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Cellular Sound Resonance

Cellular Sound Resonance, the secret to activating links that have laid dormant for decades.

Cellular reprogramming using your personal Cellular Sound Resonance. No other sound will do the job. Any other sound is mechanical. Your cells have been manipulated by external frequencies for centuries. Clearly humanity has made little progress. The only sound your body needs to hear is your own Cellular Sound Resonance call.

Due to centuries of disassociation and interference from those who set up authority over you, humans have forgotten to look within. This sound is not a mantra or a chant. Mantra and Cellular Sound Resonancechanting have a different purpose. For them to work however, your own Cellular Sound Resonance needs activating.

Your cells and your DNA need to be awakened by your own sound. All you inner elements are functioning below capacity due to neglect. Like a friend you neglected to contact for years. Friends move around, their phone number may have changed. They are in a new location. This happens with your cells. When we ignore their existence they call out but we get too busy to hear our own cells. There is some feeling of self feeling emptier and emptier. Having lost connection to nature you can no longer relate to your own living cells. Finally they get quieter and quieter. This can begin to feel like disconnect, fatigue and even loss of self.

In many ways that is exactly what is happening. You have lost connection to self.

It is never too late however. When you begin to access connection to self, the cellular sound resonance begins to resurface. This begins to activate your DNA and cellular frequency. In turn, your sound mould itself to it’s original quality. You can actually begin to feel your own cells, Often people feel them sparkling. This our clients express over and over again. This vibration of Cellular Sound Resonance begins to release the sticky difficult energies that hold you back.

Just like nature.  Every bird family has their own quality of sound and resonances.

Within each bird family each bird has it’s own distinctive sound that the family can identify as unique to that bird. Same goes for your personal sound. Your personal sound will give you focus and strength to get through the transition. When this sound reaches you deeply. Many aches and pains that have been buried deep within. Your sound literally begins to melt blockages because they are standing in the way of our Joy Bliss and satisfaction. When this sound reaches deep; many aches and pains that have been buried deep within literally begin to melt. Pain can only be felt when there is division.

I’ve dedicated myself to simplifying the connection for you.

This has been developed over twenty plus years with the help of tens of thousands of clients experiences and research. There is no point in just revisiting the same of feelings. What you had before is gone because you have moved to new levels of consciousness. Your programmed mind is keeping you from your inner knowing. Your cellular Sound Resonance will overcome these barriers that have been created by social consciousness. Cellular Sound Resonance activates your life force that awakens kundalini and chakras.

Be the Change

Be the Change, yet to be the change you must be free of perceptions, fears  and prejudices.

You need to be free of all suggestions and influences. And all this happens in an instant. The only thing that gets in the way of instant change is resistance and attachment to old patterns. It’s fear that stops you from even tasting a strawberry differently. You have the ability to taste different flavours in the same strawberry. I’ll take you through that experience.

Living your own truth is the beginning of change. If you change to be like someone else, you are in danger of copying someone else’s truths.

That would only confuse your soul and spirit. Your soul and spirit came into this world to live through the body you now live within. 

To be the change, it’s essential you don’t confuse purpose of your life with conforming to social Be the changedemands. Including the tantric sex scene that has been promoted as way to spirit. It’s important you begin to understand the fullness of heart felt expressions. How do we live in this world yet not me affected by the drama. The mind and brain gets entangled in past and future. The past is the life you have lived and are looking to escape. You need to let go of the structure that holds the past to the present. All concepts that you have and the structures set up to keep you repeating same patterns over and over again. So how can you be the change as you continue to live within the framework of the life set up for you.

Daily habits hold the past in place, like train tracks.

Like a well worn path the we choose to take because it is familiar. Familiar brings comfort of the known.

Comfort of the known is the trap. When you say you want to be the change, yet you get out of bed exactly the same way. Perhaps you get up earlier or later, but the way you get out of bed is still exactly the same. You bathe your face and brush your teeth the same way. You dress the same pace, perhaps a little faster but the movements are still the same. Your posture is probably much the same. These patters hold mind patterns in same frequencies. these frequencies will trick you into believing that you are the change.

To be the change takes a complete new way of moving.

A different pace of brushing teeth. When you are brushing your teeth it’s important you are not just mindlessly cleaning them. It’s important you are aware of how each one feels. Each one of your teeth is connected to an organ. Each one of your organs affects your spine. Similarly, your spine if out of alignment affects your organs. These in turn affect your emotions and your mind.

To be the change we need to bring new order into our lives.

And it’s easier than you may think. All we need to do is let go of the conditioned mind that seeks to keep you in same patterns. This brings new order of thinking, feeling, moving. Like a child exploring the new world delighted in it’s environment that to the adults is routine. Imagine the mind of a inquisitive child within you as you dress and discover new sensations on your skin.

As you eat, you become aware of new flavours within your favourite foods. Not seeking new foods for new taste sensations, but tasting, discovering new sensations in the foods you have been eating for decades.

That is what it means to be the change. If there is no change of perception, all you experience or express are a few new versions of the old. Very soon that begins to wear off. Like drugs. After the initial lovely high, it takes more a and more of that drug. And more frequently. We have been conditioned to move from one box into another box, without changing our mindset.

When you are fascinated with your own life and your own changes, you become very aware of your partner. If you do not have a partner, you become more aware of the choices you would make differently. Stepping away from the known is scary when you do it alone. When you begin to take the time to be with others who are creating a new way of exploring their lives and the world around them, this becomes an easy normal.

Every day we hear of elite sports people with deep issues. They are in and out of rehab. Entertainment industry is the same.

They are constantly in and out of rehab. Because what they do when away from the old routine, the therapy or change of patterns work, and work brilliantly. But, they return home where there has not been any modification. Very quickly they are back where they were before the rehab. Now does this make better sense. Help people around you to Be the Change.  You may enjoyt them on a deeper level this time.

With this in mind we work with every aspect of you simultaneously. When you listen to people in the videos you can hear them describing what it feels like to have all the elements communicating simultaneously. No processing. To Be the Change we  need to hear without judgement. Then your body will reveal the truth. Because when you process, your divide the good from the bad. There is judgement from a mind that has not yet become the change.

Key to becoming the change is being taken through experience of the transformation in real time.

First by discovering stillness. Only when the mind is still can you hear the spirit and your soul. When your mind is still, you hear your partners body, soul, spirit, mind, emotions. They are always there just beneath all the drama we are used to living within. These elements are communicating with us on every level, yet we cannot here them due to programming and perpetual repetitive patterns. We even appreciate tantra because there are identifiable rituals. That’s why tantra in wrong hands becomes dark tantra.

Tantra people believe in reincarnation. Real commitment to getting best life is to Be the Change doing what it takes. Remember what you do in this lifetime will affect your next birth. It’s important to consider your actions in relations to your future lives as well as current consequences.


Physical emotional spiritual mental health

Physical emotional spiritual mental health integrated system in the western approach are divided when in reality they are complete and integrated  system.

Western approach blindly comparnetalises you by separating thoughts from emotions. It divides you. Emotions from our body organs. Spirituality from daily life. Spirituality is seen as something that is only possible when we leave earth plane. Or we engage in spiritually with a guru or a priest.

Physical emotional spiritual mental health is actually your connection to the god part of you within you body organs.

Why are your organs god? Because when one of them fails we are in danger of dying or being really ill. This is why we must treat them like you would treat most revered god. Only when you take care of your own organs can you possibly know what love really is. We take our body for granted. It is made to feel separate from our studies and from all mental conditioning. Much training focusses to ignore body pain and even pleasure. Our spiritual life is expected to be in a separate compartment. This means that we pull our the spiritual aspect from our Physical emotional spiritual mental health. Dissociation follows. It’s almost like pulling out all the oxygen out of the room and putting you on life support of onto an oxygen tank.

The spiritual part of you is the oxygen to Physical emotional spiritual mental health package.

This video shares how you can become a master not just a spectator in you life. One man’s story. He is one of many featured throughout this website. Everyone has their own element that needs to be reconnected that gives all energy systems life.

We need to recognise that it is the spirit of all our organs that moves us. What links them in a form of consciousness you or the medical profession does not take into account. Every Physical emotional spiritual mental health aspect has their own vibration. For example, your liver vibrates differently to you kidney. This is how scanning equipment identifies strength of your vital functions. Despite all evidence, medicine does not take that into account when dealing with the patient.

Each emotion has its own vibration and is connected to a specific organ.

This organ is then affected by the emotional vibration and responds either in a health giving way, or it suffers. When we study health and the environment healthy body needs we can find answer to Physical emotional spiritual mental health. When we study disease, we separate that organ, thought, feeling, emotion or body part. This separation causes dissociation.Emotional Dimensions of Soul elements

Because this is a tantra site we must include the sex organs. Sex organs also have access to wisdom of cells. Wisdom of cells connect soul body with physical body. Most tantra separates the sex organ and claims to connect it to the heart or another person. This in itself is a violation of Physical emotional spiritual mental health.

All your organs interact simultaneously. When one function is reduced it needs to have opportunity to connect more with the other organs. The frequency that links them could be the issue. If a pond does not have access to moving water it stagnates. It is the same with your Physical emotional spiritual mental health. The links can be the issue.

Our system defence is  made up of  our nervous system, our endocrine system. Our bones, ligaments and muscles need to  have interaction that are smoothe. Our digestive system is part of Physical emotional spiritual mental health.

Ongoing research is uncovering the ancient wisdom that has kept humans  healthy before they became disconnected from the very planet that sustains them. Reality is that it takes 20 years to update the literature used for training even in current digital times.

Our bodies give us immediate feedback when Physical emotional spiritual mental health lose connection.

Many people  shut 99% of their feelings off, simply due to not knowing about the range of feelings we are capable of. So we pretend they are not there. Whether you choose to acknowledge them or not, they are there. You feelings are much like the state of your home or office. You may have dust everywhere. It may be in places that cannot be seen. That does not mean you will not suffer from asthma as a result. Just because you choose to pretend it is not there or dust is not important, does not mean it is not affecting you. You do not need to analyze the dust. You do not even need to measure it. Just be aware that it is interfering with the quality of your environment. if it does not appear to affecting you, it may be the beginning of  some disease. Chemical sprays on our food are the same concept. They may not appear to be causing damage for decades. The accumulation of the chemicals eventually affect out bones, skin and even our mental status.

By pretending these do not link to Physical emotional spiritual mental health does not mean you are not affected. Physical emotional spiritual mental health affect your intimate relationships.

Emotions can be reactions or signals. They can be a cleansing or rebuilding of energies. They can be a signal that unwanted or unhealthy minds are de-stabilising our life. Feelings of being repressed and suppressed aren’t always identifiable. This is because we have not been made aware of our range of opportunities. Humans smoke, take prescription drugs. Have processed foods and treated water. Air pollution, and noise pollution shut down our links to Physical emotional spiritual mental health connections.

I often hear people say, “but I’m OK”. Ok is a poor state of being. Accepting generic way of surviving without ever exploring every opportunity is as close to incarceration as you can get. Most people live in a self imposed cage or prison. They identify with the limitation imposed upon them simply because they are not aware of the completeness that all of Physical emotional spiritual mental health connection offers.

Our culture has us pretend that we have no knowledge of our systems. We are conditioned to seek from just one source. Culturally we tend to go from one idea to the other. On the way discarding the one that we left. The whole system of healing and awareness can only be achieved by linking where you come from to where you want to be. Not discard where you have been. In the process of linking; transformation or alchemy occurs.

Why?  you say. Everyone says you need to let go. If you are letting go from the mindset that created it, you are not letting go. You are bullying. Making things worse. It is then that you need to let your own Physical emotional spiritual mental health DNA wisdom be heard. It will be heard and understood in the range of frequency, not the intellect. Your inner intelligence has not been contaminated. It has been buried. No one can take away the original imprints of inner knowing. They can only blind you until you declare that is enough interference and control.

Union of all universal Energy

Union of all universal Energy is foundation of Tantric Union.

Here I share with you the validity of tantra experiences.  Sexual exploitation is part of most tantric sex services. We want to heal the disconnect you have been exposed to. Every seeker goes through confusion. When you are seeking you are coming from the place of discontent. Therefore, anyone who offers a solution becomes god like, no matter how ridiculous the premise is. Don’t worry. Mistakes are a valuable part of developing. It’s recognising mistakes that is the progress. When we realise our mistakes; only then are we willing to learn new ways of thinking and living.

Union of all universal Energy brings wisdom of weaving every aspect of your life into one tapestry.

The foundation of tantra is the ability to integrate every aspect of Union of all universal Energyyour life simultaneously. The seen with the unseen. The known merging with the unknown. it is the ability to link your body, breath, movement, mind weaving deeper consciousness and understanding. Union of all universal Energy results in acceptance of inner being expressing life. Union of all universal energy brings cooperation and collaboration. There is knowing of all union, harmony and balance. It is the ending of all suffering. End spiritual suffering. This Union of all universal Energy bathes the suffering with universal love.

We calm your mind first. A disturbed mind is not capable of following any  path. Your mind is like a musical instrument. Musicians always tune their instrument because in play and transport it gets out of tune. Your body and mind get out of tune. Unfortunately people around you are mostly out of tune. Therefore you have no comparison. Musicians often use a tuning fork. Your genuine tantric teacher will be that tuning fork. You will be taught to recognise it.

“Everything that we need in order to be complete is within us right at this very moment. It is simply a matter of being able to recognize it. This is the tantric approach.” Lama Thubten Yeshe

These practices change insight. New insights have the power to heal. Power to blossom into the person you are meant to be. Integration practices are at the very core of Tantra. Only through integration can you experience oneness. Reaching your innermost chambers of consciousness and linking them with new outer realities.

Union of all universal Energy is non ritualistic practice. Compressing your energies into a well defined personal frame. Life scatters your vital energies. They have been dispersed throughout your life. It is a very gentle transition. Yet deep and powerful shift of consciousness.

Entering into your command center is the only way to reach Union of all universal Energy.

This is where you need focused guidance so you do not get lost in reaction. You need to collect your strengths and stamina to progress into healing mode. In these videos you hear the result of these energies coming together inside the body.


Sex Addiction

Sex addiction therapy for sexual dependency. It’s craving that’s feeding anxiety.

It is a fear, a habit that feeds upon itself is self medicating. Trapped in a nevSharing loving momenter ending spiral. For a brief moment the sex addiction is satisfied. Then the craving starts all over again. People with sex addiction often deny there is a problem and end up training as a sex therapist. This continues to feed their sex addiction.

  • Sex addiction is a mental disorder.
  • People have forgotten the anguish sex addicts live in.  It is a risk taking endeavour every time you indulge.
  • People with a sex addiction are more likely to engage in multiple affairs.
  • Spend most of their earnings of sex services.
  • Some with tantric goddess sex therapy others on prostitution.
  • Many sex addicts end up in the Tantric Sex industry.

Deep down, what a sex addict is seeking is genuine loving moments. A lifetime with one partner who understands them. That deep part that is in each human heart who want to give the best of him/herself.

Every human wants to be happy and to make their partner happy. All they want to find is the how. But they continue to seek in the wrong places. Simply because they do not know what to ask for. This is the most significant aspect of their condition. When we know what to ask for and what it feels like and looks like, then we recognise it when it arrives.

For example; when you order a meal in a restaurant, if you know what you are getting you are far more likely to enjoy it. Even when it is a dish you have never tried before. You are more willing to explore in a restaurant that clearly presents its menu. You do not order fish and get steak. What happens with sex addiction is you do not know the difference. We need to know the difference between the fish dish and a steak dish. It all gets confused. It’s like sexual dyslexia. You see the way your mind interprets it. You cannot see it for what it is. This is where you need someone who has the skills to help you identify with different feelings. Someone who ensures you expand into new feelings that bring both you and your partner to a place of absolute trust and faith in each other.

Sex addiction is not a natural way of living. Something happened in your life.

It is not always sex abuse or disfuncional behavior in families. Or even the world around us. It’s how we see the world. It can also be nutritional factor. Spending time in nature can begin to help heal you dependency. Learning to identify with new feeling. There are 3,000 to 6,000 thousand emotions. Chances are you are only expressed at the most six to twelve emotions your entire life. When you begin to weave a magnificent tapestry of life, your preferences change.

Some of the symptoms are compulsive masterbation. I had a client who admitted to having actually damaged his genitals through this act.

The saddest aspect of this is that he failed to gain any pleasure out of it. So the pattern continued. Many people with a sex addiction have been victims of rape. Others were molested as children.

Detachment is part of sex addiction.

When you gain satisfaction in a genuine intimate relationship, fulfilment is expressed and experienced. A healthy sexual encounter will keep you nourished for daySex addiction examples even weeks. Therefore when you make love again – that takes you to new levels.

Sex addiction is a never ending result over and over again. This leads to risky behavior in search for new feelings. Some sex addicts become enraged when their craving are not satisfied. Sexual harassment is one of the symptoms. People who are unable to control their sex urges engage in inappropriate touching or verbal suggestions. To them this behavior is not only acceptable but normal. Group sex is another example of sexual disfunction expression.

People with sex addictions often come from dysfunctional families.

For example; Tantric sex goddesses, sex gods and tantric sex couples coaches are some examples of sex addicts. Many sex coaches believe that sex equals love. They teach you techniques. They tell this is the way to keep your lover. They are making money out of their addiction. And having new bodies to play with. Some get the world stage to listen to their take on love. In their websites they proclaim their love for sex. How they wish to help people with sex issues. There are many creative ways a sex addict can justify their addiction.

Sex Addiction Causes, Symptoms and Effects on Intimate relationships.

Sex addiction is more prevalent than ever before. The internet has made it available 24/7. You can’t even get away from it at home. Satisfaction is as available as login into any of the sites.

This makes it difficult for a sex addict to remove themselves from it. I had a client; a very attractive and talented man who had to satisfy his urges by visiting prostitutes. Then immediately after he would feel really bad about it. He would feel lonely and even dirty. There is no love there. But that is what he seeks. He seeks love. Love is the addiction it is not sex addiction that he is suffering from.

The whole system is messed up in the life of a sex addict. As a sex addict if you are honest, you are not feeling any fulfillment.

My experience is that most people suffering from sex addiction are really seeking attention. You want caring and loving. For some that may have been triggered by someone befriending you, telling you they loved you. Your natural instincts, the hormones were stirred. That could have happened in a critical moment or a peak emotional moment. this feeling became embedded in your memory as love combined with sex. for others this may have stated with a deeply loving parent, relative or friend.

It’s very likely you felt rejected of not good enough. This perpetuates feelings of needing to belong. A longing to be part of someone’s life. A desire to please or perhaps the opposite. Perhaps a desire to hurt. Every one has their own personal reason for needing to fill this deep feeling of separateness.

Sex is seen as a blending, a oneness. Sex addiction is like a drug. A go to feeling of escape from reality.

Sex addiction can lead to serious self harm in the form of masterbation. One of my clilents admitted to masterbating so friequently that he was red and raw. But the urge was greater than the pain he was experiencing. It’s as if you go to a different level of consciousness. Or should we say unconsciousness.

The extreme distress you would be feeling must be beyond description.

That deep dissociation from feelings is at the very core sex addiction.

Sex addiction can be result of anxiety or the cause of anxiety.

Depression and feelings of inadequacy and emotional distress are some of the side effects of sex addiction.

Many end up in adult industry. They may as well get paid for what they crave. Many tantric goddesses and tantric gods are suffering from sex addiction. Bipolar is a mental disease many adult service providers suffer from. Some of the most prominent sexologists and sacred sex healers exhibit sex addiction patterns.

Early environmental life-factors can be at the very core of sex addiction.

Some have been sexually abused. Others physically and psychologically abused. Others have deep mental health issues. Bipolar people have a tendency to engage in risky sexual behavior. Some would be promoting sex classes as a way to satisfy their needs. Everyone has different reasons. Everyone had their own personal trigger.

At the very core of all that, is dissociation. Sex addiction is a cry for genuine love and caring.

In my experience it is not always a mental health issue. It is often environmental issue. When we modify our environment to healthy state we tend to function healthier. Much like a plant. It a plant is  pot bound, it will not flourish. When the plant doesn’t get sufficient nutrients it eventually looks rather dull and needy. The plant may need more shade or more sun. That all depends on the type of plant it is. It may need replanting or fertiliser We’ve all seen plants come to life when given right nutrients.

It is absolutely essential we look upon our environment.

Some people need more exercise. This would reduce anxiety and sex addiction urges. I don’t mean necessarily working out in a gym more. Perhaps take up dancing or slack line exercise. Take up sailing or surfing. Diving is great exercise along with magical scenery. We need to begin doing different things. give our life variety. Just like food, you cannot live on bread alone.

Accessing new feelings is bound to make you want to have different experiences. in this video you can hear a man identifying with new feelings during his session.

New feelings in our bodies are not new at all. They have always been there. It;’s just that you have never known where to look.

In this treatment we focus on what is already there deep beneath the sex addiction. Sex addiction covers up all other feelings that are just as powerful. Sex addiction acts as a guard to protect the innocent feelings deep inside you. This has been my experience. We need to look from a different perspective.

The study of crippled, stunted, immature, and unhealthy specimens can yield only a cripple psychology and a cripple philosophy

Abraham Maslow

Here we engage you in what is healthy rather than continuing to analyse the problem. We know what the problem is therefore there is no need to delve any deeper than that until we begin to live inn solution. When you are in a healthier state of mind then we can choose to go there if you wish.

We may define therapy as a search for value.

Abraham Maslow

Mainstream therapies love to delve deep into the problem This is the opposite of how great healers of the past like Abraham Maslow recommends.

He is one of the most respected psychologists who  theory of psychological health predicated on fulfilling innate human needs in priority, culminating in self-actualization

Never one to appreciate the mainstream I love to look beyond the accepted normal in order to live a happy normal life. to set your mind free from the addiction you need to look to different direction. What your mind sees your mind continues to replay. We need new vision and new focus. Much like when you feel sweaty or dirty from working in the garden, you do not rub more sweat and dirt. You choose something different from what created the sweaty dirty condition. So it is with sex addiction. We do not continue to explore more of your sex addiction. As we bring in new element, the truth will be revealed without having to dig up old wounds.


Unity in Kashmir Shaivism recognises that the human being of an already living as one with nature. Stop the suffering and begin living in unity.Unity example of bee approaching sunflower

Unity is the opposite of dualism. Dual cultivation is a belief system based on separation. They believe we need to find unity by bringing two together.

Understanding Unity is the base of many spiritual traditions. Dualism is the root of humanity’s ignorance and suffering. While you believe you are separate there cannot be dual cultivation. That is conflicting belief. If you believe you are separate your cannot come together.

When you realise we are all linked then the concept of being separate dissolves.

Unity example in Nature. See the bee approaching sunflower.

Bee merges with sunflower as sunflower accepts the bee.

The energy of prana or chi spreads throughout the entire system. Sense of separation disappears. The mind is not separate from the body consciousness. This means the body intelligence links with the mind rather than the mind controlling the every aspect of life. As the mind surrenders it’s supremacy, it gains access to the bodie’s ancient memory. This dissolves the boundaries of communication within the body. Unity also strengthens the energy field around the body.

In Unity, energy that was used for self protection is now available to internal regeneration and rejuvenation.

Liberation from suffering is activated through unity to all things. The personal effort of breathing techniques are considered inferior. Mind takes over to direct access to all  elements. When you give up all mental and physical effort you are in unity. When mental and physical meet they are one. While mental energy continues to direct energy – you have separation. This perpetuates separation.

Unity is opposite duality. While you participate in dual cultivation you are directing action.

When action is spontaneous. Mind merges with the body for smooth action. Practice of unity of mind with the body is what we do here right from the first minute. Most people are capable of allowing unity into their lives. it’s the comparison and competition that’s behind all the suffering.

You can begin to put this concept into practice with people around you. At work as you offer assistance walk over to the person. Be right there to offer help. At home just jump in and assist. Or ask “what can I do to help”. Be ready to participate.

Where most people fail is offer from a distance “do you want help’? The person often replies no I’ll be fine. This is not what we mean. We get so used to separateness that it becomes our comfort zone.

This practice will begin to open you to connection to prana. That begins access to transcendental consciousness. This merging spreads outside of you,including external objects, This brings experiences of oneness.

Begin living unity and keep it up.