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Understanding Energies

Understanding Energies that work in Tantra Living is shown in this video. Chi, Ki or Qi is often talked about in highly descriptive yet unattainable language.

  • Rarely do have opportunity to see it in physical action.
  • This video shows you that it actually exists.
  • Many clients in videos throughout this site talk about energies that affect our life.
  • Finally here is a medium that can truly display the power of energy in life.
  • Energy has been the foundation of all eastern countries.
  • This will help you to begin to understand how Elite Tantra can connect you to your own power and your awareness.
  • Most of all; discover what when and where to apply it for everyone’s benefit.

The power and Understanding Energies that affect us has always been given in secret.

These energies are always active in your life. Whether you are eating, working or making love.

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Ignorance is Tragedy

Ignorance is Tragedy. It is even a greater tragedy these days because you can so easily check for truth just by keying in a few search words.

In Kriya Yoga, in Buddhist teachings, this is this cause of our suffering. They are referred to a Kleshas. These are things that bring satisfaction only to self without regard to everyone around ignorance is Tragedyyou. 

Ignorance is Tragedy when we identify with the image of who we believe we are based on the narrow concepts you have been raised within. Trapped in the false projection of who you believe yourself to be.

  • (You cannot afford the reputation of being gullible and stupid.) and discover that the sex tantra actually does the opposite to its promise.
  • Check that out yourself.
  • You have just as much access to the internet as I do.

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