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Spirit Power Loving

Spirit Power Loving when awakened brings peace and certainty into our lives.

When our own Spirit Power is fully felt within our bodies, our love for life flows smoother and on purpose.

When  you break through the unconsciousness that’s trapped within you.  

  • That place where you feel so alone is filled with knowing your heartfelt desires as truth you can feel and enjoy.
  • Something you really experience not just touch with the mind.
  • Then you begin to see through false presentation of the world around promises that lead you away from your purpose. 
  • This real Level of connection awakens, excites body mind spirit soul.
  • That is indication of third eye opening.
  • It begins to see what it could not see before.
  • Inner wisdom is the secret key to Tantra spirit.
  • Fear of separation and how to heal this feeling.

In this video hear the woman describing how spirit was at her head while I was at her feet. Hear what they had to say to her.

Fear is separation from your Spirit Power Loving.

Fear creates multiple lifetimes of regret & darkness.

  • Fear freezes our mind and body.
  • Fear begins to act as a filter for every event and feeling.
  • Spirit Power Loving is a tender light that begins to burn brighter as your vision adjusts.
  • It’s like waking out of a deep sleep, if the light is too bright we pull back to filter out the harshness of the light hitting us too suddenly.
  • The soul and spirit need a moment to be recognised by the body that  has until now has been functioning on it’s own.
  • Like any friendship, these powerful forces need to feel for the fitting to customise for this lifetime.

Spirit Power Loving restores heightening of the senses.

Pleasure of awakening of the feelings are restored where normally they are buried beneath the rubble of life challenges. There is only one way of being happy with your life. That depends on the value you feel you bring the the world. To feel save you must feel valuable and valued. Until you are valued, you are replaceable. Feelings of being easily replaced must be confronting. If we are truthful we would acknowledge this.

Everyone has deeper elements of themselves that would deem them to be irreplaceable. Imagine what your life would be when you know your own value in this life.

  • As the fitting adjusts, like any new program you may download to a computer.
  • You begin to familiarise yourself with what it can do.
  • You know what you want from life so you put in the elements that fit these desires.

your power center that cannot lie

Your power center that cannot lie to you.

When you ignore your most powerful inner voice mind takes over and wisdom leaves your power center that cannot lie is your authentic self.your power center that cannot lie

When you uncover you answer yourself, stress cannot affect you.

I’ll give you the tools that keep you honest on your path.

You’ll connect your whole body.  When you experience that feeling; you have reached your power center that cannot lie to you.

  • Your power center that cannot lie to you because it’s job is to your power center that cannot liegive you access to your connection to your inner wisdom.
  • Until then you are a slave to someone else’s system or idea of who you should be.
  • Access to your power center that cannot lie has been hidden from people for thousands of years.
  • When you connect to your power center that cannot lie to you, you absolutely  become the natural knowing.
  • As we work together I assist you in engaging with your body and soul differently to enable you to adopt a different behaviours for long term results.  

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Wisdom KEEPERS EXPLAINED through your inner world revealed American Indian Medicine Wheel.

American Indian lived in harmony with nature. Animals birds, plants, air, water.

When you are disconnected from nature you feel separate from oneWisdom KEEPERS EXPLAINED another. 

  1. Medicine Wheel represents harmony between all living beings and the environment.
  2. When activated and put into action it works as the book of wisdom written in nature.

The medicine wheel is a metaphor for range of spiritual concepts.

  • They an be used in healing work and as a metaphor for culture and relationships to world around us.
  • THE MEDICINE WHEEL  symbolises the cycles of life and health of nature.
  • Separation creates and perpetuates feelings of disconnection to our friends family and most of all our loving partner.Wisdom KEEPERS EXPLAINED within the symbol of the medicine wheel
  • To fill these gaps we need to shift from resistance to encompassing all our energies including planetary energies. how this works is by aligning forces of nature also representing East, South, West and North.
  • Most cultures have a wheel of life some may be recognised as Geomancy Feng Shui and in Vastu is the Geomancy of India.
  • When they are applied professionally, health wealth, friendships and relationships begin to work in harmony together.
  • The balance is then protection and support to a life lived on purpose, nothing is left to chance.

Wisdom KEEPERS EXPLAIN two sides of our nature through animals.

The directions represent Stages of life from birth to death. Seasons of the year and aspects of life that encompass emotional intellectual, spiritual and physical.

Medicine wheel encompasses ceremonial plants (I’ve used them for assisting the soul to move on following the death of loved ones). The indigenous people place respectful emphasis onto the transition from death to spirit life.



In my Tantra training, I studied the american Indian culture with my Tantra teacher training. This training involved observing qualities of animals both positive and negative and how they show up in humans. American Indian Medicine Wisdom KEEPERS EXPLAINED through the wheel of symbols of animals as did many indigenous cultures.Wisdom KEEPERS EXPLAINED

  • They were called in American Indian cultures and in Polynesia culture they were called Totems.
  • In Egypt they related to them as Idols. 
  • How this works; The true purpose of representations of animals was not to worship them.
  • Humans being so separated from their soul interpret things literally. That in-itself is a good thing. Because in a sense these carvings are in code for the aware people. The unaware just continue to further delude themselves. In doing so they actually cannot interfere with the truth that only the awakened one is connected to.
  • They were there to remind them of the qualities of the animal a bird or the snake. When people could feel that quality in themselves.
  • They develop those strengths, senses, and the intuition of the animal for instance they expanded their consciousness.  

Tiger symbolizes primal instinct

Tiger symbolises primal instinct in dealing with life in a spontaneous way without doubt.

  • By trusting your inner power you begin to act instantly purposefully and gracefully. 
  • When we trust our instincts we are living in the moment in the ever present now.
  • Wisdom KEEPERS EXPLAINED - We studied the qualities of the animals. American Indian Medicine wheel had symbols of animals as did many indigenous cultures.
  • It is part of us we often hide and suppress yet this power is the power that moves us forward into the change essential to success.
  • Tiger is symbol of personal power, vitality, health and physical strength.
  • Most of all it is symbol of willpower.

Wolf represents powerful connection to your instincts and understanding the world around you. Some of the Wisdom KEEPERS is EXPLAINEWisdom KEEPERS EXPLAINED in Spirit of The WolfD through the qualities of the wolf.

  • Pay attention to your emotions that may interfere with the balance of your relationships.
  • At times the wolf appears in order to warn you.
  • With the wolf you are called to live freely and with greater passion for every moment in life.
  • Become aware of your personal boundaries.
  • There are many other interpretations, these are dependent on the situation at hand.
  • There are many aspects to each animal as there are in people.

How this works

 “Bear represents the Awakening power of the Unconscious. Bear is the grounding force and inner strength.

  • In times of difficulties it is a powerful force.  
  • It is the courage to stand up against adversity and holding our space.
  • It is empowering spirit energy that supports emotional and physical heaWisdom KEEPERS EXPLAINED - these qualities become part of usling.
  • Represents strength and confidence – taking action and physical healing.
  • It represents the requirement for solitude a time for rest and quiet.
  • The bear spirit provides grounding certainty. support and strength.
  • It also represents time out for yourself.  
  • You can invoke the power of the Bear to take care of your own needs, let the bear guide you to where you need healing.
  • Working with bear symbol will help you go within your soul, your inner sanctum for your answers.
  • Meditating on the bear symbology can begin to link your conscious and subconscious mind.
  • For you who have bear as your totem it’s important to know that the bear does not hibernate all year, it comes out of it’s den.
  • So work on your dream and share it with the world. Call on the spirit energy to ground you and to help you find your center and stay in your center.

Bear totem represents inner strength, confidence and fearlessness.

Negative aspect of bear;

Bear can be overbearing, one who can crush a friend’s  or colleague’s dream just by a look or a single word. This is the destructive side. When you feel desire to overpower and destroy another, stop, slow down and go within. Draw on your insight and wisdom to bring harmony to the situation.

Cougar represents - Coming Into Your Own Power

Need to find your inner Power? Then study the qualities of the Cougar.  

  • Cougar is master of stealth.
  • Wisdom KEEPERS EXPLAINED in Cougar Mountain Lion as the master of stealthCougar represents – Coming Into Your Own Power.
  • When connecting with this symbol of the Cougar. This power is then in you, the human.
  • During your appointment often we connect to the animal of greatest relevant significance to your personality.
  • Above all; this developed our understanding  our environment.
  • How this works; when  we know our environment, we feel safe supported, we know our feelings.Elephant represents Royalty, Strength

Powerful Elephant represents Royalty, Strength, Ancient Power, WisdomWisdom KEEPERS EXPLAINED by observing and feeling these energies we become more connected to essence of family and belonging, Success.

It represents nourishment, family, power, patience, loyalty, honour, stability dignity.

Elephant represents family union and sharing & nurturing of the young.

Their feeling run deep.

They travel for hours and on purpose.

How this works

  • Snake represents healing, transformation, life changes and primal energy.
  • Wisdom KEEPERS EXPLAINED in Positive aspects of snake are ability to move through conversations smoothly it represents transformation of healing and wisdom. It represents personal growth, a transition to connection to who we are.
  • When you are in a place or the unknown it helps you to stay grounded and connected.
  • Ability to move smoothly through change.
  • Positive aspects of snake are; ability to move through conversations smoothly it represents transformation of healing and wisdom.
  • Snake also has darker qualities as does every animal spirit.
  • We study both qualities to live in positive qualities one must know the darker side is your personal power.

Wisdom KEEPERS EXPLAINED Spirit of the Snake represent healing, transformation, life changes and primal energy. It represents personal growth, a transition to connection to who we are.

Be aware of ignorance.


Wisdom KEEPERS EXPLAINED works for you. 


Alligator from Wisdom KEEPERS EXPLAINED is a self serving  who lies in wait for opportunity to attack.

  • Negative aspect of Alligator; They have destructive vicious spWisdom KEEPERS EXPLAINED Alligator self serving person who attacks. eech that cuts to the core.
  • Positive aspect of Alligator is their vision, meaning they see clearly in the physical and the emotional world.
  • These creatures are fearless and represent water and earth in equal balance.
  • They live equally well in both of these environments simultaneously.
  • They are poised and in perfect control as they wait for their prey and strike with precision.

In Hindu chakra system, crocodile/alligator represents is sacral chakra as the creation center for balance and creativity.