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Erectile Dysfunction Causes 2

Erectile Dysfunction Causes 2. Physical sexual problem often manifests itself from spiritual disconnection associated with trauma.

  • In my experience; some and even most erectile dysfunction causes arisErectile Dysfunction Causes 2; If the penis does not respond with an erectione from physical, mental or emotional abuse.
  • For some there may have been sexual abuse. But you may have buried the incident deeply. These events are more prevalent than most people realize.
  • Many loving families are actually setting their children up for relationship failure by imposing goals and expectations. Financial and business success often go with erectile dysfunction causes 2.
  • It’s essential to identify the issue before bringing in the solution. When you focus on just a technique you run the risk of confusing issues. Sensual massage or Tantric massage is often considered as solution for the educated man or woman. Because it makes sense, right? After all if that part is the problem then we work with that. Sensual massage will overstimulate the brain by engaging in complicated breath techniques. While that may work at the hands of a tantric masseuse, it’s very unlikely that it will work at home.

What we need is total body  connection. Your love depends on all of your being present.

The real problem with erectile dysfunction causes 2 is the focus on the genitals. This in turn separates your body into different compartment. As a fractured self you cannot make love. What we need is whole body connection. Not just connection to the heart. Just connecting the genitals or base chakra to heart chakra still compartmentalises the body. Connecting heart and body leaves the rest of the body  separate.

  • What man really seeks is  total body mind spirit emotion connection. Your peinis is not the one seeking solutions, it is your brain. For your brain to be satisfied it  needs to let go of itself. Love making cannot be  through thought or brain.
  • Lovemaking only happens when the brain is at rest and lets the entire body play and be fully present.

We are as different in the functions of our bodies. We are in our personality, emotions, distinctive physical features, family relations  and collection of all our life events. In our search for answers however we often begin to search for answers from just one dimension.

Either seeking answers from just within. Or just doing what someone tells you. 

The only way to move through the issue is to bring together your inner knowledge with the wisdom of your coach or mentor. Then you become your unique self. It is then you can accept this new knowing and live it because it isdreams allow the creative force of the feminine to help heal Erectile Dysfunction Causes 2 you.

Actual change of perception happens in an instant. When you actually feel the feeling of wholeness, Erectile disfunction causes 2 disappear.

Because this satisfies the mind.

When the mind is satisfied, it lets go. It is the merging of the acquired knowledge with the soul and spirit of the inquiry that becomes the joy and ecstasy. The real reason people seek sex is to escape the mind and to feel. 

The desire for sex while having ED is probably the most frustrating and devastating areas of a man’s entire existence.

While the physical aspect is just part of our being, reality is that you seek to feel complete and whole. You really feel the need to merge and bond with your lover. Your peanis is that connection, right. Because we have had no conscious education on spiritual realm that is not caught up in religious dogma we tend to seek solutions in the physical dimension alone.

It is our disconnect from our spiritual purpose that is often at the core of the issue with Erectile Dysfunction Causes 2. Everyone knows we have a soul. What we forget is that this soul is here  in and around your physical body. 

In love making, it is the merging with our own soul that we really seek.

When we reconnect to our vibrational energies that link us to our spirit being within, the vacuum we have accepted as normal, fills. filling the vacuum is where we begin.Most people don’t know that the spirit energy is the female creative energy within both men and women. It is this grounding the nourishing energies that are disengaged. These energies are controlled by left brain living. This left brain seeks to be satisfied because it feel alone and separate.

Our approach is to give you total understanding of the root of the problem by bringing in the solution. By eliminating the focus on sexual arousal  to bringing in  merging elements rather than a sexual act. Sexual act suggests acting. When acting, you are not you. You are an actor when participating through a sexual act. You do not want to act. Acting is a mind thing that influences the body. What if the body be allowed to influence the mind to let go of control. Your body works far better by accessing it’s inner intelligence.

In a two and half hour session I will take you through the entire experience. You will gain an understanding of how the mind is contributing to the problem even when you may have blood pressure issues or diabetes. You will learn how to be totally present. Instead of controlling. You learn to surrender this control to your body intelligence.

If your want to stop Erectile dysfunction causes 2 and it’s devastating consequences.

  • You need to know that it is your brain that needs satisfying not your genitals
  • Discover how to END sexual frustration regardless of your relationship status.
  • The penis, as does the rest of the body; relies on adequate blood supply.
  • While the brain is controlling,  your brain actually interferes  with this blood supply.
  • Discover that it’s sexual fantasies that are interfering. Because fantasies are a product of the mind. Your mind continues to make up new fantasies. By that I mean that the brain keeps setting new goals and new conditions.
  • Desire for sex connection to the lower part of the body comes from the brain. The brain continues to control because the brain is  actually misinformed by fantasies not reality of body and soul. When the communication between the desire and the physical body is compromised, erectile issues can occur.

Because the penis depends on energy of connection to the rest of the body and to it’s environment we need to explore the broken link.

This link can  be evasive because often it’s the last thing a man expect to be affecting Erectile Dysfunction Causes 2. We begin to connect to the man’s soul. Mending the broken link by the very presence of loving through the soul. This process can be instantly apparent by forming a bridge with the rest of the body. When the penis does not respond with an erection the man often begins to blame himself. If you delve deeper you’ll discover the energy principle that is misdirected. This can result in self doubt and even depression. His partner may feel unattractive, unloved and unwanted. Communication breaks down. Guilt and blame replace love and intimacy. Couples begin to feel isolated, temptation is at our fingertips. The solutions are within  you. Your entire being  is involved in love making. When your spirit is absent the body cannot be present.

Erectile dysfunction Causes 2 and solutions session explained.

Our intention is to balance energy centers. Your genitals begin to feel as part of the whole. An extension of you and life itself. This in itself is the greatest turn on.  Your genitals then begin to communicate with the rest of your body. Connect their own chakra to the chakra systems of the body.

  • Feelings of connection begin.
  • Wave like sensation life ocean waves of joy build.
  • We take direction from the wave, merging becoming as one.
  • When you feel as one, joy continues to interlink.
  • This interlinking feeds and nourishes. 

Erectile Dysfunction Causes 2 often is the lack of communication within the body.

Until you establish communication with life itself the dysfunction persists. Man can begin to avoid communication and even avoid coming home. Many broken homes are result of self doubt and inability to communicate. Personal doubts and frustrations develop. For some inner communication causes may be result of sexual repression or sexual abuse.

Erectile dysfunction 2 solutions session explained.

  • Within your first appointment blood flow begins to be established.
  • Your genitals communicate with the rest of your body.
  • Feelings of connection begin, they are like waves in the ocean.
  • We take direction from the wave, merging becoming as one.
  • Feel as one.
  • Joy continues to interlink. 
  • Brain lets go because it is  satisfied that the body will not isolate itself from the brain. The brain is also making love with your entire being.