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Spiritual Healing Crisis

Spiritual Healing Crisis begins when we begin our Spiritual Search. More we search more confused we get.

We realise how vulnerable we are to all suggestions and to what is popular. The danger is that we just go to the nearest spiritual center. Just as you would go to nearest shopping centre. Nothing in that decision changes your life.Spiritual Healing Crisis

There is no transformation in just joining another group. This is the start of our Spiritual Healing Crisis. For true healing to be experienced there needs to be a transformation from our thinking process. A complete turnaround from every other human on the planet. Not just turnaround in belonging to another group.

We are in a Spiritual Healing Crisis when we begin our search. All we seek is a safe place to belong. A place in this world that is safe from judgement. A place where we are not exploited. Sexual exploitation is first thing to look out for. In deep Spiritual Healing Crisis we need direction. A path that leads us beyond this life. A place beyond just instant gratification. A path of honor, self respect and self worth.

There are many teachers who take advantage of the vulnerable by saying “if you have nothing to hide – then take your clothes off.

We are so vulnerable that our critical mind that is designed to keep us safe is suddenly at the mercy of their persuasion. Everyone else is doing it mindset sets in. And before we know it, we are one of the sheep following the rest of the vulnerable broken souls gathered together to comfort each other in the very trauma that is recreated in this group. But we are in this Spiritual Healing Crisis. In a crisis we cannot think for ourselves. Sadly, only years later you recognise the abuse of power.

Be careful, stop. Don’t just go for what the masses are doing. That is never the right path. We need to have someone who can help us change our feelings. One who has come through this maze of broken . One who identifies the Elephant in the Room immediately.

One who knows all the dangers. And one who absolutely knows that not all healers are healthy minded. Not all healers have your best interest at heart. Most are disconnected and broken. They need your hugs more than you need theirs


Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research

Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research confirms that there is life after death.

A division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS) at University of Virginia Health System. the Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences is internationally known for their integrity in investigation of nature of consciousness and its relationship to the physical world.

It’s important we consider where we are going when this life on earth comes to an end. By giving this lifetime meaning. We begin to give new meaning to all relationships. Quality of relationship becomes priority. We stop just filling in time. We begin to value the time we have on earth to live life fully.

When Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research supports spiritual beliefs of reincarnation we prioritise quality of friendships.

We recognise that we have limited time to understand our  place on earth. Everything Mind and Consciousness Scientific Researchwe touch now has different texture. Touch has new depth. We feel what we have never felt before. This new awareness takes us in a completely new direction. Taking new direction does not necessarily mean a new profession. Our profession is like any other tool. When we use that tool differently we can get superior results. But remember on the way, you correct. Using a new tool often begins with trial and error. Or with correction. Why? Because we a aiming for a different outcome. This means we are adjusting our perception as we view the result of our effort. This the becomes our meditation. Meditation means expanding our focus. Meditation as a means to a new reality. It is not an escape from reality that most people experience. When you escape reality you shut yourself off. Shutting ourselves off from consciousness results in stagnation.

Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research found that these are not just some isolated anomaly. 

We just cannot ignore these findings. Or quarantine them out of you reality. In my work people frequently connect with spirits or souls. Some souls of those who passed on. Others of their living or family and friends. Some with their own soul that caresses them. Indigenous cultures have initiations to connect people to their spirit.  Spirit consciousness gives meaning to all aspects of life including relationships with one another and the environment. We have lost that. We have taken that away from indigenous people. this is why they suffer so much. When our spirit hurts from separation, we hurt. We suffer mentally and physically. They even become aware of the presence of their living friends in the room with us. For some they see them as physical beings. Others reported thinking of that person over and over again while experiencing phenomenal feelings. Still other see their friends supporting them in the session by providing their energy. All this influences my depths of research. Yes on the way I come across fluffy versions of interpretations. Very quickly we know what to identify as ignorance on behalf of the poster. Remember – opinions and beliefs are founded on someone else’s beliefs. Don’t be a follower of someone’s beliefs. Be supporter of validated experiences. Go outside the general social conditioning. 95% of the world in state of amnesia. The other 5% are in state of self exploration and appreciation of neverending expansion into joy of awakening. Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research did just that with actual data. Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research interviewed children who reported remembering their previous lives. Internet is filled with quick fixes from tantric sex to devoting yourself to a guru. These are sold as stairway to heaven. This attitude perpetuates amnesia of entire human population.

Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research are rethinking how the brain works.

Our everyday consciousness ankers our brain. Brain conditions mind but it does not generate new ways of living. When we realise this we stop being careless about our physical life. We consider our eternity. We decide to grow into our human kindness. My experiences with my clients led me to do deeper research. If it wasn’t for them I would just believe the status quo. Or would just accept any guru who would manipulate my thoughts to have me follow them. Never be a follower. But be an appreciator of people who offer their skills and wisdom while enhancing your skills and wisdom. University-based leading edge research group is the most devoted exclusively to investigating survival of consciousness after death. One of the books “Evidence of the Afterlife : The Science of Near-Death Experiences” is a good place to begin if you at all serious about knowing. My personal near death experience was also a catalyst to continue searching so you don’t have to wait for your near death experience. Learn from others so you don’t have to go through trauma you are not prepared for. As I dig deeper. I am never disappointed. In my childhood I thought everyone could see. Feel feel what I could. Comprehend what I could. It is a natural ability in all of us. At that age I did not understand how most people were repressed. How they were prevented from accessing that part of themselves. Mos of the world is in state of amnesia. This is create by trauma of being conditioned. By systematic education. By chemical in our food that suppresses our consciousness. By lack of nutrients in our soil. By religious beliefs. By Social and family environment. It took many many years of experiences with my clients to refine my work to where it is now. Im grateful of Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research conducted by credible scientists.

Science of Non-duality.

Now, often I can often connect people to that aspect of wisdom within them in the first session. With the ones who struggle to do so, I set them on a program. Designed to cleanse the embedded toxins that interfere with their ability to connect. Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research gives people confidence. It helps validate their suspicions of fake teaches and unaware life coaches.

Mind and Consciousness Scientific Research gives our suspicions credibility. Gives us strength to step out of the flow. Get of the train that’s locked on it’s tracks and broaden your horizons.


Deciphering Hidden Messages Encoded

Deciphering Hidden Messages Encoded in Temples in Sacred Books and on many Sacred sites is a Skill that can be learned by anyone who applies themselves.

Much like one  does in becoming an Archaeologist, Doctor or Scientist, Layer, a Musician, a Dancer. Deciphering Hidden Messages Encoded in Nature and in the Universe. In Humans Hidden Messages Encoded in texture of their skin, and their energy is a skill very few have  applied. Yes there are healing schools, but they teach just surface stuff. A great master learns their entire life. Often under guidance of a Higher master.

Deciphering Hidden Messages Encoded

In the past century we have become a flip society. We flip properties, relationships, children, pets like disposing of garbage. We swipe dates.

Very little depth is felt. Yes we feel pain. But by comparison its superficial pain.

If we truly felt deeply, we would never discard people and property so indiscriminately. Mostly, people are so self absorbed that the slightest thing upsets them. This they call feeling.

True feeling and caring happens when you look at a problem and find a solution that takes care of everyone involved.

Deciphering Hidden Messages Encoded in pain for instance is something we can all begin to develop.

First to uncover pain within ourselves. And be with it with no judgement. Just be with the pain like you can be with your pleasure. They are both a part of you. Why reject what you do not understand.

What you do not understand is your greatest teaching.

It is something you need to learn about. Do not be ignorant of what’s inside you. Only when you feel more connected to damaged parts of you and learn to care for them do you value that for others. To care for nature to care about your life. To care for the life of others.

Reality is that we have been disconnected from our inner being. Displaced over and over again. Managed by systems that are just that, systems out for themselves and their profits. A system has no heart. We even invited systems into our love making. Think about it. You believe that someone can teach you how to have an orgasm. Yet you cannot embrace your own pain and sorrow without judgement. Millions die of Cancer. The suffering of Alzheimer’s both for the sufferer and the people around them. All these we seem to have accepted as normal. We did not have  so much disharmony in our bodies 50, 60 years ago. People smoked heavily, they ate as much. But they did not have junk food as we do. Now we have junk sex. The tantric sex is California neo tantra. It is not even the real thing. I don’t care if some gurus in India teach it.

People seem to have forgotten that gurus in India are mostly opportunists.

They see an opportunity and they provide it.  Just like people all over the world have for millions of years. Why put so much faith in someone who repeats same words over and over again and calls that spiritual. That is self hypnosis. You have put yourself under a spell of rhythm of repetition. This is how you life. Same boring day one after another. Not much change. We no longer eat with the seasons. We are too sophisticated for that. All the while our bodies are deteriorating through neglect of variety we need. Through requirements of the seasons. Makes us vulnerable to promises of quick fixes. This creates ,

. Westerners and ordinary people fall for it. Yes many life coaches have picked it up as well. Clearly they did not do adequate research.They just bought the sales pitch.

Develop the skill of Deciphering Hidden Messages Encoded in Social trends.

Deciphering Hidden Messages Encoded in Society is also a skill. Remember if everyone is doing it run the other way. This has always been the smartest thing to do. To develop the skill of Deciphering Hidden Messages Encoded in social consciousness you need a master who is not under social consciousness hypnosis. If they are doing what is popular they are not a master. They are an imitator. You cannot learn the skill of Deciphering Hidden Messages Encoded in world around you from one who is just another copy cat. Your body has all the wisdom. Tap into the wisdom of your cells. A great master would connect you with your wisdom. The master shall also learn from guiding you to that connection. The master would not just give you what they know. They use their ability of Deciphering Hidden Messages Encoded in your body to instruct you.

That is the gift of a great master.

Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness

Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness.

When you Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness you leave the trap of compulsive nature of sexuality. You don’t have to huff and puff your way to ecstacy. That is a trap of the lower dimensions. Lower self is being expressed by tantric gurus who offer tantric sex healing. This is because that is the highest level of experience they have every known. Life itself is orgasmic and not confined to sexual expressions. The mystery of not knowing ecstasy in life begins the spiral of never-ending search for pleasure that is temporary. One cannot have sex all day and every day without suffering from delusion. It is not natural. That results in burn out that we see in many tantric sex teachers. Yet they don’t know what to do.

Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness

One of my mentors taught levels of how to Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness.

You cannot see the next level until you’ve attained the foundational level. Much like seeing what’s behind a house or a mountain. You have to go to the other side of the house to see. You have to go around the mountain to see what’s on the other side. Better still; climb that mountain so you have full uninterrupted view. The thing is, that it takes help from someone who has been there before you to help you understand what you are looking at.

This remarkable teacher taught us how we are numb to anything else when trapped in lower chakras. This is the focus of sex tantra. They work with lower chakra believing that it connects to heart chakra. This cannot happen.

First there has to be links to every chakra between base chakra and heart chakra. These links will not respond to manipulation from lower levels of consciousness. But they put you in a trance of believing that you have connected.

Within each level there a seven levels of openings to Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness. 

Only Spirit connected Soul Conscious person can take you there. Otherwise you get trapped in the lower levels of sex, survival, fear and reliving past terrors. That is referred to as shadow work which has you analyze past pain. In doing so you do not learn new ways of behaving. When you experience new levels of living – then you can go back and fix what is broken. Like being physically injured. When you heal that physical injury you have full function of your body.

So we first remove numbness from body and mind. Stop numbing out and wake up to your life. When we do that – this releases great deal of estrogens into the body. Creating tremendous sexual energy. There is high level of sexual energy one feels before going back to normal level. If you don’t know there is another level, a frantic search for satisfaction becomes the normal. Remember this is just the foundation level. It is still at unconscious level. This level of unconsciousness goes through seven distinct levels.

This unconsciousness you must understand exists at the gonad level. The level of unconsciousness. There is a loss of full memory. This will all come back. All of this is recorded in the body.

Most people are in lower levels of consciousness. The only thing they are interested in is sex and reproduction. This is demonstrated by many dating sites such as Tinda or Adult services. Including Tantric Sex. Remember this is the lower level of consciousness. Walk through your levels of consciousness spiritual. It is still consciousness. So engaging in conscious sex means simply that you are following instructions from someone who sets themselves up as your sex guru.

In Order to Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness, you need to know that there are many steps.

Like building a house. First you must have foundation slab or Posts to place a floor upon. But it is not a house yet. Then you make frame for the roof. To make a frame for the roof you need to have frames for the roof frame to rest upon. Then you put the roof on. But you cannot live in that. You cannot call that a completed building. build walls.

Tantric teacher are like people who do not know what it takes to build a house. But a true builder knows the steps and what order these steps are in. Or they face collapse. Our bodies and minds need similar foundations. It’s fallacy that you can do away without foundation and frames. This huffing and puffing that takes people into unconscious reaction that they mistakenly call ecstatic bliss is just that. That is another form of conditioning or hypnosis.

Hypnosis is altered state of consciousness and must be applied with care. It is the disruption of links to understanding that perpetuates mental illness that is prevalent in most tantric sex experts.

Addiction to adrenaline rush eventually result in burn out. Many Tantric sex gurus have bipolar disorder. Do your own deep thorough research. Bipolar is a mental illness that shows up as sexual misalignment. When we Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness, many mental disorders just disappear. When we Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness addictions just melt away. There is no struggle. Just like getting out of a rip in the Ocean. When you are back on shore. You are no longer struggling. You are on solid ground.

Any mental disorder is the dissociation from the Soul. To Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness we link soul body with Physical body and other vibrational energies to Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness. This level has embraced sexual energy to take it to another level. It is however thought of as sexual energy because on the lower level of consciousness there is no awareness of another dimension of consciousness.  And remains on the only level of pleasure the human has ever been able to reach. For them they Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness. It’s like believing that there is nothing beyond the horizon just because you cannot see beyond it. When you want to Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness look at what that person is doing. If it is a sex service under any label it is just that. Lets not believe the label. Look at truth of what is happening. Humans are so easily conditioned into doing as authority demands. You are the authority. To know that we need to learn to look and listen for we are not aware of. This is why people spend lifetimes with masters. I’ve spent over 20 years studying one master. Many years studying others who are masters of different areas of life and spirituality.

Better still. Imagine there is fog and you can only see ten inches away from you. Or you’ve only ever known the four walls of a dark room. This is all you can see. Then this can become your reality. But when you become bored with the darkness or the limits; you seek a way out of this limitation.

This is when you Enter into Higher Dimensions of Consciousness.

In some ways; you are like a baby – constantly learning new ways of getting around. First you strengthen you neck so you can hold up your head. Then the arms and legs by crawling.

There are some advanced babies who stand before they crawl. That is an indication of advanced soul. But it must be nurtured and supported. If not – the person will eventually find the way themselves That is another level of mastery.


Unravelling Suffering

Unravelling Suffering is Ending of Ignorance. Conditioning keeps us in state of ignoring what is obvious.

There is a spiritual term  “ignorance is bliss”. We all grew up with these mantras. they are running in background of our Consciousness. You know when something is being ignored. But you do not know what to do about it. We live in ignorance of what is obvious. Yet we choose to ignore it. We then experience pain and separation from the truth. Separation from the truth causes Suffering. Suffering is feeling of separation and division. By unravelling suffering we go from ignoring what is closer than any knowledge. Ignoring knowledge is an illness.  Choosing suffering is what every human is conditioned to do.  Ignorance is root of all suffering.Unravelling Suffering

Ignoring limitless truth of self is source of all tragedy in every human being. In a split second there is opportunity to feel the bliss that you have ignored. A place full of grace and elegance. In the moment of no time there is no suffering. You have potential to feel nevana, heaven right here right now. Most of us have felt that at some time in our life. Retreat from fixation of suffering. Enter into spiritual bliss of innocence. Spiritual Bliss is a place of no self judgement. Feel pure innocence of being.

Unravelling Suffering comes from entering into being of the moment.

Not substituting fixation on pleasure or emptiness. It is a place of recognising yourself as totality of being. Entering into place of stillness is where deep healing is accessed. Unravelling Suffering does not mean that we focus on why we suffering. Or ignore suffering.  We are suffering because we have been ignoring that we are suffering. To the degree that you allow yourself to recognise your resistance to bliss is the degree that you are willing to know yourself. Like most people, I began my spiritual path as an escape from the hardness of world. Escape from drama of life. On my way I encountered even more suffering simply because I was more aware of the difference between suffering inner wisdom.

Embrace recognition of ecstasy and wholeness.

Is it safe to let go of resistance to being. Investigate the self. Stop and feel the freshness of simplicity being. Not seeking pleasure to overtake. Become the vibration of ecstacy beyond this world.

Stillness of the Mind

Stillness of the Mind Awakens the Heart and Soul. Path of liberation from suffering. Release pain, sorrow, addictions.

Stillness of the Mind brings awareness that expands ability to see without distraction. Brings confidence and strength to live with full consciousness. Your physical, mental and emotional experiences change. In reality, to be liberated from suffering of root of fears and pain, we need new feelings and thoughts. To put new feelings and ideas into action to create new reality.

Stillness of the Mind

You want to go beyond dreams, concepts and to bring new reality into your life. But all therapist and coaches to date have been incapable of helping you make your dreams a reality. To dream a new dream into life with amazing people around you who support you. We need people with new minds to create new realities. It takes strength and courage to move from the current reality you want to change.

Going beyond conditioned feelings reactions, perceptions thoughts and established consciousness needs powerful influences.

If you don’t do beyond these sufferings and challenges in this lifetime you’ll be born again to suffer through same despair, sorrow and pain in next lifetime.

When you see the truth, there is no division. Holistic perception frees the programmed mind completely.

You want to never be born again into these levels of sufferings and control. When the gross part of your frustrations, jealousy, envy, lust, sexual frustration, physical pain vanish; mental confusion subsides. New life begins instantly. You no longer live in duality that brings about conflict in life.

Free all Ignorance & Inner Conflict through Stillness of the Mind.

In the Stillness of the Mind we become aware of the subtle influences that perpetuate suffering in life. These are experienced simultaneously. Not analysing endlessly and getting caught up in the journey of releasing pain. If you do that you accumulate more lifetimes of suffering.

Together we walk the walk of compassion, joy, compassion, cooperation and collaboration. These elements are the tools that liberate you from suffering. Together we create your new life.

Together we do what you do not know what to do and how to do. Together we walk the Path of liberation from pain, sorrow, addictions.

Now live the reality of your creation.

If we analyze past pain, we are not bringing new meaning to your life. If we analyze we are using energy on the past. What we need is new energy to build new pathways of building your new you. Go beyond pursuit of pleasures that never satisfy beyond that moment. When we focus on sensual pleasure, if your are really honest with yourself you frustration often follows. Frustration is result of ending of that pleasure. And there is an emptiness your seek to fill again. When you reach Stillness of the Mind observation is clear and able to take action. The inability to take action beyond ingrained patterns disappear. Time and thought are root of fear. Stillness of the Mind stops time and thought. Clarity of seeing exactly what to do and how to do that becomes actual truth in your life. Contact us to let go of suffering and begin your new life. This is not theory or teaching. This is reality that many clients share throughout this site within the videos.

Fear of the Unknown

Fear of the Unknown and what to do about it. The unpredictable, the raw newness is often scary.

Fear of the Unknown has been used to control human behaviour for millions of years. By now we should have made friends with the unknown and the unexpected. We need to find new ways of looking and the unknown. Not interpreting it – but actuaFear of the Unknownlly seeing for what it is. With a clear mind. Not with a past experience that continues to dominate our thinking.  When you look at the unknown through the eyes of love you cannot have Fear of the Unknown.

Fresh and new ways of living often last just a few minutes days or weeks and then humans revert to old habits and old fears. Because they did not involve love into the new way of being. The mind chatter. The opinion that comes from a conditioned mind prevented the new way of being accepted and enjoyed. Seeing what is, is the greatest skill of all.

Seeing the unpredictable through the eyes of the heart dissolves the Fear of the Unknown.

As we begin to open the eyes of our heart so we can see clearly. We need more than our physical eyes, ears and brain to see through the eyes of the heart. The inner person, the spirit, see beyond the narrow focus of physical senses. Yet the inner being needs to operate through the five senses. This means that the two must find a way of being together as one. When inner being and human body become one we see what the eye cannot see. We feel what the body cannot feel.

The Conscious awakening to your inner being is gateway to divine relationship with the world around us.

Fear of the Unknown is attachment to dark side of life. When you see through the eyes of the heart you fall in love with new ways of living. When you react with Fear of the Unknown you remain in love with the darker aspects of living. Because all there is only love. Connect to Choiceless Awareness. Choiceless awareness is path of inquiry. To follow the links all the way to the end. This means that not one thought is dominating your vision. When you dominate a vision with a thought, your mind remains closed. Then vision is limited to just physical vision that is divided from your heart.

We have the metoo movement where people share their pain. That in itself is not enough. The only value of that is to have that as a foundation that changes human behavior. Or it just becomes a pity party. Pity parties have a way of deceiving you. We develop ways of relating so we can create a culture that does not repeat the past. We need to learn how to bring your mind and  your heart into unity if we are to be fruitful in any are of life.

Social Consciousness Erodes the Very Essence of You

Social Consciousness Erodes the Very Essence of You. It suppresses your awareness. It controls every aspect of you.

The sacredness of human experiences is suppressed and manipulated. We are confined and conditioned by the very society that we serve. This was not the original plan for the human being. By living in a sacred manner with each other we become humane. Being Human is just the body.

“Human signifies being a member of the mammalian class of Homo sapiens as opposed to other Social Consciousness Erodes the Very Essence of Youmembers of the animal (not just mammal) and plant world. Being Humane is having values of humanity. It’s about compassion. It’s caring and empathy. It’s about providing for each other as well. Humaneness is ystematically destroyed. Humans have become more divided. Technology perpetuates opinions about each other. Opinions without consciousness separates people. Consciousness Erodes the Very Essence of You. Humaneness Brings the essence back to you. Humaneness  heals the soul from it’s eternal disappointments. Humans have no concept of the eternal soul. How the soul is affected by our actions. Every thought we have every action either brings our soul closer to us or breaks the link to our soul.

Social Consciousness Erodes the Very Essence of You and How to break away from unconsciousness on humans.

As you engage in your daily activities, become aware of people’s intentions through their actions towards one another. Some activities and therapies create this divide from our humaneness. Kindness is almost nonexistent. People are conditioned in conforming to boundaries of accepted limited behaviour. This leads to degrading behaviour to each other.

Social Consciousness Erodes the Very Essence of You. You  become less caring.

What I mean by that is we leave all the caring to the authorities. Everyone is now too busy to listen. Communication has been eroded over thousands of years. Compassion, caring and sharing was natural part of human until systems of control came in. The only way to live humanely is to create our own world within this world. In this self created environment people have the freedom. To get clear on how Social Consciousness Erodes the Very Essence of You & get clear on quality of your friendships; contact us for a session. Listen to this man as he get clear on quality of his so called friendships.

When The Mind Stops Cycling

When The Mind Stops Cycling Healing can begin. Stopping the neurotic emotional chaos is at the very core of intelligent living.

Every Human is in search of freedom from his/her programming.

Every human if honest is in search of their personal path. “At the core of this search of what to do with teachings we have conformed to in our classrooms.”

How to live in both worlds. How to bring the two worlds together. World and society has been set up to divide us. Our job is to uncover our purpose in this lifetime. For most of us the search becomes more complex. This is where we begin to get lost in the sea of teachers who promise nevada. They offer and escape from life’s pressures. How do you know which path tWhen The Mind Stops Cycling tne beauty of life is revealed.o choose? All these distractions, twists and turan on journey of self discovery perpetuates conflict of interest. Deep down, your soul and spirit are guiding you. Yet the noise of the world with it’s healers and gurus takes over. You are lost and confused. In the turmoil of misinformation,  problems of life continue, no matter what system you take on to fix it.

Typically, humans try this person’s way. Or this gurus way. Or do as the system tells them. All this takes one away from the very core of the search. On the way we create a network of escapes. One gets confused. The mind is under more pressure. All these pressures damage the brain. Anything under constant strain eventually wears out. Our brain is no different.

This takes us away from our path again into the arms of another doctrine. Meditation becomes another way of escaping the turbulent mind. We learn to be centered. This is what the guru says meditation does for you. But as you join the meditation groups, you become aware that meditation creates more self-interest and self absorption. We may try mindfulness meditation. If you are paying attention you realise you are still in your mind.

Beauty of our purpose is seen clearly When The Mind Stops Cycling.

Mind is seeking it’s own beauty in this lifetime. Mind is cycling to rearrange thoughts so they become beautiful reality. When the mind is cycling, it’s working on rearranging thought. While it’s cycling it’s in confusion. Mind needs help to help rearrange the thoughts that make sense.

When The Mind Stops Cycling, it stops controlling your emotions.

Our mind and emotions are linked to depths of life or shallowness of our life. To satisfy the mind we need to really hear it. The cycling is the mind seeking answers and a way of living. It seeks to bring the thoughts into physical reality. Our mind needs to see our life in order. Nothing is neglected. When The Mind Stops Cycling we enter into the heart of listening without thinking of an answer. Sacred stillness and absolute clarity is revealed When The Mind Stops Cycling. When The Mind Stops Cycling – Mind and body are one and no longer divided. Vibrational healing links body mind spirit and soul energy. Now we can begin our walk in life with clarity and purpose. Walk as a complete human being. Live in wellness in private and professional life.

End Suffering Today

End Suffering Today and put an end to being trapped in the mind. Set your mind free to end suffering today.End Suffering Today

Disconnect is the suffering. disconnect is when the mind controls the body. The distortion of the mind controlling every move of your life takes it’s toll. The body gets exhausted from being manipulated and dragged by the mind. The mind is exhausted from having to be vigilant of every move and action. The mind exhausts itself by controlling every moment of life. It wants to collaborate and co create. Yet it’s afraid to let go of control.

We then seek to be healed we end suffering today.

A great fear arises. Fear of disappearing if mind lets go of control. When you are willing to be true to yourself. Free of any past the mind lets go. Mind feels the freedom of letting go of control. It recognises that by doing that, it has more control than ever before. When it lets go of control, it’s vision expands. It can see the rest of the body and alliances outside of itself as contributors to its wellness and success. While controlling the mind could not see these possibilities.

Mind is then willing to learn from others and from wisdom body.

It recognises that it acted as if it knew all when the opposite was the truth. No one can know everything. It is not humanly possible. However when mind lets go, intuition comes into play. Intuition is universal wisdom and available anytime anywhere. That is omniscience. Definition of omniscient according to merriam Dictionaryhaving infinite awareness, understanding, and insight. Other interpretation is Pure consciousness and infinite wisdom. The mind is unblocke to the universe and it’s wisdom. The person understands everything.  Sometimes they may seek guidance from another, just to unblock the divide. To understand every encounter and see it truthfully for what it is. This is the gift the mind receives when it lets go of control. When we let go of control, the universal truth of absolute love can be felt. End suffering today and let go of the mind. It is a state of letting go of ignorance. This is beginning of enlightenment. Contact me to book your one-on-one session.