Empowerment of speech mind body is Knowledge of life empowerment initiation.

This empowerment ceremony awakens the depths of benefits of Tantric practices.

  • It is imparted by involving you.

Empowerment Initiation Training

  • Involving you in the practice of awakening to your awareness.
  • Connecting you to your expression of this module of your soul birth.
  • Without knowing, remembering why you are born in this lifetime in this social environment everything is just self delusion.
  • Most of all this empowerment initiation is designed for you to see everything around you for what it is.

You can listen to this page in this video. Every word is here.

  • Until now you see things how others determine you should see, feel, interpret. All according to the system set up before you came.
  • You came to see your truth of where you belong on this beautiful planet filled with adventure. The adventure you began with as you developed from a helpless baby to a toddler.
  • During that time you live the most.
  • Then people took over and programmed your into who you are now.
  • No wonder you search, but you still search in the confines defined by others.

Your life until now has been a dis-empowerment process designed to make you fit into someone else’s  predefined purpose.

You  became a good model of their rules. Now conditioned for survival you went on to preschool, the elementary school. Then you perhaps went into a profession that your family or your teacher deemed was the path for you. None of this was your choice. All this was imprinted upon you by the way you were conditioned to see the world. Some, like me were labelled rebels, uncontrollable or black sheep. Because you saw the world through different perspective. Some failed miserably while others became Oprah Winfrey, Anthony Robbins or . If Jesus stayed with his family and did not disappear for over a decade he would have become a carpenter just like his father. If Anthony Robbins stayed with his family he would have become a truck driver (his mother considered that to be a good job at the time because it paid well.) 

Empowerment initiation is designed to awaken new feelings to help you see your way out of your conditioning.

Empowerment initiation comes in levels so to not to overwhelm you. What you receive to ability to bring that into your life on daily basis. Life of Self empowerment is sexy and sensual because your life caresses you with gifts that keep on giving.


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