White Tantra

White Tantra does not manipulate you. White tantra gives you wealth in every aspect of your life. White Tantra is a method that eliminates all forms of suffering.

Goddess of self-esteem, self-knowledge, self-actualisatiWhite Tantraon. why she has these virtues she is also very sensual very creative but not trashy like the Yellamma goddess worshippers. White tantra heals on every level of your life. Whether it be financial  spiritual sexual emotional mental situation that is affecting your relationship to this life in this lifetime. Everyone has a different experience. These experiences are clients who take their life their body mind soul and spirit seriously.

So far you’ve mostly come across the red and black tantra which is the offering of sexual services.

What you have come across so far  in other websites: is just one aspect of tantra that comes from the lower caste of India Society you can read more on the link here.  Other websites keep to to a script. They provide a scripted way of having sex that was created by some sex crazed guru who  decided how he wanted his slaves of God to please him. If you’ve seen the truman show movie; this is what is happening. We are controlled totally by Sex Gurus.

These sexually active gurus even build the temple for themselves and for their wealthy mates. The tantra sex goddesses are entertainment with things to play with. even on the white tantra Page I also have to speak about the dark side of the white how will you know know how to tell the difference. if I don’t; how will you know how to treat me differently. If I don’t tell you, how will you know what service you calling for. If I don’t tell you; you would treat me the same as those monkeys that repeated a script of how to provide the tantra service to you.

This is for people who value their reputation and have had enough of ignorance.

White Tantra therapies are not set in stone. Life experiences are the ultimate wisdom. What my work does is provide you the link between your life on earth to past life and the lifetime to come.

Life is not just a journey to the grave. Life is about reaching your highest potential.

To do that, all judgement of right and wrong needs to go. When you do that you can clearly ascertain people’s actions around you. You then know whether they are on your side or against you obtaining personal power. That’s assuming that you actually want to have the experience of what what that feels like. No one can help you unless you want to grow. Or the best they can do is patch you up and throw you back in the mainstream. If mainstream is what you want then this is not suitable for you. Because I promise you that I can only work with a person who wants progress. Then i can definitely support you. White Tantra was the original birth of Tantra. Unfortunately as always man turns all power into darkness. India at the time was patriarchal. Women were their servants if the family chose to let them live. Detailed link here.

White Tantra

When you live the white tantra way you know who you are. You know that we all have just a small window of time here on earth. When you play safe, you are in land of ignorance. A master embraces all of life. Conscious choices open clear path. If you want to know more find depths in knowing  tantra success enter here.

Let your life expand to unthinkable beauty and wealth and health.

  • White tantra is the Shivaic Tantra that was developed for the ordinary person to see that there is more than just surviving this life. It’s about having it all.

White tantra collaborates with the pure loving intention of your soul.

White tantra shows you the energetic connection to the physical. It’s the physical energy that medicine and science is only just discovering. The difference here is that we bring physical sciences together with the spirit science.

To become a white tantric therapist takes decades. To recruit a tantric sex therapist takes just an instant. All you need is to use the word.

This is why you rarely come across subtle powerful expansive White Tantra. Much like you do not come across David Attenborough in every street or suburb. This is for you who actually do real research and have decided to value your life even when others may not value you. If you are serious about finding out how you can begin to feel you soul.

    • White Tantra LivingI’d be very happy to talk to you. I know I read most websites claiming to be authentic. And they are to the level of their ignorance. 
    • Everything is relative. Everyone has been fed a lot of rubbish and had our lives wasted believing what you have been told. Time to upgrade your knowledge and to get to know you and who you really areBecause you intend to continue through recommended pages then obviously you are ready to open your mind to greater possibilities.  A pleasure to have you patiently read my site. (it does need upgrading – apologies for that. But I’m seeking a person who will study the project rather than just change the website. Til then we have what we have). Begin by understanding the meaning of White Tantra.  

We work with you to end your suffering.

    • This is what white tantra is. Ignorance is suffering. Ignorance divides as it decides there is only one way. When you judge, you limit yourself by cutting off all other possibilities.