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Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction often is a result of blockage of forward moving energy that is your masculine energy.

Premature ejaculation  feeling spine tingling ecstasy Masculine Energy is within both male and female energy. Premature ejaculation often is result of some unresolved trauma.

  • When we judge masculine roles and functions this can result in Premature ejaculation.
  • For some men this can be result of sexual abuse.
  • Any sudden trauma can affect our connection to ourselves.
  • For men this can express itself as Premature ejaculation.
  • For women traumatic events can result in inability to orgasm or avoiding sex completely.

  • When we are in orgasm there is no self judgement. 
  • We seek sex to escape these thoughts and by escaping we come face to face with self judgement and resistance to embracing pleasure.

Premature ejaculation halts pleasure of Orgasm.
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Sensual Tantra Massage

Sensual Tantra Massage when correctly applied; connects you to the feeling of your body and soul merging.

  • To feel all of you the Sensual Tantra Massage needs to focus on deeper levels of how you relate in your life.

  • By failing to identify where you want to be in your life; you run the risk of just being entertained by an exotic word. Exotic words had their meaning re-purposed for the convenience of marketing. Exotic means it is foreign to you.
  • Sensual Tantra Massage awakens you to meet you with your soul. 

    When it is part of your culture it becomes common and ordinary. 

  • So let’s begin by taking a close look at the Temples that have triggered this phenomenon. 

The truth behind Sensual Authentic Erotic Tantra Massage.

  • Within carvings that decorated the exterior of the Tantra Temples are secrets designed to be recognised by your inner vision.
  • These temples are result of years of planning.
  • Temples were carved by the most talented artists builders, advisers and very, very powerful Teachers.

    Sensual Tantra Massage and Erotic Tantra Temples in India.  What is inside the temple?

    The truth behind Sensual Authentic Erotic Tantra Massage for the dedicated seeker

  • The current trend is the limited version Neo Tantra.
  • Neo Tantra is westernised version,
  • Neo means instant Tantra trivialised the message of Tantra joy.
  • Anything instant is entertainment. Instant is prepackaged like instant coffee.
  • instant treats you as if you are the same as everybody else.
  • This would mean that  you do not have your own brain you do not have your own consciousnesses.
  • Conformity was not the the original intention of tantra.
  • Carvings on the temple in every frame depicting different aspect of life.
  • Another expression of a human being.
  • Sensual Tantra Massage takes you on a journey of your ability to bring you to the deepest connection possible with you  for you.
  • When you connect with you, you are then ready to truly feel your partner.
  • There is so much you do not understand about the deepest meanings beneath the exterior of the temples. When you don’t recognise who you are beneath; your immediate physical mental and emotional needs, knowledge is not invited.
  • So the temples were designed to take us on a journey around that temple that reflects the journey within your own physical being.
  • That ultimately recognises the never ending expression of pleasure hidden within your present lifetime when we link the inner with the outer self.
  • Many Tantra temples in India are quite a number of stories high.
  • Each level representing greater experiences that cannot be trivialized.
  • What pleasures are awaiting you through Sensual Tantra Massage?

The pleasure of revealing the truth behind Sensual Authentic Erotic Tantra Massage for the dedicated seeker of deeper meaning beneath the seemingly obvious. 

  • Healing energy is very sensual.
  • People confuse with the base chakra AS SENSUALITY.  
  • Truth is – that it’s is the survival chakra.
  • When stuck in survival there is no progress.
  • When stuck; there is only restraint.
  • Base Chakra is chakra of reaction.
  • Sensual Tantra Massage is recognised by feelings of expansion.
  • Feeling of inclusion of all the body’s energies being one.
  • Often people associate sensual massage with intense feeling in genitals as they feel detached from the body.
  • Expertly applied sensual massage opens pathways that merge the genital pleasure with every cell of your body.
  • When that is accessed through Sensual Tantra Massage its hard to describe because you feel feelings that have never been felt before.

Sensual Tantra Massage.

  • Allows every day to be fresh and fulfilling.
  • As I reach out to you with love through sensual Tantra massage, your heart finds a new rhythm.
  •  This rhythm of conditioned resistance awakening of male and female energies inside your own body whether you are man or woman flows beyond the physical.

The truth behind Sensual Authentic Erotic Tantra Massage weaves the pleasures of the essence of energy with the physical. Erotic Tantra Massage, Sensual Tantra Massage.