Self Awareness

Self Awareness is Foundation for Fulfillment. You need to know yourself before you can feel complete.

The feeling of completeness is the capacity continue to grow. you can only become we wish to be when you put in the effort into discovering you. when you take responsibility to learn more about you you discover more of what is around you. You become aware what you think you accumulated that is useless that is self-destructive. You become aware of the friends that you have collected are not really your friends. When you begin to grow you, you’ll realize that they can no longer be around you.

Self Awareness for healthy living

Self Awareness is Foundation for Fulfillment when you recognize that you are alone.

We recognize that you’ve moved away from the old habits. Being alone is not natural to humans. So as you raise the standards defined in new friendships and new support relationships, quality of relationships becomes your number one standard.

Not knowing who you are and where you are going destabilized your foundation. Commit to exploring and getting to know yourself. But most of all know what to do. Take action.

Self Awareness is about developing relationships that are critical to your family and your community.

Your Self Awareness checklist.

  1. Is there mutual respect in your current relationships.
  2. Do you feel heard.
  3. Are friends really answering you.
  4. Or are they just telling you what you should do.
  5. when you reflect on the answer you realize they have not at all listened.
  6. This will give you the strength to begin to uncover the real you. The you that you have suppressed simply because you were trying to please the people around you.
  7. Truth is that people do not even know you. They do not seek to know themselves. (they are not wrong. They just do not know they can be more fulfilled.)
  8. They are not ready to grow in self awareness.
  9. You do not need to wait for them. You do not need permission from anyone in order to grow.
  10. When you succeed, they may listen.
  11. While you are one of the pack there is no chance of being heard.
  12. So take the leap and grow.

Everyone is saying “knowledge is power”. Reality is, knowledge itself has absolutely no power. Knowledge has power when put into action. Now you see the result it gives you. You look at the result. See it for what it is. Is what you thought it would be? Does it need adjusting? It’s like any symphony any picture, any book. It begins. Then it grows. Don’t stop at the draft. Stop when it is complete.

Don’t try to be perfect. Perfection will stop you from growing and moving onto the next project where you uncover another aspect of you. End spiritual suffering when you begin to walk your path. Most people are suffering because they tried to fit in to the status quo. You are here because the honest you wants move beyond the mundane normal.

Self Awareness begins when you develop life skills and relationship skills.

Like writing a story or a book, relationships are similar. When you’ve written your story it requires editing. Editing takes out what is not necessary. You take out what does not contribute to the story. In relationships this is foundation of self-awareness. Begin to Heal relationship communication from inside out.

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