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What is New

What is New – We now have a powerful Research Department. Bringing you the latest in Tantra News.

De-Armouring is latest buzz within Tantric community, call us for details for De-Armouring versus Empowering and how we can help.

Empowering is my preferred option. When you are self empowered – youResearch Department are well on your way to self mastery. Many people misunderstand how simple self mastery is so let’s take a good look at what this feels like and what it takes to be master of your own life. The only way to master your life is to include What is New into your life. 

Your wisdom is within your soul. It is written into your DNA that can only be extracted through passionate lifestyle.  Your soul came to experience more of life because in it’s past incarnations your soul’s life on earth either was cut short or your soul became separated from your body due to trauma. So here you are doing it again. The best thing to do is to ask this question “why am I here”.

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