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Know Four Tantra Types

Know Four Tantra Types. Within Thousands of levels of life experiences four types of Tantra represent within them many levels of participation.

Know Four Tantra Types

Simple explanation of differences within four tantra types and sub-types of tantra.

Tantra can be highest form of personal development. Or it can just make you a porn star as is evident in many tantra sites.

Kashmiri Shaivism Tantra embraces all aspects of life including health wealth, family, business, nature, spirit and personal God and most of all LOVE

Whether its relationships, business, friendships, the quality of your health; there is always some element missing.

That missing element is easily identified by a competent tantra therapist. Be aware; any tantra therapist that is promoting sex therapy is Red Tantra OR Black Tantra or mixture of both. That is dark side of life where you actually get lost in sex. They often encourage multiple partners. These actually break up family unit. In Black tantra and Red tantra; it’s anything goes attitude. Red tantra is red light district sex worker, they do sex. You know that you cannot heal any relationship by having sex. Any aspect of your life that you are avoiding through indulging in tantra sex or any other addiction needs to be included in your White Tantra therapy. To do that you need a therapist who has many references to life. 

These element are found somewhere  in the deeper understanding of Tantra.,

Tantra is a sliding scale of growth expansion and self expression.

They are rituals in life. What your thinking and your challenges will show up externally. And in a high level the master would identify where you are carrying resistance and adjust that within you.

Tantra represents spirituality in India. Indian spirituality is filled with many types of gods.  There is a God for harmony. There is a God for families. There is a God for trees and mountains. if you There is the goddess to all. There are 330 million gods in Tantra. This would suggest that every human has the possibility of having any of the 33 million experiences. Gods India represent every kind of human action and thought. Basically for convenience of grouping these 330 million gods it helps to Know Four Tantra Types.

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Lingam is your personal pillar of energy that is your source energy. It pulsate, vibrates when expertly activated.

First lets begin with what Lingam really is. In this video you’ll discover that It is your DNA. It is not your sex organ.

You can choose to listen to this page or read it. Here’s the video of this page. The two videos further down the page are not included in this video. The other two videos have clients describeLingam is your personal pillar lingam energy around their body how it filled them.

The greatest mystery to the thinking man and woman then, was the mystery of sex in its natural principle. This had nothing to do with sex practice, sex indulgence, or sexual relations of any kind, but was concerned with the reproductive processes of sex. We seem to find, in the early Phallic teachings and rituals, constant reference, not to sex relations or practices, but to the divine principle of reproduction, as being the greatest mystery and the most marvelous demonstration and manifestation of some unknown law. Original text credit goes to Myths of comparative study. This is brilliant  study worth reading if we wish to be considered intelligent.

It has even been activated in a phone conversation. One woman actually started to rock to Lingamher own rhythm. Hear what she has to say in the video below. This level of awakening energy has been grossly misrepresented. We work with higher consciousness energy that explores lingam as the seed that creates our reality.

This chart clearly shows the range of meanings of Lingam.

Current trend of tantra has been generated from the teachings of phallicism an aspect of sex magic practised and taught by Aleister Crowley. We are not content to just take on what marketing makes of Lingam. Digging deep is essential that we be very mindful when playing with occult. Lingam is occult energy when interpreting it to be penis. These days the phallic symbol is used to advertise photography but they call it lingam.

The most reliable source of lingam understanding is to be found here. As Dr P.V. Vartak says “Can a man who has got his own sex organ, ever go to a temple to see the same thing there? Impossible.” As a pillar of light Lingam is most  powerful healing energy. Make sure you listen to videos that describe the pillar of light in and around their body.

We really need to do thorough research before we repeat the bullshit the marketers spin us. You really do not need to sound like an idiot that gets sold the emperor’s new clothes version of no clothes. At least my clients need to know that. The rest of the world can believe what they want to believe. But make it your undeniable truth. Not just blindly pay for false spirituality. There is enough of that going on already. You don’t need to bring false illusions into your valuable relationship.

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