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Chakra Therapy for Relationships

Chakra Therapy for Relationships, their function and to refine their relationship with your own body. Major chakras are the nine chakras that I work with. These blend with your physical.

  • Everybody is talking about seven Chakras, they are the major ones.
  • Within these major chakra spectrum’s are dozens of supporting Chakras.
  • As most are meditating on seven Chakras, two major ones are left out.Chakra Therapy for Relationships

Chakra Therapy for Relationships has become the latest thing.

  • Everybody feels all knowing about Chakras because they know the word.
  • The latest therapies involving opening Chakra Therapy for Relationships can potentially do tremendous damage when you are vulnerable.
  • Chakras are entryways into your body mind emotion and soul.
  • Be aware that when you open them you open doorways into your entire system to any vibration. 

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Depression Can Affect Relationships

Depression Can Affect Relationships. Sadly that is often overlooked. Depression sometimes presents itself as not paying attention.

Other symptoms;

  • Avoiding communication.Depression Can Affect Relationships
  • Withdrawing into your own space.
  • Seeking activities as a distraction from the true cause of failing relationships. 
  • Some are drawn to addictions such as drugs, sex addiction, alcohol.
  • According to some reports; transient depression can also be caused by low blood sugar.
  • Diabetes and hypoglycemia can often influence your mood.
  • Chronic depression and transient depression we’ll address separately.

Try this.

  • Identify the sources of stress following a major event.
  • This may go back to early childhood.
  • Write the problem down.
  • Use pen or pencil and paper.
  • Digital notes do not have the same affect. 
  • Do your own research – New research on antidepressants report here.

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World of Value and Purpose

World of Value and Purpose. First we’ll take an honest look at the  mess in your life HONESTLY. Honesty moves consciousness. 

Honesty is a field of consciousness that acts as the key to the door of new world of value and purpose.World of Value And Purpose 2

New World of Value and Purpose STOPS the cycle of UN-empowering decisions. 

Knowledge is Power when put into action. Mastering the Law of Resistance starts when you choose a different way. When you take that step to new way of interacting with your environment. Knowledge begins by you identifying with your World of Value and Purpose. When you identify with  your core beliefs, then move on paying attention to your World of Value and Purpose. What is this world you seek to embrace. What it looks and feels like as you explore it and engage with it. When you identify with what you are creating in your world  consciously, then you can begin your expanded consciousness adventure. As you do; you begin to adjust your beliefs because you see how they affect nature around you. How your beliefs affect the human minds of people around you. In turn how that impacts your own life.

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NO KARMA Tantra where You are not alone. This is a NO KARMA Tantra.

Your Doorway to consciousness opens when we explore on a deeper level and on purpose.

  • Times have changed. We all face tremendous many challenges.
  • We all seek to fill in the gaps that confuse us within our relationships.
  • GapsNo Karma Tantra that hurt.
  • Gaps that separate.
  • This service is for everyone seeks to feel whole.
  • Don’t presume spirituality where there is none.
  • What you have read until now is from sites that offer sex training by unconscious people claiming to be conscious lovers.
  • Remember these people are working with sex organs of clients all day every day all year.
  • They are stuck, in psychological darkness.
  • Cannot be avoided if one wakes up to their day of to having sex with strangers who are coming purely to have their what these idiots refer to as Linga and Yoni to make it sound spiritual.
  • Now they even claim to massage female prostate, that should really ring danger, danger, danger.

There never was any healing tantra for women in east read this link. In India South East Asia and China, women were used by men who fed off female energies to supposedly extend their life.

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