You can feel this

You can feel this as every ache and pain in your body accepts energies. The secret is inside you when you find the right person to be there for you.

The secret is inside of you when you find the right person to be there for you. Only in complete trust can you access deepest feelings that have been waiting for a safe place the right conditions to be revealed. Your body can only do that when it’s rested, nurtured and nourished.

Physical pain is often result of emotional pain that led to making decisions that create imbalance in your life.

This can be result of ignoring bodies messages that lead to permanent damage to some part of physical body. It’s vital that we first learn how to hear messages our own body is sending. Most importantly – learn to hear them clearly. When You can feel this, you can take right action. What most people do is interpret the feelings, sensation, and even physical outcomes. They do so to comply with social thinking. This is living conditionally and unconsciously. When You can feel this division your healing is instantaneous.

When we stop resisting what you are feeling, pain disappears.

Your cells are programmed to see and feel truth without the distortion of conditioning. Pleasant feelings and thoughts that you have not experienced before can also be misinterpreted by the conditioned  brain as something to be fearful of. This can give you an illusion of pain.

When You can feel this for what it really is without interpretation, attachment to bad feelings disappear.

We have a billion year brain that is conditioned to seeing problems. It is same for most cultures. Shaman in most indigenous cultures bridged the gap between feelings of pain and illusion with the physical plane and universal wisdom. They had the capacity to change the direction of the body or the environment that has been disturbed  by human interference from problems to solutions that lead to healing.

You can feel this is  a life path of personal preference.

We are given freedom to continue to choose the path of pain and illusion. Or gain access to depths of cellular wisdom that has direct access to universal wisdom.


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