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Shamanic De Armouring

Shamanic De Armouring for self healing comes from depths of cellular wisdom.

“Defining process of Shamanic De Armouring must be establish. Setting foundation of intent before we begin with solutions empowers you.”

Much of the wisdom has been lost. When it resurfaces; it’s often misinterpreted.Shamanic De Armouring

We are here to strengthen you firewall of defences. The only way we can do that is identify the invaders of truth within our own body, We have been manipulated to accept these invaders as our allies. Just like fake human friends. Fake energy fields and information enter our system to sabotage us.

Our Shamanic De Armouring disarms the intruder not us.

Never leave yourself vulnerable to attacks from within. The best way to manipulate humans is to enter through trusted sources. Human beings have been conditioned to trust other people and to distrust themselves. A true shaman empowers their client. In this video I present one of my mentors who trained with authentic shaman. These shaman were required to go through tests to prove they understood universal wisdom. Please listen to this recording all the way through.

This way the body mind and emotions accept it as their own wisdom. Much like undercover implants in organisations. These people are planted to disrupt the system. We have been manipulated through schools set up to teach a system of control. This inhibits our own ability to identify with our inner world. These videos showcase client experiences in their first appointment. As you listen; take time to make some notes or this will be so new to you that it will not register at first.

Shamanic De Armouring was originally created to disarm the intruder.

Over time it has been misinterpreted by unaware humans as disarming the human. That would leave you completely without protection.

Like the emperor with no clothes. All his subjects to see that he had no clothes except for him. The emperor believed his taylor who told him that the clothes were real. He told him that ordinary people would not be able to see the clothes.

The emperor, not wishing to seem foolish or ignorant pretended that he could see the clothes.

We were told these cautionary tales as we were growing up.

Unfortunately they were disguised as children’s stories designed to entertain. The real reason for these cautionary tales was to disguise the passing on of wisdom from authorities. Authorities were on a mission to disarm the families by giving them information cloaked as undeniable truth.

Caution. Beware of therapist who do not do deeper research. Most of all beware of therapist who offer you a system that fits all. Your individual independent wisdom will only reveal itself to you. When you disarm the misinformation that presents itself as false ancient wisdom, you have access to clear vision.

Word Tantra meaning

The word Tantra meaning is a way of the life you are choosing to live. This video accurately describes how I help you feel fulfilled.

When people seek Tantra therapies  are actually feeling empty, alone and spiritually disconnected within themselves.

The word tantra meaning has been associated with sexual healing.

People have been airbrushing spirituality for years. To call tantra sexual healing is as ludicrous as blood letting was in the dark ages. They used to bleed people when they were sick. Believing that people will heal. Or used mercury to heal syphilis. Medical profession at that time recommenced mercury treatment. I wonder how long will it take humanity to wake up and realise the damage that attitude is creating in all relationships. The word tantra meaning has been lost due to lack of research. It’s always a good idea to do deep and broad research. Don’t stop at the biggest and most popular social media. Tantra is  connecting you with  your own spirit and sou to your body. Your body is the vehicle you use to travel through life. We aim to help you feel whole again and understand Word Tantra meaning.

There are many elements about life people have no idea about. Most is just assumptions until put into actions.

When you feel safe and whole -you can even feel a person’s energy without even being touched. There seems to be no obstacles to connection. Not even past injuries or pain. Imagine feeling this open to your energy that you can feel other peoples loving connection.

  • At 1.20 minutes; lady describes how she can feel an invisible spirit hand inside her body beneath the skin on her stomach. This energy is  moving with the hand that was massaging her stomach and Solar Plexus.

We begin by connecting you with your own spirit and soul. Help you feel whole again it’s vital you identify your personal frequencies. But the issue is that as you seek you get side tracked. Because your brain is conditioned to be fed information without questioning, seeks using only part of it’s consciousness. This often ends up landing you in deeper into distortion.

Word Tantra meaning is wholeness and fulfillment.

All of the word tantra meaning must be understood. Tantra is every aspect of life. It is every form of expression. Word tantra meaning is lifeline to your unconditioned reality. Reality that has been pulsating deep inside-you. A living that is real beyond the limitations of your one dimensional vision. When you take the tour around the tantra temples carvings depict every expression of human existance. You search because without it and you feel lonely. There is a deep sense of disconnect and disassociation. Not knowing Word Tantra meaning sets you up for failure.

Humans are in a really desperate place right now and seeking solutions for their pain and relationship misery. 

Honest feelings are vibrant. They vibrate and radiate throughout your entire body and around the body. But there needs to be trust between you and your spirit guide. Not all vibrations are healthy. We begin with connection that is intended to fill you. By connecting you with your own spirit and soul. Help you feel whole again. Your entire being in this lifetime is brought together. What has been fractured in mind and body is collected and reconnected to every aspect of your life.

When you are guided to the feelings that aren’t healthy and compare them to healthy; then you know the feeling associated with your purpose.  Purpose is adjusted with expert guidance.


Finding Meaning in life

Finding Meaning in life is our personal mission statement.

When we embrace totality in life we heal and create wealthy healthy relationships.

Finding Meaning in lifeIf you want to be around growing positive people this Christmas and the New Year that is coming. Join us. It’s important to adopt daily healthy habits and rituals that contribute to our mental and emotional health. We all have the power within to rise above the challenges set by ordinary thinking. Come together and experience just how powerful our words and rituals can be and what a positive impact they can have on our lives!

By Living and Finding Meaning in life and expressing this meaning to people whom this matters.

You cannot do it alone in the world of ordinariness. Pretty words of encouragement are like throwing seed on the road and letting vehicles run over them. Then wondering why there is no fruit. Come together with people who are prepared to make mistakes yet still keep going. Come together with us. We who want to explore every aspect of health and wellness. Come together with us who are dedicated to Finding Meaning in life. Be ready to live it. You cannot continue on the path of Finding Meaning in life all the time without living the meaning first.

Finding Meaning in life Begins with your personal passion to know you fully that embraces the totality of your life.

We can only do that when we are around people who are on the same mission. Or we fail over and over again. Most people have their dreams but remain around the same people. Your search for life of meaning will remain a search if you don’t move to better surroundings. People around you are your environment. I need people who want a better life and a better environment around me. If that is you and you want to respect and be respected while learning from each other. “I want to hear from you”.

Come together to make each other’s dreams come true. Begin your journey of Developing Awareness.

Begin living by making creativity our reality. Together we are strong. We are powerful. Separate we disappear into ordinariness. Come develop you. Create authentic you. Live you. Love you. Love people who support you. Support people who love you. Heal your life. You then heal others by living authentic life. Begin today. Let’s develop and grow together. Contribute to each other. Most people suffer through lack of giving and receiving. Secret to Finding Meaning in life is in evolving together.

River of Love

River of Love is you place of absolute power.

This is a process of Uncovering you true essence and protection from fear and aloneness. The only reason you seek tantra at any time is at a time of crisis in your life. When life is going great there is no need for any kind of therapy.

River of Love

Let’s be honest right off. Every challenge needs a person who has gone through their own personal challenges. Every situation is dependent on the wellbeing of your mind emotions and your body. When everything is flowing – no matter what happens becomes an asset in life. We were conceived through a river of love. For some this river of love was tainted during conception, gestation or birthing process. For others their river of love contaminated through other events in life such as disease, poor family relationships, loss of a loved one. For others disconnection to river of love occurred through abuse either chemical substances, sexual, mental, emotional or physical. For others it was through psychic means.

River of Love is our spiritual world of protection.

When this world of protection is compromised we lose our spontaneity that set our foundation of relationships. Rigid upbringing, even loving relationships are often rigid. You are showered with river of love when you do what your family or society approve of. But if they do not approve, because it is different; or you are ostracized.

Departure from the rigid norm (loving or otherwise) can result in withdrawal of river of love.

This is the time for you to seek refuge with other people who have awakened to the rigidity of the social conditioning including the dark side of Tantra. Dark or Black Tantra is another form or mind control by a conditioned placid society that seeks a guru to tell them to even have sex.

We introduce you to Kapua Therapy. If you are sincere about reclaiming your River of Love we will bring you into divergent thinking and living. This unleashes the pulse that rearranges your cells to a place where you can hear your genuine inner voice. Develop life skills in relationships.


Monkey smarter than human beings

Monkey smarter than human beings – who would have thought.

These days a human’s attentions span on line is far less than a goldfish.  If you search you-tube a monkey is far more caring and has greater attention span than a human. Monkey smarter Monkey smarter than human beingsthan human beings. Up to a thousand times greater than a human. Gold fish has greater attention span by almost three times than a human.

Humans are so stressed and overwhelmed by rules and regulations of experts that they are terrified even to make love as a pure human. The even go to an expert to be told where to put it and how to stroke it. Meanwhile a monkey on a train station works on its mate for twenty minutes in noisy India’s train station platform. As the humans chat amongst themselves filming the event, the monkey continues to work the energy field of its mate. In the meantime his mate looks dead. Monkey smarter than human beings is made clear as this monkey does not stop to tell the noisy humans to be quiet or to stop filming.

Monkey smarter than human beings; humans have been downgraded due to conditioning.

Your inner wisdom is your savoir. Clearly the monkey tapped into universal wisdom of some kind. Stop it. Monkey smarter than human beings – how did this ever come about? Do your own research. We have never had such a range of interpretation of the original truth. Therefore it takes real commitment to dig deep. A person who digs deep has no desire too manipulate you. Has to be worth the effort to ensure you don’t fall for the distortion of the truth. Over time the truth has been broken down and split up into levels. These levels do not fit. Nothing broken can be put together when all pieces are not involved. If you start with a piece missing and call that level one that is a distortion of truth. It’s like cutting a seed into parts and planting it then expecting it to make the plant. It must be planted whole.

When you have divided into pieces, as a human other elements are still there but out of place.

There is a way of treating your body mind spirit soul and essence as a whole. It’s inner intelligence when allowed to reveal itself will put these pieces into right compartments. You cells have this memory, let them do the work. Don’t let the mind take over.

Your mind is the conditioning that overrides your inner nature that connects with the outer nature to be able to fully function in life on earth.