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What Is Important

What Is Important – How do you know what is important? Where do you begin to understand that it is the absence of total soul presence. This is leaving you feeling empty. Begin by asking different questions.

  • Developing awareness of what we know and what we do not know is the foundation of a fulfilling life.
  • Awareness cannot be reached through intellectual understanding but only through the experience that becomes your wisdom.
  • When all confusion disappears you ride the wave of ecstasy unconfined – mindless (your mind is free to enjoy as the rest of the body plays in joy).

When the body and soul are living in harmony then we can begin to engage more with our spirit.

  • Until we connect with our own soul we cannot truly be fulfilled by our partner.
  • Life and lovemaking are both based  on same principals.

  • Man cannot be without a woman and woman cannot be without a man.
  • When we are separate we feel cold towards the world the desire to merge with male and female part of our own being.
  • As we find that inner connection we then know how to merge with our lover.
  • When we  have had enough of experiences of darkness (this too is part of essential spiritual growth) we  are  ready to study the sincerity of pleasure.

Until now you were mostly in the system when we are in a system we are in prison.

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