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Transforming Damaged Cells

Transforming Damaged Cells through Inner Sound Therapy. This vibrational therapy is foundation of Awakening of Infinite Wisdom within your own cells.

Let go of the past by Transforming Damaged Cells. The only way to let go of the past is to get out of the head. Inner Sound Therapy does just that. When this vibration begins, the vibration frees the brain from recirculating thoughts. Our consciousnessTransforming Damaged Cells resonates from the vibrabration of microtubules inside neurons of our brain. These vibrations connect brain processes. The quality of connection and number of connections determine how our brain processes information and intention.

When my clients began to experience regeneration in the first appointment I began to research why my unique ways worked. I’ve heard of quantum physics but never in this context. I’ve always been fascinated with the nature of reality. My family history and childhood determined my destiny in this field. Having incurred numerous physical injuries and emotional, mental abuse while growing up I searched with profound determination.

Let your mind just take this video message in before you form judgement.

Pay attention as you watch. Close all other browsers. Turn off all other devices. Better still move them to another room where possible. Now allow yourself to be present with this powerful revelation.

Here in advanced Transforming Damaged Cells Session I took my student to the beach. His experience is one of  creating new cell signaling. This creates physiological (meaning physical changes) changes. It’s what we feel during the fight or flight response. Turning these feelings into trust rather than fear. Trust suggests that we know what to do. Fear is a level of ignoring our potential.

His experience of Transforming Damaged Cells is in this video. Hear him describe pain & toxins leaving.

Only when we uncover our own truth do we benefit. My role is to support you in recognising where you are during the session. This ensures you don’t fall into the groove of comfortable discomfort. Familiar no matter how dark is often the place we gravitate. For this reason you must have the right mentor who can steer you to a new path. Science refers to this as Neuroplasticity.

This new path is gateway to your soul and soular resonance.

Over time I applied this to my own healing. Transforming Damaged Cells was my personal journey.

If it wasn’t for discovering the power of inner vibration this would never have become a reality. I know there are numerous courses that offer accreditation on vibrational healing. These vibrations are coming by use of instruments, or electrimulation. These are  from outside the human body. My work in Transforming Damaged Cells comes from resonance activated from inside the body. You are actually participating rather than being a passive recipient of sound or pulses.

Transforming Damaged Cells from inner vibrations sets foundation for Self Mastery.

Clients throughout my pages share their feelings. All have been result of inner vibrational resonance. Chakra and Kundalini begin to interact as they participate in Transforming Damaged Cells. It is when the healing of sexual abuse begins. Healing of other trauma and the disconnect. This is empowered process of clearing negative energies.

Every thought is either Transforming Damaged Cells or creating them.

These thoughts are often result of events in our life whether conscious or unconscious. Some may be coming through from past lives that you have come to master in this lifetime. When revising the past we enter into that vibration. Many therapies have been set up for revisiting the past.

In my experience, this only leaves you flat. Humans have been conditioned to immediately go to the bad place. To relive events that are running in the background. This creates a vibration that feels familiar. This is why people are drawn to that. However this does nothing towards Transforming Damaged Cells. It’s similar to advice we have been given for decades; “go to a remote place and scream” they say. Let it out. It’s similar to throwing up. You feel better for a bit but soon nausea comes back. Unless you take the next step. This may be in a form of food, fresh air, rest, bodywork, or just getting outside and connect with nature.

When we connect with nature this sets of vibrations in our own body.

We vibrate in harmony of frequencies  of our environment. Rarely do people vibrate to their own frequencies

In advanced therapies I’ll connect you to your superpower that remains. Initially however you will begin to resonate with the vibrations I link you to. These links shall be the pathways to opening your awareness of vibrational frequencies that heal. Make a time for your awakening to Transforming Damaged Cells. Begin your journey of Awakening your mastery.

How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body

How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body. We all have Chakras and Kundalini has been active at some time in our lives.<a href=""><img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-22473" src="" alt="How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body" width="300" height="300" /></a>

Feelings of love and stress affect kundalini. Love can begin to open Kundalini. When there is disappointment, betrayal or loss, Kundalini can become trapped or blocked. This can begin the spiral of mental, emotional and physical issues. Depression is a form of separation from subtle energies and mind/emotional body. Subtle body blockages can be created by the mind or physical injuries or accidents. Unknown to you these blockages are in the background well before they show up in the physical body. Blockages can lead us to accidents or inappropriate relationships that eventually affect mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

In the process of healing we become aware of How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body.

Our mind and our thoughts prevent us from seeking spiritual path or limit our understanding of necessity to connect to our subtle bodies. It’s important we understand that our subtle bodies our our protection. Subtle bodies are like necessary layers of skin. Without skin we are totally exposed and our bodies cannot survive. Without connecting to our subtle bodies and bringing them into our life consciously we normalise negative forces unhealthy lifestyle. As Subtle energies become part of our life we become more aware of the life we are living. How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body becomes obvious without even studying.

The analysis of How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body can limit your understanding of How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body. The wisdom comes from our Subtle body. Wisdom is embedded within our cells. We need right program to open the files in our cellular vault. When we let go of the intellect and connect with intelligence we gain access to universal wisdom. Universal wisdom is like Cloud storage for our files. All we need to do is subscribe to this storage that has been uploaded for us. In that storage we have access to Akashic records. In these files are entire journey from beginning of time to eternity.

Anatomy of Subtle body, why it’s important and How Chakras and Kundalini Affect Physical Body.

The subtle bodies are our senses. Like a security system that is always operating. This system alerts us of dangers. These days our cars have sensors that alert us. When we get too close to an object. Our subtle bodies alert us and work with us as a team. The alert us and make corrections before we do any damage. This is simple and automatic.

Subtle energies affect abundance, relationships, career paths our health on every level. Spiritual connections, mental, emotional and psychological.

More coming soon…

When the mind lets go of control

When the mind lets go of control it frees you and itself. The mind is in fear of letting go because it’s afraid of being discarded.

The only thing that happens when the mind lets go of control is that the mind becomes more relevant. This it needs to know before it allows itself to let go. When it lets go your mind realises it’s limitation when trying to control reality. It recognises it’s conditioning and pWhen the mind lets go of controlrogramming to only see truth from the social programming embedded over the years. When the mind lets go of control it recognises freedom of living fully without the restraints. Free to create and life the life you’ve only dreamed of. How often have you looked at a relationship and said “I wish I can have this level of happiness at home”. Or visited a home or seen it in a movie or read a story. And you said to yourself “I’d love to have this level of warmth and abundance and flow in my home.” Have you looked at someone and said to yourself “I’d really love to have a job or a business that is thriving”. This is what you can create  when the mind lets go of control and begins to cooperate with all inner wisdom. You stop living in survival mode and prosper in every area of life.

Some of the benefits when the mind lets go of control.

Your begin to develop healthier relationships. This activates clearing negative energies.

You recognise that you have been brainwashed into submission to comply with social rules that make you bland. This often results in rebellious behavior or into conformity without questioning the source. this questioning sets your mind free. You’ll find courage to leave or heal the relationship or friendships and flourish. To heal a current relationship takes both of you letting go of control. But this can begin with just you. As you begin to live your life fully, this often influences your partner in choosing to join you in self development and self improvement. This makes for s. You’ll begin to grow just like you did as a toddler. Life becomes exciting, filled with exploration of fresh mind. When the mind lets go of control, the fog lifts as you begin to live life from a different perspective.

Soul Awakening Journey to Self Mastery

Soul Awakening Journey to Self Mastery can be very subtle or very intense. The secret is to not get stuck in either one of these feelings to support Soul awakening.

Thinking we have arrived at self mastery can be mistaken for soul awakening. Many people get Soul Awakening Journey to Self Masterytrapped in changing location or just changing beliefs. When in reality you have just jumped ship without being aware of what you jumped into. Soul Awakening Journey to Self Mastery begins when we recognise whole of life beyond just a physical manifestation. Where we are looking from; determines the steps we take. When Soul begins to stir intellectually, we may begin to resist. Your intellect may and most likely will want to restrain you. Intellect is not enough, yet intellect believes it is all power. We have been conditioned to value intellect above everything else. Reality is that intellect will not be annihilated. Intellect has purpose and without it we cannot function in this world. Soul awakening is not about destroying intellect. It’s about expanding and embracing. We have access to all tools beyond confines of intellect. In that, intellect also awakens to it’s inner wisdom.

Beautiful thing about intellect letting go of being the only power when Soul Awakening Journey to Self Mastery begins is that it function more powerfully because it is no longer alone.

Soul Awakening Journey to Self Mastery begins by liberating yourself from self delusion. And letting go of self imposed beliefs, emotions, judgements, conditioning and thinking that has bound us to limitations of life. Feelings of authentic self as delusion falls away seeks to express itself in life completely. Feel direct contact with authentic self results in change of perception. We begin to live in direct contact with alternate reality. Until now you could not see. Soul Awakening Journey to Self Mastery gives us power to merge the alternate reality. Merge with social truth so we can make new choices.

New life is not a passive wait for salvation. We rise above your limitations. It is not just one static path. It’s like normal life with many gifts to appreciate and use. Just like in real life we dance. Play a musical instrument. Sing, perhaps build a birdhouse or a yacht. But create something you’ve always wished you could do.

Become aware of where you are going when Soul Awakening Journey to Self Mastery begins.

When we don’t know where you are going we continue to go around in circles. Like one of my clients said “I get up everyday and get on the hamster wheel”. Intellectual mastery often places us on the hamster wheel. Soul Awakening Journey to Self Mastery enhances intellectual mastery. Self Master merges you with purpose to authentic gentle yet powerful heart. Now your life has purpose and direction. Now your path is self empowerment and self transcendence.

Why you need Niacin

Why you need Niacin for ultimate mental physical and emotional health. Without Niacin you face many challenges.

Reputable research including Victor Chang cardiac research Institute have discovered the Reason for Why you need Niacinbenefit of nicotinic acid supplements for women trying to get pregnant and even during pregnancy. Reseach shows in many cases of miscarriage and birth defects vitamin B3 which is nicotinic acid. In some cases research has shown to prevent miscarriages and birth defects.

Why you need Niacin.

Niacin is a vitamin B three and has many medicinal uses are all backed by university studies. the best form is nicotinic acid that also gives you you a flush. in right dosages it will flush your body of toxins. The more toxins you have the more intense the flush. Gives you energy. Can reverse heart disease. Lower cholesterol. Effective against Arthritis. It can reduce blood clots. And affect “very low density lipoproteins” which have been linked to heart disease and cancer. It improves blood sugar problems that can lead to damage. it dilates blood vessels. Niacin taken a bedtime can help you sleep better.

Why you need Niacin – some of the symptoms of niacin deficiency are;

  • memory and memory loss.
  • confusion.
  • diarrhoea.
  • Headache.
  • depression.
  • Anxiety.
  • schizophrenia.
  • skin problems.
  • stress.
  • Indigestion.

health benefits and Why you need Niacin.

  • lower cholesterol.
  • my help with heart disease.
  • reduces oxidative stress and information.
  • diabetes.
  • impotence.
  • assists in digestion.
  • boost brain function.
  • reduces symptoms of arthritis.
  • Assists with mental function.
  • may help with .
  • and more.

Why you need Niacin is that every part of your body needs it to function properly.

However you need to be cautious if you had a heart attack or stroke in history be sure to speak to health professional. If you taking any medication ensure you speak to a health professional. Or talk to a chemist  to begin with. Discuss any interactions that are possible with any medications or supplements. It is a B vitamin. As in everything we don’t know; when we begin with something, new  it’s best to talk to someone who knows. Niacin helps your body produce energy from food. There are many more reasons why you need niacin.

Why you need Niacin, to convert protein and fat into energy.

It’s essential for healthy skin, hair, liver and your eyes. It promotes healthy nerve function, your adrenal glands and create sex hormones.

When taking niacin it’s essential to take a good B complex vitamin. As with any isolate vitamin it’s essential you take a B complex to ensure you don’t get a vitamin imbalance. But take B complex with a protein meal. This is what I have been advised.

I take mine on an empty stomach with lots of water. First thing in the morning. Then 30 to 40 minutes later I have breakfast. Best way to ensure you remember to take it is to have it by your bedside along with lots of water. That way you take it as you are waking up. For more efficient absorption, I actually chew my tablet. That way it is more effective for me. I can actually feel it oxygenating my entire body.

Disclaimer. I’m not a medical doctor this is my research and my personal experience I had been taking niacin and many years. It is essential you speak to a health professional.  Do thorough research and take personal responsibility. There are some contraindications. Be sure to do thorough research before you embark on this. It is my experience however it is very safe. You know if you’re on medication or have some medical issues. As it with everything make sure you check things out thoroughly.

If you have any questions about taking niacin, you are welcome to give me a call. I’ve been taking it since 1995,

Note; My experience only, and that of my mentors. I am not a medical doctor; I believe in doing our own research and having our own experiences. If you have any condition or on any medication it’s essential you have support of an expert who’s supportive of niacin supplement. As in anything new even in healing there are side effects that need to be considered. In healing they are positive experiences that can be misinterpreted to be negative. Simply because we feel what we have not felt before the mental interpretation can be one of fear. Develop courage to fully live your life by applying personal growth mindset. You only have this lifetime to explore your life fully. I believe we may as well go full on. I have. I can help you build your courage if you’ve had enough of living in the confinement of the known.


Raise your vibrations for self healing

Raise your vibrations for self healing. On this page I share with you true story of self healing in one of our healing sessions.

today I want to share with you a session that is truly with a remarkable. This lady came in to deal with her emotional and personal life so she could move on with the business and make it a success. Separated from the husband with two children she needed to start a new business because the income prior to separation was from a business that she and her husband had founded. Now it is time for her to go it anew.

In this video you would hear the woman speaking about how you too are  able to raise your vibrations for self-healing.

So we began a session with grounding and connection at the level that she is at upon her arrival. With dedicated preparation we moved into the next level that is the connection within the body and the wisdom of her body. I personally get more inspired by personal stories than scientific date.

In this video I share with you the power energy my healing energy has. This is shared with you by a friend of mine where she relates the healing energy left behind in her home that remained for two weeks and how her daughters bathed in it. Consider this level of energy available to everyone who really wants it. And how you can maintain and grow it yourself. We came from high source energy and are capable of bringing into our lives in this lifetime.  Right here on the earth plane. You don’t have to wait to get to heaven to feel this level of bliss.

Discover what it takes to sustain and maintain higher frequencies and why we are missing out. It’s simple. Humans have made life complicated.

In first appointment well connect you with basic frequencies that you can begin to cultivate as foundation for life.

When a person gets results, that is real. When a system is designed in a laboratory that to me needs to be proven to work in real life. If you are going to believe that you too can Raise your vibrations for self healing. I know you’d want to hear this from someone who has already done it.

In this video we talk over what transpired in our session. This gives her clarity as she travels home.

In order to raise your vibration for self healing we need to access the wisdom of the cells which contain the wisdom of the universe.

Universal Wisdom is available at each one of us in this session it manifested as your healing energy that flowed through her and adjusted in aspect of the body. As she left she could feel her body gate to be changed. She will definitely as if in the body of a brand-new person who was carrying in no trauma. Whole body vibrations need to be supervised by a person who is deeply connected to their soul and spirit.

We go through the depths of separation and every cell our being seems to question the purpose of that relationship which eventually hurt so much.

We question the reason why we make that decision to be with our partner who finally is regarded as so much that we needed to separate our lives. The interesting thing in the session is; you Raise your vibrations for self healing and live in self knowledge.  is that the body mind emotions soul and spirit healed simultaneously. And in a moment you have all the answers and no more questions. Questions are often about second-guessing yourself. Mistakes are made within clear on what to do and what is involved. This is when we have the questions. When you actually on the par with a great Olympic athlete in questioning why you’re there you just go to the goal.

As you raise your vibrations for self healing this affects your Relationship with yourself. Your confidence rises. You are aligned with your soul and spirit. As a whole being you can now trust your intuition. When you raise your vibrations for self healing, you regenerative aspects are now activated. They are programmed to function automatically. You stop having questions and just live in the answers. You are just in perpetual healing mode that takes you to a place where you are perfect being. You are no longer seeking to heal. Because there is nothing to heal you. You are already healed.

 Want to know how you can Raise your vibrations for self healing and how I can support you, it’s vital you know more about me. this way when we talk even in our conversation you may feel as many have that you begin to Raise your vibrations for self healing in just that one conversation.




Healthy ways of fulfilling Desires

Healthy ways of fulfilling Desires come from the heart not from the five senses.

The five senses are our outward consciousness. It’s the reactive part of us when disconnected from the heart. The inner consciousness is at the very core of us. This can only be accessed through passage of Soul and Spirit.

It’s vital that we find Healthy ways of fulfilling Desires or the desire will haunt you till you do.

When attempting to satisfy desire through objects of outer senses leaves out the love in your heart. Our Soul alone can be bound by these desires because in past life the soul was unable to reach fulfillment through outer senses. This very soul has a craving to have this desire fulfilled.

It’s vital that you find a way to fulfill this desire in purest way by accessing inner wisdom.

Alone this desire can haunt you for eternity. “The senses, mind, and intellect are said to be desire’s formidable stronghold; through these, desire deludes the embodied soul by eclipsing it’s wisdom. — The Bhagavad Gita 111.40

Healthy ways of fulfilling Desires Know that initially these desires are probably fears. It’s vital that we don’t take direct action on that feeling. If you want Healthy ways of fulfilling Desires we connect you to that desire through rhythm of your cellular vibrations. Beneath the feeling is the depth of the story of this desire. That is what your Soul, Spirit and Body truly seek. When you approach this desire as complete being the illusion that is masking your inner wisdom, disappears.

When you let go of attachment to body senses, new fulfilling feelings arise from deep within. Or you’ll never be free from that desire. You’ll move onto another and another. All the while, feeling the emptiness as you seek more and more satisfaction that cannot be filled.

The secret to  Healthy ways of fulfilling Desires is to feel it completely as a total being.

This then connects you to authentic Soul Consciousness and your desire will be fulfilled.

To do this it’s vital that you have guidance. Often when desire is fulfilled, the senses do not register the depths of satisfaction if you do not take the time to integrate. Integration is very important. Away from your friends, lovers, partners who have their own agendas. Their opinion can eclipse the whole experience and leave you even more empty. Simply because they were not present at that moment of transition.

The first spiritual law states that you need to connect with your life force for Healthy ways of fulfilling Desires. This life force flow comes from Eternal Consciousness within. Every human has the ability to do that. We just need right guidance.

Know what Matters to you to know you

Know what Matters to you to know you. Truth comes out when you know what is important.

Know what Matters to you to know youYour personal world is locked away from you until you know what is important in your life. This is not an intellectual knowing, it’s a deep cellular knowing that rises from inside you. When the spirit you were born with rises from within you and speaks is the most profound moment in your life. For many this is frightening. We have been condition to have someone from outside of ourselves tell us what to do.

Almost robotically, in a programmed fashion we just follow the prompts. Never considering that we are just reacting mindlessly yet confused in mind and body.

When Spirit is heard, then you to “Know what Matters to you to know you”.

When you follow instructions from an external source, just check for the feeling inside you. Depending on the level of your awareness of Your Spirit Presence the feeling can be confusing. For some this can be frightening. We have not been taught or guided to remember our soul and spirit who are our link to universal wisdom. This wisdom is available to every living being, animal, plant, sea, rivers, mountains and every creation of universe.

Connecting to Nature is links your organic body to earth body to open gateway for you to “Know what Matters to you to know you”.

This “Inner Knowing” brings you to earth frequency vibrations that heal every area of your life. “Bring Order Into Your Life” and stop multitasking. When multitasking we are living by default, and that clouds our judgement. When Multitasking – you are not present. You are just going through the motions on automatic. On automatic there is no soul.

When Soul, Spirit, Body, Mind, Emotions are aligned. We flow. Automated living and living in harmony of your entire being are entirely different feelings. Living in harmony is energising. Living automated is exhausting.

When Know what Matters to you to know you, you open link to your soul and spirit that you never had access to.

For some people this is most comforting and liberating feeling. For others it is most frightening feeling. Knowing what to do with these feeling is key. How to live these feelings in everyday life is key so you actually live what you “Know what Matters to you to know you”.

Watch your family, friendships and work life transform when you actually live by the principles of what matters to you. These feelings come  from the very depths of your being. It’ll soften your heart and vision of the world around you. You become more giving. Most of all, you are more receiving of the world around you. The world around you tells you the truth.