Being connected

Being connected is the art of being present. Many speak about being present, but do they understand the meaning of these words. What being connected means is freedom from conditioned mind. A conditioned mind cannot have the feeling of being connected. Being connected is absolute oneness of being. It’s a feeling and a knowingness of no division between you and the object of your desire. In that knowingness is a unity and relationship to every possibility in the one moment. Like surfing a wave. If you are fully present with the wave you will ride it.

At that very moment there are many possibilities.

You can lose connection and the wave can dump you sending you in the spiral of the currents beneath. Or it can throw you into the air. You land where the out of control human lands; hard and dangerous. Or when you feel yourself out of control you reconnect with your environment and come down from the dump into the flow.
I know this seems complicated if you’ve never done that. But, when you are in any situation; the natural instinct will never fail you.
If you rely on being connected only to what you have been taught and only on past experiences; then you have never truly had the feeling of being connected. You have reacted in a robotic fashion.
The art of embrace of the moment is at the very core of being connected to life.
You tap into your awareness of multiple streams of consciousness that physically affect all aspects of your relationships.
The art of embrace gives that moment purpose.
Only when you have purpose does your environment reveal itself on deeper level.

Within your environment there are many layers that you cannot see until these layers are given purpose and function.

Nature only provides what is useful to all. Nature is not frivolous. Humans have distorted reality to a point where they can only see what they have created as a cover against the truth. This becomes their truth, but a false truth. When you live in a manufactured truth, that becomes the barrier between you and your ability of being connected to the flow that eases all pain on the road to living on purpose.

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