My Story

My Story

Hi there and welcome to My Story, I’m deeply humbled and privileged to share my story and personal journey. On my life journey, I found that when I expanded beyond the social  survival model of life on earth, many obstacles and challenges present themselves.

My Story

You probably have found that on your search for that part of you that wants to explore all of who you are. The biggest challenge is determining what path takes you towards your about Katie, I was born with ability to feel your soul and emotions and your body connection to inner truth or takes you away from truth. My personal challenges and wins have been my driving force in forging my own path and asking better questions.
I question everything and research wide and deep. Just deep is not enough. Just deep can get you stuck in a limited frame. Same goes for broad. Broad alone is very shallow. Embracing deep and wide simultaneously is easy when you approach that with desire to know and feel fully. Within these pages you have a beginning to start your own research. My clients share with you the difference my work has made in their lives. My Story gives you the deep and broad impact my life journey has on how I interet the world.

Permit me to re-introduce you to white tantra. Most people are only familiar with red tantra,  That is all that is promoted. White Tantra is dedicated to helping you in connecting with your deeper truth and support you to live your truth completely.

At 46 seconds within this video, watch as healing inside a woman’s body takes place in  just 3 minutes right before your eyes.

First White Tantra helps you get clear with what this truth. Truth is, to explore more of you so you can be useful to human awareness. Being in truth automatically turns you into an amazing lover as well. So don’t worry that sex is taken out. It is the exact opposite of that. Sex is part of White Tantra, while in red black  tantra is in providing sexual experience. That approach is westernised mish mash as always. Done purely for fast recruitment easy to sell purposes. When you do that you do compromise your soul.

I want to make my life and My Story  count. Because your life counts. My Story led my to my purpose.

  • I am European born in China.
  • I share My Story from the beginning.  My China birth place and my European heritage.
  • Both in China and Europe, shamanism is at it’s spiritual very core. (There, as everywhere else on the planet, most people are now just getting by in their family lives. Most of the world is in crisis within their personal relationships.) 
  • By sharing My Story, I hope to give you tools to create your own new story.

I question Everything any authority presents to you as the only truth. In the video below I share with you ho next video. He did not have an answer. Most of all no one in the group appeared to hear my question. They looked to authority – that would not answer.

  • By watching these videos you can begin to understand how I can help you feel better connected to energies behind every move we make including lovemaking.
  • (This will help you make sense of this level of Tantra as opposed to the mechanical ones all over the world that focus on manipulating you into reaction.) 

When we work together, you have the benefit of the wisdom and experience of my many masters I have studied with. Some are within personal development, others are shamanic healers. My martial arts masters. Most powerful martial arts use spirit or energies that move through their bodies.

I bring in the wisdom of at least twelve of my mentors wisdom along with my personal background of overcoming challenges. These include my ability to overcome my physical injuries. As I managed my injuries, I recognised how my body, mind, emotion and spirit energies were collectively. These are valuable experiences that keep me from being one of the sheep or monkeys with herd mentality. Your life is valuable – lets not trash it.

The spirit world affects every action and every feeling you have ever felt.

  • My Story continues into deepest research into Tantra. This secret Tantra has to do with the language of the brain and the brain’s healing energies.
  • This is the science of neuroplasticity.
  • While most people are set in their ways, the science of neuroplasticity demonstrates that the brain is fluid and flexible.
  • The brains ability to heal the body is remarkably simple and available to everyone.
  • YouTube is filled with this science.
  • I find in my approach my clients; when they follow my instructions their approach to pain whether it be in sexual difficulties, business difficulties, relationship challenges and personal development. Immediate changes are felt.
  • Then I guide your personal activity that you bring to your life to continue to improve your quality of life and relationships.
  • Because I was born with my natural healing abilities including being able to feel your body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit energies in people,
  • I tapped into the truth about tantra and it’s roots.
  • The My eyes are wide open.

These videos are about some of my story and why I do the tantra that I do that is not just a copy of the sex worker tantra techniques offered worldwide. Tantra living is a deeply connected  relationship with every aspect of your life.

  • My story and my Personal and intimate relationships are totally dependent on Deeper Tantra knowledge applied to every moment of my life.
  • This becomes second nature once you know the secret.
  • On this site I am privileged to share my experiences, Here are  my journey and adventure in search of truth. I intend to have you walk your truth rather than repeating someone else’s interpretation of their truth.
  • Most people seeking my Tantra are seeking to improve their relationship with themselves so to better their personal relationships and intimate relationships.
  • Others have had traumatic relationships either with a partner, or parents, or other family members or in other areas of their life. 
  • They share their personal experiences of deeper meaning to living and new respect for this life and all that available to you if we allow yourself to just stop and permit yourself to feel the depth of meaning in your life.

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