healing birthing trauma

healing birthing trauma that continues to impact your life. This birthing trauma can be either of your own traumas and/or your children, friend or family member. Birthing involves the spirit/soul before conception. This is something that most people do not consider. You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it. We identify with the physical so strongly that we have forgotten where we came from is also part of our being.

Healing Birthing Trauma resets our ancestral connection embedded in our DNA.

Our birthing system for eons has resulted in trauma. That trauma builds walls between man and life on earth. In our cells is all the coding we need to go well beyond survival mode. Survival instincts are naturally connected to universal frequencies. When merged wisely during conception you establish one of the stages of the links. This merging in highly conscious environment the gestation process is the communion with life purpose. We need to be mindful of healing birthing trauma that comes with often disengaged conception.
Humans have been using earth’s resources. Without consulting universal wisdom that provides these resources.

Everything is specific combination of earth energy. The different interactions create the elements we take for granted.

Every frequency creates a life; good or bad. When these frequencies are misaligned, the earth suffers. Because everything on earth in it’s right order sustains us, we need to stop sleepwalking through life. As we disconnect from earth we suffer from distorted communication. The way we send out communication and how we receive it. Act of healing birthing trauma begins to re-establish these connection.
The thing is that we do not realise how disconnected we are until we plug into the grid. At that point you can feel the gap you’ve closed. This builds bridges to earth elements.

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