Shamanic De Armouring

Shamanic De Armouring for self healing comes from depths of cellular wisdom.

“Defining process of Shamanic De Armouring must be establish. Setting foundation of intent before we begin with solutions empowers you.”

Much of the wisdom has been lost. When it resurfaces; it’s often misinterpreted.Shamanic De Armouring

We are here to strengthen you firewall of defences. The only way we can do that is identify the invaders of truth within our own body, We have been manipulated to accept these invaders as our allies. Just like fake human friends. Fake energy fields and information enter our system to sabotage us.

Our Shamanic De Armouring disarms the intruder not us.

Never leave yourself vulnerable to attacks from within. The best way to manipulate humans is to enter through trusted sources. Human beings have been conditioned to trust other people and to distrust themselves. A true shaman empowers their client. In this video I present one of my mentors who trained with authentic shaman. These shaman were required to go through tests to prove they understood universal wisdom. Please listen to this recording all the way through.

This way the body mind and emotions accept it as their own wisdom. Much like undercover implants in organisations. These people are planted to disrupt the system. We have been manipulated through schools set up to teach a system of control. This inhibits our own ability to identify with our inner world. These videos showcase client experiences in their first appointment. As you listen; take time to make some notes or this will be so new to you that it will not register at first.

Shamanic De Armouring was originally created to disarm the intruder.

Over time it has been misinterpreted by unaware humans as disarming the human. That would leave you completely without protection.

Like the emperor with no clothes. All his subjects to see that he had no clothes except for him. The emperor believed his taylor who told him that the clothes were real. He told him that ordinary people would not be able to see the clothes.

The emperor, not wishing to seem foolish or ignorant pretended that he could see the clothes.

We were told these cautionary tales as we were growing up.

Unfortunately they were disguised as children’s stories designed to entertain. The real reason for these cautionary tales was to disguise the passing on of wisdom from authorities. Authorities were on a mission to disarm the families by giving them information cloaked as undeniable truth.

Caution. Beware of therapist who do not do deeper research. Most of all beware of therapist who offer you a system that fits all. Your individual independent wisdom will only reveal itself to you. When you disarm the misinformation that presents itself as false ancient wisdom, you have access to clear vision.

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