Goddess Training

Goddess Training that is popular throughout the world. Lets look at current recruitment of Tantric training schools and where they borrowed the spiritual connection.

Goddess Training In India girls were sold to temples then used by temple priests. They were used to by temple priests to impress the high levels of society leaders the wealthy. They became a symbol of power. But these days a lot of people with money will set up a brothel. Goddess Training was no different but it was covered under spirituality. Goddess Training was sold to the ignorant as a doorway to heaven for the poor families. The thing is; people worship the word of God. Just because someone else told about the word of God.  Priests created a system whereby they became the authority of every human being. Goddess training was used as a marketing tool to disempower the vulnerable.

Education is forbidden in Goddess Training for these goddesses.

Now the entire world is caught up in Tantric god and goddess industry.

Before goddess training this was called pimp and prostitute. The pimp would have sex with the prostitute to train her into the industry. What has changed is instead of the pimp buying the sex worker gifts, clothes, providing her with a place to sleep. Feeding her. How the pimp refers to himself as a savoir of women’s issues that they pay for with their self esteem. And pay huge amounts of money to be trained to please the ignorant of the world how to have sex. They become recruiters of his expanded harem who pays for the privilege of having sex with them and providing their other skills free of charge. In India the harem women were completely taken care of. Here all women take care of the bloke as they worship his penis as their saviour.

To take on this privilege they have to destroy their own ego so they cannot see how enslaved they are.

Spirituality has always been an easy way to recruit believers. they teach them rituals of worshipping their own genitals. So they call them gods and goddesses. They even begin to believe they are doing work of god. With all of google available to the educated world people are too lazy to do the research for their own soul.

Watch this video carefully. You need to read the translation. Corruption is at the core of Temple sex workers. They are slaves of god. Then who is god. Clearly, the priests have set themselves up as gods. These men had the girls dedicated to them to do with as they wished. Then they were discarded once they reached puberty. They had no education. their initiation prepared them for providing sex only. They were not permitted to have a normal life. When they aged, to survive they beg at the temple. This passive acceptance of Goddess Training shows how disempowered people have become.

Prostitutes have always claimed they are doing gods work. Now Tantra goddesses services have saturated the market, they are now competing on price just as the women in the video are. Most a struggling, so they begin to offer more kink just to survive. Any respect they had originally has now been completely eroded. Clients are on the verge of being abusive as result of exploitation. Real Goddess training is here.

Sex recruitment industry has never had it so easy.

Where they used to have to entice the workers with gifts or threats to their safety. Women are paying vast amounts for training to be used sexually by the teacher and then passed on to unsuspecting public as sexual healer. Know the difference between spirituality and sexual exploitation. I wonder what next they’ll develop to maintain the flow of students now that it has become trashy and common?

This video is detailed by an intern. Worth watching. In India they are trying to change the culture while the rest of the world is embracing this insane training.  Join us in helping the lost society filled with educated people in many fields but ignoring the concept of research of this system. It is not your fault, people are so conditioned to squiring accreditation just to have an edge that they ignore the obvious.

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