Real Cause of sexual difficulties

Real Cause of sexual difficulties and it’s not what you think.

Get your facts right that could save your relationship. Take control of your health and begin new way of living and relating to life.

Every area of your life is actually affected by this and it’s not what you think.

We are bombarded from every area of life. When are most consistent contributors is your TV screen computer screen lighting and mobile phones. Because these things are every day standards we become used to that. We don’t even think to look lighting as the culprit.Real Cause of sexual difficulties

The blue light that comes from your computer is a major disruptor of hormones which are partially if not totally responsible for your sleep patterns. Also want to almost disrupted you are subject to cancers. Breast cancer ovarian cancer brain tumors testicular cancers are everyday concerns. People these days are not even looking at that. It is considered normal. Suffering is not normal.

These factors can be the Real Cause of sexual difficulties.

We don’t even think of that, because these lights are in a shopping centers in our schools are hospitals a workplace environment. Because these are everywhere we considered safe. The chemicals in our water supply the fluoride and chlorine a very dangerous chemicals.  Because they’re available through every tap no one considers them to be unsafe. But when you think about it and do your research go online type in dangers you will be shocked. Hopefully you’ll do something about it right away.

There are things we can do about Real Cause of sexual difficulties immediately.

At no cost to you you can download a filter onto your computer at your iPhone onto your tablet. This filter will remove the blue light. That’s to my knowledge is up to you to do the research. With the television screens. I don’t know much about that because I don’t have time to research that. But that affects our body and emotions. Currently seeking people who are ready to be trained as volunteers to support me with deep and appropriate research. To qualify; You must be fed up with the current life. Have enough of lies you’ve been told. And ready to support everything I said by verifiable sources. You must know you don’t know everything. And you must know that you been lied to. The only way to do that and don’t just believe me. Do your own research with the points that I just detailed on this page.

We are shut down and are suffering from Real Cause of sexual difficulties that affect our ability to think and relate.

I don’t expect you to believe me. If you do it just being a follower and not learning new skills. I’m seeking people who are really to admit that they realize that there be lied to. Like myself are willing to do the work and the excited about doing the work. You would be committed to turning your health around and that of your family. You’ll also want your children to grow up in a better world than there was now. This is the criteria before even considering appointment with you. The intention of this page is to change your mindset. Here’s a link to proof of how we are shut down and manipulated Deep science kept from you. To have you stopped believing what the authorities tell you. You can recognise that your body actually has the answer is the capacity to access them. I will show you how. In the videos and audio to have my client experiences they demonstrate accessing parts of themselves they never knew existed. You have never been told Real Cause of sexual difficulties. Now we have definable proof.

Real Cause of sexual difficulties and lies about tantric sex revealed.

Throughout the Internet you will find people foolishly telling you sex techniques. The claim to fix your relationships. They will tell you a system that has been set up by authorities. Hopefully you’ll be absolutely outraged that authority is also telling you how to make love. Be outraged as I am. Be outraged that you are cut off from your body wisdom. That they are making vulnerable people into sex workers. And they don’t realize they Real Cause of sexual difficulties. Real cause is us just going along with systems of control.

As you you do your research on Real Cause of sexual difficulties you’ll recognize that birds the trees none of the animals or the living beings on this planet don’t need sex instructions. Why are human beings treated as such idiots. You are being dumbed down. You are manipulated for entertainment purposes. We are puppets when we do as we are told. We need to ask why they are treating us this way. Why has the recruitment process of tantra goddesses have been so successful. Why are seemingly intelligent people sprouting tantric sex. Why are they participating in the lie. Why they cannot see Real Cause of sexual difficulties. Everything stems from not being able to focus and make decisions. Decisions based on personal research.

Real Cause of sexual difficulties is Ignorance and Laziness.

This will be covered next blog. They are compliant order followers. People who cannot use their own brain and do not do their research. I look forward to sharing that with you. He is a link to a video that will confirm what I’m saying about the light on how is affecting your health

Urgent! Forbidden information,a must watch! 5G is a kill grid that will lead to forced vaccinations.

I urge you to listen very carefully to this video this man really knows what is talk that he has done thorough research but I have. I look forward to hearing from you. I’m gathering the right people to level the team that can support each other and trust each other. A team that is dedicated to learning and bring it to the world. A team that is dedicated to improving their skills. Be dedicated to benefiting humanity. Not just self satisfaction. Sex techniques do not address Real Cause of sexual difficulties. Sex techniques create division. This is for you if you wish to develop life skills in relationships and thrive.

Disclaimer; this is not a medical service. This is result of dedicated research. Research from beyond systems of control. Research of truth from people with deep capacity to see beyond systems of control.

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