Meaning of Linga

Meaning of Linga has fascinated the average human as well as scholars for centuries. Many have found ways to exploit the symbol to feed their own limited view of the world. Like everything in life you can take the whole of something of nature. Then take out one element. That element becomes more significant. Simply because you have separated it. Humans are addicted to conquering.

Conquering suggests separation. When you conquer something, you take away something from someone to claim it as your own.

Defining the meaning of Linga has been subjected to similar mindset. Human continues to want to conquer. That is a mind that is insecure. A mind that is always in competition with whatever it is engaged in. In this chart you can see meaning of Linga clearly displayed. It is unbiased. Meaning of Linga here is represented in it’s completeness. It is your spirit, it’s your inner reality. Your mind is also in the meaning of Linga. Linga is intangible. It is your soul.

Yes it does represent the phallus but only as a symbol of regenerative power. Symbols have often been reduced to just one expression.

This is why symbols are used. Symbols like words are a gift that gives us permission to put whatever interpretation we give it. Meaning of Linga also suggests that we have a divine aspect within us. It is also a see. This seed needs to meet with the soil for it to grow to it’s potential. It it does not align itself with the soil there is nothing for the seed to nourish on. Therefore it will not what it was meant to be. If it is a sunflower seed. That seed needs to be planted in the soil to produce a sunflower and more sunflower.

That is the true meaning of linga. It is the beginning. When it meets the environment that gives it life.

It becomes whatever is in it’s dna. Sunflower cannot become anything else as it grows and nourishes from the generosity of the soil elements unless it is interfered with. Then it is no longer a sunflower. It becomes another species entirely. So it is with the humans. Be mindful of the company you keep. With the right guidance you will like the sunflower grow into this magnificent sunflower. But if you are cross linking with other species (other mindsets that are not your dharma) you will take on their elements. You will become someone even you do not connect to. Because the real you is still there but overshadowed by other influences. Remember your free will. This suggest that you should not limit yourself to the status quo. You own free will shall set you free from limiting concept imposed upon human who seek approval. Do not be one of those people. Find out whether you are a sunflower or and oak tree. You may be the bee that nourishes the sunflower and the oak tree. Take the journey.

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