Quality Relationship Check List

Quality Relationship Check List.

Before we engage in modifying your relationship, it’s vital we first get clear on our current relationships status and what you need to bring to it.Quality Relationship Check List

  1. How much support do you have with your current partner.
  2. How close are you to your friends who are available immediately if you need their help.
  3. How open are your friends to finding a solution outside of their current belief system.
  4. Are your friends growing in their wisdom. Or are they just presenting to you the latest fad.
  5. Foundations of quality relationship check list is reliability and desire to keep it fresh. Flowing with freshness is a skill that can be mastered and become normal way of relating to life. This means you are always creating strong safe environment for all of you to be truly you. Capacity and acceptance of displaying many aspects of you is at the core of all embracing safe environment.

Are you beige in your relationship?

Part of a quality relationship checklist we include the many facets of expression each individual is capable of.

Different situation present another side of you. However for that aspect of you to be effective it must arrive with all the other aspects of you. This is like arriving with a competent and experienced advisory committee. The biggest mistake people often make is to divorce themselves from other aspects of themselves when doing business.

For example they are someone else when at work. Then switch personalities when they engage privately. Most people accept this schizophrenic life. Then wonder why they are stressed or unhappy. You are not you when you separate parts of you. The key to bringing in all of your is developing new ways of connection while bringing 100% of you to that moment. When you do that you frequency expands while embracing the moment. Understanding purpose of Quality Relationship Check List.

For example when you open a program on your computer. That computer does not throw out all the other functions. Those programs are in the background supporting this program. When you remove a program chances are it will affect the function of the program you are using.

At the core of  choosing tantra massage therapist is the Quality Relationship Check List.

Time to remove a program is when there is an upgrade that is compatible with the system. Ensure you do not compromise function of system by deleting vital program. These programs are at the core of all functions. When making modifications it’s vital you have a quality relationship check list. In the background of all relationships is complimentary pulse. That means not the same pulse or they will cancel each other out. Schumann Resonances are an example of that. The pulses the earth puts out keep balance of nature. These inner resonances within you are at the core of forming complementary quality relationships.


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