Lingam is your personal pillar of energy that is your source energy. It pulsate, vibrates when expertly activated.

First lets begin with what Lingam really is. In this video you’ll discover that It is your DNA. It is not your sex organ.

You can choose to listen to this page or read it. Here’s the video of this page. The two videos further down the page are not included in this video. The other two videos have clients describeLingam is your personal pillar lingam energy around their body how it filled them.

The greatest mystery to the thinking man and woman then, was the mystery of sex in its natural principle. This had nothing to do with sex practice, sex indulgence, or sexual relations of any kind, but was concerned with the reproductive processes of sex. We seem to find, in the early Phallic teachings and rituals, constant reference, not to sex relations or practices, but to the divine principle of reproduction, as being the greatest mystery and the most marvelous demonstration and manifestation of some unknown law. Original text credit goes to Myths of comparative study. This is brilliant  study worth reading if we wish to be considered intelligent.

It has even been activated in a phone conversation. One woman actually started to rock to Lingamher own rhythm. Hear what she has to say in the video below. This level of awakening energy has been grossly misrepresented. We work with higher consciousness energy that explores lingam as the seed that creates our reality.

This chart clearly shows the range of meanings of Lingam.

Current trend of tantra has been generated from the teachings of phallicism an aspect of sex magic practised and taught by Aleister Crowley. We are not content to just take on what marketing makes of Lingam. Digging deep is essential that we be very mindful when playing with occult. Lingam is occult energy when interpreting it to be penis. These days the phallic symbol is used to advertise photography but they call it lingam.

The most reliable source of lingam understanding is to be found here. As Dr P.V. Vartak says “Can a man who has got his own sex organ, ever go to a temple to see the same thing there? Impossible.” As a pillar of light Lingam is most  powerful healing energy. Make sure you listen to videos that describe the pillar of light in and around their body.

We really need to do thorough research before we repeat the bullshit the marketers spin us. You really do not need to sound like an idiot that gets sold the emperor’s new clothes version of no clothes. At least my clients need to know that. The rest of the world can believe what they want to believe. But make it your undeniable truth. Not just blindly pay for false spirituality. There is enough of that going on already. You don’t need to bring false illusions into your valuable relationship.

Lingam energy is in both men and women Equally.

Linga is an image that has been presented to us a penis. This propaganda will now permit you to consider it to be anything else. This is compliance to someone else’s idea of what it is. this then enslaves you to believe in someone else’s interpretation. This preveLingamnts you from doing your own research. By going deep into research – you will find much of the same thing because many people have a vested interest in promoting it as that. Because they like to enslave you to their way of thinking. But keep asking differently and you’ll find different answers. Do not stop at just a few manipulators. Below is a photo of many interpretation of linga. Ask from that perspective. This will lead you to different answers. This will set you free from being conned.

Linga is your Life Force energy that surrounds your body. Lingam is your ability to connect with reality when it merges with the yoni.

Lingam energy responds to quality of your thought frequency.  When connected with the yoni, which is earth element; only then does it become action and actualisation. The merging of the lingam with the yoni becomes actualisation. Only then can it be of any use. It has the ability to create your thoughts into physical form.

Two people IN the VIDEO below describe what LINGAM ENERGY feels like AS IT ENTERS YOUR BODY.

It’s a physical awareness of your soul entering your body.

Discover lingam presence in a woman within this video.

This photo represents true Lingam and Yoni.

Lingam is the most powerful energy  when it’s combined with the human form.

  • Average person is seeking a way out of their pain.
  • Because average person is fed up with living a life in despair.
  • People begin to seek tantra when life becomes empty.
  • Identify what Lingam energy feels like within you own body. It is a personal often outwardly invisible vibration. Inside though it feels like a volcano. While this is happening it’s important you are guided to feel the calmness that is also a part of the vibration. 

Your Lingam energy is as personalised as unique as your DNA.

They represent heaven and earth meeting within the human. In the videos below my clients share with you what that feels like when you meet the two within your own body. This Lingam energy actually pours over you. You then you are guided how to let it fill every cell of your body mind emotion. Linga is the invisible copy of the body, it’s your etheric body. This is how some people are always aware of it. It is by being able to sense the intention of people around them. We do not encourage ignorance here. It’s the intermediary between the physical world and your soul world. Lingam is the common thread in every living being. It is in every action, in every breath. When you know it, the mysteries and the wonders of the world are open for you. You are the Linga you are the knowing. Then what do you do with your knowledge. There are no limits to your creation and beauty in your life. Just ask the question of how much joy do I want in my life? How much joy do I want to bring into my partners life? How much joy do I want to share with everyone else? Now let’s create a way to live it. Begin by understanding the impact that awareness of your Lingam energy makes to your entire life. When Linga is damaged that can lead to following a path of dangerous searches of self gratification. They turn to sex magik as shortcut to happiness. It’s difficult if not impossible to know the truth. This is when you are easily led astray and unable to do your own research. Realistically, how do you search for something that you do not know is available for you. How do you research for things that until now you had no idea existed. They are shrouded for a reason.

Your lingam Energy is experienced more powerfully when combined with the Lingam energy of the one you love or with the one you trust. In this case your coach introduces you to this feeling.

  • Lingam or Linga can also be damaged from life experiences.
  • This is reflected in the physical body.
  • It is the raised vibratory frequency of the energy of the etheric body. This frequency affects our life. It affects the health of your physical body.
  • For your benefit here’s a link to Wikipedia to help you understand.
  • We all know we are not just the body, we are also consciousness. Everything in the universe is consciousness, including empty spaces.
  • What are you filling the consciousnesses with?

The world is filled with interpretations of the universal law. Yet there is just on universal law that is unchanging no matter how you want to interpret it.

In this video join me in conversation with my client describing his session. The energies of alignment. How he followed guidance during his appointment.

  • The feeling of Lingam energy merging with your physical body is a unique experience and expression.
  • Not one person would have the same experience. 

Deeper connection

  • When your creative nurturing energy that is awakened from within both men and women that then becomes your Lingam. 
  • Because Lingam is your soul pillar. 

The pillar of light. It is your 7 chakras coming alive filling your lingam with frequencies of inner awareness.

Lingam is within every one of us. both men and women have Lingam. When there is nothing new to experience and people become disillusioned frustrated and angry.

  • Being stuck in repeating same things over and over again.
  • This perpetuates frustration.
  • Further fuelling separation and neediness.

Lingam is the shape of a pineal gland therefore lingam controLingam When opened raises your frequency heightening your sensesls your entire health.

This has significant impact on your body. It’s actually a way to open your third eye.

  • Without your pineal glad you cannot function.
  • Search lingam pineal gland.
  • It’s related to third eye function as well.
  • In most people the pineal gland is calcified.
  • When your pineal gland is calcified this also affects your sexual function.

Lingam is created by connecting currents of physical and energetic bodies.

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    The word Lingum has long been associated with Goddess services and I receive many calls requesting just that service. Is is obvious that no one seems to know the true meaning of Lingum. If you desire to know how true lingam massage is performed here after watching the entire video posted here and preferably a number of times this creates the magic of transmutation within out brain to accept new ideas and concepts.
    Looking forward to supporting you in your quest for ultimate living in pleasures in every area of your life.


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