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Quest for Absolute Love

Quest for Absolute Love, a search for the invisible representation of feelings. 

Everyone is on the quest for absolute love. in a few days a few years months maybe decades that very same love disappears. So there’s begin with the definition of what life is. Love is a very strange word; some food we love, but as a result of that you may get diabetes. Some drinks you love, as a result of that it may become obese. You may love surfing, as a result of that you may get taken by a shark.

In our quest for absolute love we may end up in a relationship not too dissimilar to the shark to the drink to the food.certainly when the breakup is occurring, Continue reading

Pleasure Vibrations

Pleasure Vibrations remove separation, connecting you MERGING you with new feelings NEW EXPERIENCES EACH time.

  • These are advanced studies. Contrary to what we often see in regards to pleasure vibrations it’s not an external shaking thrashing around.
  • We need to be mindful and respectful of energies that we allow into our body. Vibrations that have you jumping around and throw your bodyPleasure Vibrations remove separation up and down are energy blocks  throwing you around. That is just a reaction. People confuse this reaction with pleasure vibrations.

Viable pleasure vibrations feel very strong and powerful but the body is actually still. It feels like the body is vibrating hard but you can’t tell that. It is the outer calm that permits your pleasure vibrations to be real. This man describes the feeling that connection creates.

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