. You will be safe here because we intend to take care of your soul and spirit as well as your physical body and the challenges that come with relationships.

Have you ever wondered if there is more to life?

Please listen to the dedication this client shares in this video before you do anything else if you really desire healing.

Contact Etiquette

When you are done with struggling and addictions of all kind that distract you from truly living, call me.

Your session is individually tailored to your life’s situation, challenges and solutions. We work with what you are not aware of.

  • We work with deepest secrets that are not available anywhere else in the world.
  • Do not limit yourself to what you already know.
  • Welcome to the new world of genuine healing.
  • I only take appointment after we have a pre appointment phone conversation to ensure you are a good fit for my level of work.
  • Prepare yourself by following directions on this page or we won’t have anything to talk about.
  • Seriously not interested in other therapies you believe in.
  • This is real, don’t mess it up for yourself.

Contact  Me through here; Contact us

(Please read this whole page. to prepare you for your session be sure to watch these videos and before calling to prepare for this level of connection.) 

Open 7 days 8 am – 7 pm. Eftpos & credit card accepted. Call 0431 924 719 Remember;

  • Before you call we need you to know that Tantric sex therapy is Black or Grey Tantra  We don’t do the here. Here you’ll receive White Tantra healing. You will be safe here because we intend to take care of your soul and spirit as well.
  • We begin with One-on-One appointment to experience your vibrational energies that begin to change your body’s frequencies that begin to heal your body and your life.
  • Refresh you body mind and spirit.
  • Live in Wisdom of your teachings; Balancing and enriching your mind body spirit.
  • Bring Strength, tenderness and Courage into your relationship to life.
  • Private life coaching and support that brings soul/body connection that you can apply in our daily life. So you can be fully present and at ease no matter the situation.
  • Private Retreat is available; Discover the secrets that’ll transform your life. Available as a follow up to your one-on-one appointment. Your private retreat for sincere seeker to bring your Vibrational Healing journey in real life.
  • Explore secrets that heal even physical injuries.
  • You can Host a Weekend retreat or week-long retreat.
  • Discover what is really possible for humans when we work with the seen and unseen.
  • We are more than just our body. You know this. Now have the courage to experience this in the hands of a vibrational healing master.

In this video a client shares how important having this appointment was. He traveled 1,800 kilometers for this level of work. This was not just a random decision. I am particular about the quality of service I provide. To ensure best results we begin with 20 pre-appointment phone conversation where we get clear on why you need to have a session with me.

This will Change your Beliefs to absolute Reality of who you really are.

Be deliberate creator of your reality. You shall stop being confused. We help you Stop limiting beliefs.

To introduce you to the power of real healing; this video takes you to deeper insight to what is actually possible. This will help make sense of the client videos within this site.

Before you assume that this is similar to what you have heard before please listen and then follow our guidance to your ultimate genuine adventure in healing your life.

Best way to introduce you to my work is to have my clients share their experiences. This way you are virtually in the room with us and in the moment of transition.

This video above is awakening to total understanding of life that is well lived compared to life wasted. Please turn off all your distractions such as browsers, phone, close your room of from other members of the household and where possible listen with ear phones so that your mind does not wonder.

Read more of this page. Till you do, you are not ready to grow. Be ready to know what you do not know and we have nothing to talk about

Before you call.

    • Before you call we need you to know that Tantric sex therapy is Black or Grey Tantra  You will be safe here because we intend to take care of your soul and spirit as well.
    • What we offer is White Tantra, which is absolute life healing that heals your beliefs, takes care of your values and absolutely respects your challenges you may be facing no matter what they may be.
    • Highest level of life awareness.
    • To prepare for that please read about me.  I did not study with grey tantra or black tantra sex schools. But as you see I researched then thoroughly. Remember; what  you don’t know – will hurt you. For this reason everything on this site is nothing like is what is offered out there.
    • Clearly; we don’t know what we don’t know. We don’t hear what we can’t hear. I’ll help you connect with aspects of your life and your body that you are currently totally unaware of.