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Have you tasted deeply fully completely

Have you Tasted deeply fully completely – Have you really felt your unique feelings fully? 

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Have you tasted deeply fully completely.



Because we are all different

Because we are all different & we all have unique feelings that change depending on our day.  Therefore no system or technique, can possibly offer us unique experiences.

  • We love to feel what others feel. Most of all we want to discover our personal unique place in this world.
    Because we are all different

    Advanced Tantra/Tantric Training

  • The remarkable thing is that we are capable of feeling in others even feelings they are not aware of within their own body.
  • Many clients used to say; I could not tell anyone, because no one would believe that these feelings are at all possible, – how amazing.” But now they are all volunteering to share within this site.

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depths of Tantra

Depths of Tantra is the journey of Living your personal truth that you yourself discover.

Tantra is about seeing things exactly as they are without interpreting it. Truth can’t be given to you, you have to discover it yourself and this is the depth of tantra is. It defies all laws it puts an end to all the struggles in your life when you apply it consciously. Is it possible to be aware of everything is it possible to live without struggle? Is it possible to know that you have been conditioned in every step you take. Depths of tantra had been kept from you to ensure that you don’t stop to examine it for what it is. So if the honest we want to be really sure what we looking at and this needs an astute mind at extraordinary mind.

Depths of Tantra cannot be found in some sex cult.

To acknowledge to be aware and putting them to the struggle of life. And to bring in quality to time. Time is not the chronological aspect of it but the quality of time. This is a process of self liberation. This brings you to ability to develop an extraordinary height incredible my viable flexible feelings are constantly moving and undergoing transformation. I mind that these are not locked into particular belief system. Depths of countries the ability to follow the new concepts and recognise the dogma that you’ve been stuck in.

  • Tantra is the same in the translation by people who misinterpret the meaning beneath the word.

  • It has lost it’s true meaning it’s depth “being European I know that well.” 
    what is happening world wide is the word tantra is used to recruit normal people who would never have considered involving themselves in sex work are taking it on as a promise to spiritual awakening. 
    You know that’s rubbish don’t you? Everything has spirit including spirit of sexual interference.
    depths of Tantra
  • When you translate language word for word, it changes the meaning of the message. Everything is clear – you just need to see things for what they are. They are participating in providing sex service. They tell you that. The only difference is that they say it is a spiritual belief.
  • It is also like a musical instrument.

  • When you just play a musical instrument and you are just going through the motions it is not pleasant to hear,  it is just mechanical especially if the musical instrument has not been tuned.

  • “In one of my studies I played classical piano and received my accreditation from Conservatorium of Music”. If you have dedicated yourself to any art either in performing or creating or just appreciating exquisite works, you know what I am talking about.

It takes dedication to study anything well, you know this – we’ve all heard bad playing before, it is how you deliver what is written that matters not the writings. So it is in any profession or personal expression. As I read the other Tantra sites, the providers of their type of service primarily have taken the easy short courses.  or just made up their own version from reading other sites or some sacred texts. The body becomes complex when messed with, yet so simple when we discover how to be with it. For your body to connect to the simplest technique you need someone who is paying attention to how you are merging with it.

The depths of Tantra show up in how you live your life.

Like any new tool, when we know how to use it well the end result is spectacular. Now lets discover your inner body sound of music.This is the difference between the short course attendant and one who has immersed themselves in pursuit of joy of living fully.

When looking for a teacher; choose one who knows deeply through experience and years of dedication in at least one definable skill (or admit that what you really want is to just mess around, the only reason people just mess around is when they’ve given up on themselves simply because they’ve never truly experience incredible sensations) . 

What’s Next? 

Depths of Tantra explored in truth cannot ever disappoint you.

confused this is not what you expected

Confused this is not what you expected? ARE you a little confused or perhaps very confused this is not what you expected.

Most people seeking Tantra are genuinely looking to improve their relationships because they confused this is not what you expectedread in new age magazines that promise to take you to heaven of riding the wave of ecstasy.

  • Many natural therapists and yoga teaches are recruited.
  • These are vulnerable people who are just seeking to grow their business. 
  • What is presented out there however is just a ritualised sex service.
  • Like robots everyone is following the same technique adapted to suit the therapist.
  • You are not a robot that needs to follow a manual for sex.
  • What they do not realise is that they are opening Chakras to dark forces of the adult industry that’s just there for it’s own gratification.

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When the world was flat

When the world was flat Do you remember that just a few hundred of years ago just about everyone believed that the world was flat and if they continued; they would fall off the edge more if they sailed beyond the horizon.

When the world was flat. The world was self contained – keeping those repressed where they belonged for many centuries, controlling effectively those who were disassociated from the world

When the world was flat people were in fear

We have a similar situation with Tantric massage perception.

The amazing thing is that the Polynesians crossed the  oceans, Hawaiians migrated to New Zealand. For instance yet the rest of the world was confined to their idea of what their world is so it is with Tantric services out there. They are dependent on the providers narrow view of the world.

 When the world was flat.

People were in fear they would only travel so far believing they would fall off the edge. So the world was self contained. Keeping the repressed where they belonged for many centuries. Effectively controlling those who were disassociated from the world. Protecting it from the predatory nature of people who did not understand it. Continue reading

Not the supermarket prepackaged version of Tantra that other services provide

Not the supermarket pre-packaged version of Tantra that commercialised prepackaged services provide.Not the supermarket prepackaged version of Tantra that other services provide

I need to make this very clear. All Tantra is scripted.  You look at tantric training; they all say “I will provide you with step by step process in writing so you can begin to make get a return on your investment”.

They are just in a business to make money — nothing else. Deeply damaged disturbed people are being recruited by United nations of sexual deviants. They all tell you they love sex and have chosen this lower level of tantra as a way to get around the law claiming health benefits and personal development. Nothing sacred about presenting your genitals to a person who themselves have been exploited but so dumbed down that they do not know that. If it’s common then there is no value in it. It’s manufactured for them not you.

Secret to true intimacy is feeling that you are the only one present with your significant other. Time and space stop.

  • Seemingly society expects us to conform, to fall in line as an insignificant body as one of the pack.
  • We are conditioned not to want what we desire but to turn up and do as we are told.
  • Tantric techniques that follow a set system reinforce our insignificance.
  • Separation is reinforced when you participate in Neo Tantra.

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