PROOF Your Thoughts do Alter Physical Reality

PROOF Your Thoughts do Alter Physical Reality in this experiment I did. Here’s what I did.

Your body responds in exactly the same way. Anything you say, feel, think affects your physical reality. All I did was label the tubs. A few times I spoke the labelled words to the tub. Most of the time it was just the label that did this. Watch this video. Here’s proof. Youtube is filled with other people doing this experiment.

In my case I want you to know how this affects your health and how your mind works.

Proof Your Thoughts do Alter Physical Reality

Personally, I do not wish to know anyone who has not had a personal experience. When someone has an opinion with now experience to back that up, that is called wishful thinking. Or even deception. Life being so limited in the context of how much we can explore and grow, why waste it on hearsay?

My clients consistently share in these recordings in my site the changes that can best be explained by this experiment. PROOF Your Thoughts do Alter Physical Reality is not just about thoughts. It’s about thoughts that are followed by action. To change current reality we need to have a new experience. Physical experience that is transformation is achieved in first session.

To do that we need to be aware of resistance.

Resistance to PROOF Your Thoughts do Alter Physical Reality cannot be questioned when you researched different search terms. When we don’t have knowledge of what to ask for this limits what we can see and hear. With this in mind it’s important to take the time to replay videos until new possibilities are felt in your body. Proof of higher consciousness is evident in this video.

Receptivity is a vibrational reality that you want to realise.

Begin with accepting that there is a new pathway to feelings receptivity. This pathway has never been opened. You will experience resistance at first due to conditioning. Most people translate feeling to the known experiences. This stops growth. Naturally high pure positive vibration is represented in this video. PROOF Your Thoughts do Alter Physical Reality is in observing without interpreting. First step is to identify that you are resisting. Then feel how to let go of resistance.

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