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Tantra sex is for lonely people

Tantra sex is for lonely people. Happy people in healthy relationships have great sex. Learn how to connect to life you love, then sex shall be great.

Secret to great sex life is great love life. When you learn to give and to share, your relationships come alive. Every area of life is affected. Doing things together is secret to great loving. The internet has gone insane in tantric sex training. Lonely humans are soft targets. Vulnerable lost people are connecting with other lonely lost souls. Together they are getting more and more removed from reality of life.

Humans are designed to live and thrive together, not compete against each other.

Stories of love and caring are about sharing and giving to another. We need feelings of safety to allow ourselves to feel genuine pleasure. Pleasure that arises from deep within as a result of seeing our loved one get what they asked for. Tantra sex is for lonely people who have deep wounds that sex of any kind cannot heal. Lonely people cannot be fulfilled by sex. So forget tantric sex and learn to live a giving sharing tantric life.

That begins by seeing life for what it is. The good the bad and the ugly.

When you know the reason you are lonely is when your life begins to change. When you are are ready to face the truth – you are ready to connect with real people. Tantric sex separates you from people who genuinely seek to advance their spirituality. It is said in Hindu religion that it would take hundreds of lifetimes to advance spiritually at that pace.

Why “Tantra sex is for lonely people” and who benefits.

In 2016 !8.3 million women were affected by sex trafficking in India yet the world has embraced sex work as sacred under the name of Tantra. This is to cover up the truth. Schools have sprung up to teach people how to provide sex services legally. People have become conditioned to seeking help from experts not from humans. The more tantric sex the more domestic imbalance and lack of joy.

Take a look at my videos and see what real tantra offers. When the body is in harmony and is healed you cannot have sexual difficulties. Tantra sex is for lonely people and for those seeking to make a quick dollar from the soft targets. Don’t fall for the lies. Tantra sex is for lonely people who are looking for a quick fix. This results in even deeper dissociation and sex addiction.


Watch every movement of thought and feeling

Watch every movement of thought and feelingWatch every movement of thought and feeling. Watch without negating the truth that is unfolding from within you.

Beyond the robotic mechanical reaction within you is life pulsating, communicating with you. But you cannot feel, hear or see it because you are trapped within your conditioned intellect. Because – everything you touch and talk about is a problem. A problem to complain about or to fix.

When you begin to become aware of and watch every movement of thought and feeling, your entire being takes on new life.

The energy of life gives you significance, purpose. Not theoretical significance but real peace when your mind is completely free from expectations. Free of repeating same thing over and over again. Expectations are repetitions of the known. Then your entire life is repeat, repeat repeat. Boring conditioned line of repetition and parroting what someone else has said today or a thousand years ago.

So you have to become keenly aware as you watch every movement of thought and feeling.

Become aware of your tendency to default to staying on script. A script written by someone else. You even begin to take this script into your bedroom and get into a routine, then call that conscious spiritual sex.

Want to go beyond repetition and be authentic? Then Watch every movement of thought and feeling.

When you do that – you begin to realise that all that scripting is just an escape from your true feelings and desires you’ve never had the courage to share with anyone including yourself. Conditioning, culture and social restraints restrict your love for life because you have never been able to express yourself from you inner being. You have been condition to quote other people. For that you get a certificate, or accreditation.

That is fine for technical skills. But what about the living being who wants to explore his/her life.