When The Mind Stops Cycling

When The Mind Stops Cycling Healing can begin. Stopping the neurotic emotional chaos is at the very core of intelligent living.

Every Human is in search of freedom from his/her programming.

Every human if honest is in search of their personal path. “At the core of this search of what to do with teachings we have conformed to in our classrooms.”

How to live in both worlds. How to bring the two worlds together. World and society has been set up to divide us. Our job is to uncover our purpose in this lifetime. For most of us the search becomes more complex. This is where we begin to get lost in the sea of teachers who promise nevada. They offer and escape from life’s pressures. How do you know which path tWhen The Mind Stops Cycling tne beauty of life is revealed.o choose? All these distractions, twists and turan on journey of self discovery perpetuates conflict of interest. Deep down, your soul and spirit are guiding you. Yet the noise of the world with it’s healers and gurus takes over. You are lost and confused. In the turmoil of misinformation,  problems of life continue, no matter what system you take on to fix it.

Typically, humans try this person’s way. Or this gurus way. Or do as the system tells them. All this takes one away from the very core of the search. On the way we create a network of escapes. One gets confused. The mind is under more pressure. All these pressures damage the brain. Anything under constant strain eventually wears out. Our brain is no different.

This takes us away from our path again into the arms of another doctrine. Meditation becomes another way of escaping the turbulent mind. We learn to be centered. This is what the guru says meditation does for you. But as you join the meditation groups, you become aware that meditation creates more self-interest and self absorption. We may try mindfulness meditation. If you are paying attention you realise you are still in your mind.

Beauty of our purpose is seen clearly When The Mind Stops Cycling.

Mind is seeking it’s own beauty in this lifetime. Mind is cycling to rearrange thoughts so they become beautiful reality. When the mind is cycling, it’s working on rearranging thought. While it’s cycling it’s in confusion. Mind needs help to help rearrange the thoughts that make sense.

When The Mind Stops Cycling, it stops controlling your emotions.

Our mind and emotions are linked to depths of life or shallowness of our life. To satisfy the mind we need to really hear it. The cycling is the mind seeking answers and a way of living. It seeks to bring the thoughts into physical reality. Our mind needs to see our life in order. Nothing is neglected. When The Mind Stops Cycling we enter into the heart of listening without thinking of an answer. Sacred stillness and absolute clarity is revealed When The Mind Stops Cycling. When The Mind Stops Cycling – Mind and body are one and no longer divided. Vibrational healing links body mind spirit and soul energy. Now we can begin our walk in life with clarity and purpose. Walk as a complete human being. Live in wellness in private and professional life.

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